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  • 261 Words

The Prompt File - 1. 45 Definitions

Create definitions for the following words (listed)
  • Squirmish – (a) the movement of a person when they have to use the bathroom and there isn’t one near (b) the movement of a person when there is an object up their arse and their boyfriend has the remote control

  • Flexting – (a) exercises done by texters to keep their thumbs in top texting shape (b) texting in unusual positions, such as upside down or while hanging from a trapeze bar.

  • Misinfotainment – the art of spreading misinformation for entertainment, otherwise known as working for a “gossip rag” or being a talk show host(ess)

  • Fomo – something a person will do FOr MOney. For example: “You gay for pay?” “Yeah, I do that fomo.”

  • Intaxication – a high experienced by accountants around Tax Day. A milder form is experienced by laypersons doing their own taxes.

  • Brainspin – the loss of equilibrium experienced by any person attempting to keep up with another person one or more generations below theirs.

  • Buysexual – a person who orgasms solely from shopping trips, partners can be male or female and of any sexual orientation so long as they have a sustainable line of credit and good – fashionable – shopping shoes.

  • Sharewear – one closet, three roommates

  • Recessionitis – the unreasonable fear of a recession, this is for people who do not realize we are already in a recession and should be feeling depressionitis, the more severe form of this disease. Both are preventable.

  • Interneuter – a place between.



Now you try.

Copyright © 2012 Lugh; All Rights Reserved.
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On 07/21/2011 08:44 AM, comicfan said:
You define your words and I want to laugh my tush off. Only you would do that Lugh. lol


I don't get it. They were funny?

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