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The Silver Stella

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Donatella has finally collaspsed after the harvest of her heart. Her people flee to the Great Hope, Terca Lumeris.

This story takes place in 2867 a.d. Earth, known as Donatella, has finally succumb to humanity and died with the collapsing on the entire planet. only a few thousand are still alive. They have five years to get to Terca Lumeris, but there is no such thing as a smooth and safe voyage. But there is one who can help. Tyro Ameinias, son of the scientist who made the Silver Stella, the ship they fly, has special abilities, but he barely knows what they are.
Copyright(2010)(shatterheart) all rights reserved. if you want to borrow something just ask.

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Table of Contents
  • 1. Chapter 1
    • 6,037 Words

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