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  1. So, I have It was a Monday, Holy Day, School Day, Rescue Day, and Judgement Day.... what "Day" should come next.... Puck's story... "Day of Reckoning" just don't follow the pattern.

    1. Camy


      What's wrong with 'Puck's Day'? 😎

  2. I do this as well when I'm stuck for a name.... or I will go to a baby site and put in some strange (to me) nationality to get a wider range of possible names
  3. icks I was like that two weeks ago.. the cough has finally stopped mostly... I've been spending the day with the grandkids... yeah that's scary... they are home with daddy now. first story or a new story or what? details!
  4. the easiest way I found to write the story blurb was to write the story out in 100 words or less. Stop at or just before the climax, and ask a question. This lets you get right to the heart of the story.
  5. Waves. Hope you're ok. 

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. comicfan


      Hanging in there. Seen you were active and wanted to say hi. 

    3. Lugh


      Yeah, trying to focus again on stuff I think is important.

    4. comicfan


      I can relate. Refocused a lot lately.

  6. that one is a favorite of mine... no sex, mild profanity, big ax to grind it's not going to top 40F here today... the first week of Feb was in the 80s though
  7. Herm.. I need a to-do list on here so I can tag stories to be read later (without using *follow*)
  8. ok i just read three stories on here with twincest... it is definitely allowed. some of it was even pretty decent.
  9. Ouch. I hope it all goes well then.
  10. hey... popping in and out so just expect randomness
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