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The Prompt File - 3. 44 Letter to Object

Write a letter to an object (NOT A PERSON) you feel you need to spend more time with, but do not name the object. We should know what it is by how you describe your time together.

Ok this is not exactly "on target" but it was meant sort of as a joke... enjoy guessing.



Yo my thang!


I lost you! And man I sure do miss you. I mean I’ve been going wanking crazy since you’ve been gone. Please come back? I’m not sure how long I can handle this on my own.

Will compliments help?

I mean it’s kinda silly to talk of your silky skin after that isn’t? Or your perfect size for my hands? I even miss your vibrant personality.

Ah hell…





Now you try

Copyright © 2012 Lugh; All Rights Reserved.
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On 07/20/2011 07:09 PM, Sara Alva said:
Um... I have a guess but I'm not gonna say in case I'm horribly wrong lol
then you are probably right.
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