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A Geek Grows Up - 1. Chapter 1

"Hey... are you two going to stay in there all afternoon or what?"
asked Stephen McLeod as he barged into his older brother James'
bedroom unannounced. As soon as he did it, Stephen realised he should
have knocked.

James' friend Andrew was sitting on the bed, his jeans down round his
ankles, a porn magazine open to the center-fold, stroking his hard
cock. Andrew was staring at James who was standing next to his friend,
rubbing his own hard cock through his jeans. If he had wanted to
Andrew could have stuck his tongue out and licked the back of the hand
that was gently rubbing at James' bulge; and judging by the look on
Andrew's face, that was exactly what was about to happen.

"Get out!!!" shouted James, as he used his muscular 6ft 3in frame to
bundle Stephen out into the hallway; firmly closing the door behind

"What are you two doing?" Stephen asked, rather needlessly.

"What does it look like? Not a word to anyone" hissed James
menacingly into Stephen's ear as he shunted his younger brother across
the passage and into his own bedroom.

Shaken a little by the violence of James' reaction, Stephen paused to
consider what he'd just seen: Andrew's 6in cut cock dripping precum
onto the open porno magazine; meanwhile Andrew was completely
ignoring the naked female beauty in the magazine; rather he was
staring at the tantalisingly large bulge that Stephen himself had just
felt pressed against his ass cheeks as he had been bundled out of the

Like any horny 16 year-old boy, Stephen had often wondered how big his
older brother was. Unfortunately he hadn't seen or felt enough to be
able to judge his brother's cock size, but he had got a proper look at
Andrew's fine cock. Even more, Stephen wondered what the two 18 year
olds were getting up to now.

Stephen considered sneaking back to listen at the door, but the
rapidly growing bulge in his own jeans grabbed his attention. His 5in
uncut cock was straining for release so he looked over his shoulder to
check the door was closed, pulled his tee shirt out of his jeans and
undid the belt and the big button. He got comfortable on his bed, his
jeans and dark gray briefs down round his ankles. Taking his cock in
his right hand, he peeled back his foreskin, exposing the precum
covered dark purple head. The smell of precum wafted up to his
nostrils, as he scooped the precum goo up with his finger, he bought
it up to his nose, and took a deep sniff.

"Uuuuuuunnnnnggghhhhh" he moaned softly and licked his finger clean.

Stephen wrapped his right hand around his thickening shaft, and started
peeling his foreskin back and forth. The fleeting glimpse of Andrew's
cock, the feel of his brother's bulge rubbing against his ass, the
thought of what those two were doing right now in James' bedroom
soon had Stephen grunting in pleasure.

"Uuuuuunnnngggghhhhh... yesssss."

He knew he was close, he just needed to reach under his tee-shirt with
his left hand, grab hold of his nipple, and give it a pinch and a

The familiar churning began in his balls, Stephen's legs locked almost
painfully straight; his hips started an involuntary thrusting motion
as he pulled his foreskin as far down the shaft of his cock as was
comfortable and let go:

"Uuuuuunnngggghhhhhhh" he grunted as the first volley of hot
teenage cum shot out of his cock, splattering on his face.

"Unnnnnnnnnnngggghhhhhhhh" the second volley landed plop on his
tee-shirt. After the third blast, his hips stopped thrusting, he
started rubbing his foreskin back and forth, milking more goo from his
cock, smearing it on his stomach. His breathing returned to normal and
the attention he was giving his now sensitive cock-head sent shivers
up his spine.

        *    *    *    *    *

The next afternoon, Stephen was fooling around on the family computer
in the dining room. James came in and said "Hi.".

"Uhhh... hi" replied Stephen defensively, James wasn't often this nice
to his geek younger brother.

"I was wondering what you saw yesterday, when you came into my room
unannounced like that"

"Uhhhh yeah... sorry about that... I should've knocked"

"So what did you see?" asked James again.

"Uhhh Andrew had one of Dad's porno magazines, and he had his cock

"Ohhh... so you saw then?" James said, looking worried.

"Yep, it looked like you two were having fun" replied Stephen. "What
happened after I interrupted?"

"Well Andrew was pretty close when you walked in, he just kept going
and shot a load while I was hustling you out."

"Yeah, sorry... I know I should've knocked."

"You aren't going to tell Mum and Dad we were wanking off with one of
Dad's magazines are you?" James asked.

"No need, he already knows we swipe them to have a wank with" replied
Stephen with a cheeky grin on his face.

"Not that!" snapped James "but that I was doing it with Andrew"

"Ahhhhh so that's what you're worried about"

"Uhhh yeah, kinda" replied James, nervously.

"Why? what were you doing? Do you guys wank off together often? Have
you been doing it long?" Stephen's curiosity was about to get him into

"Uhhh... a few times" James answered the easiest question, not wanting
to let on just how involved he was with Andrew.

After a moment of uncomfortable silence Stephen asked "So do you hold
each other's cocks?"

"Uhh yeah we do." James mumbled, getting embarrassed.

"No way!!! What's it like having another guy touch your cock? Do you
shoot while he's holding it?" each answer led to more questions from
Stephen. James was regreting he'd raised the subject, but he had to be
sure Stephen wasn't going to tell.

"Why don't I show you?" James asked, hoping he could guarantee
Stephen's silence by trapping him in the same activity.

"Uhhh... uummmm..." Stephen was getting nervous.

"Go on... it's fun... you'll like it... and it's the only way you'll
find out what it's really like" James moved closer to his younger
brother and reached for his crotch.

"Go on... drag it out man... I'll give you a wank." James promised as he
placed his large hand on Stephen's bulge.

Stephen stood in an attempt to escape but his rapidly growing cock
betrayed his interest in his brother's proposal. Knowing he shouldn't
but really wanting to, Stephen undid his jeans, and hooked his briefs
under his ball-sac. He looked over at his big brother, who already had
his own jeans and briefs down round his knees.

"You gotta get comfortable, let it all hang out man." said James,
grabbing Stephen's jeans and underwear and yanking them all the way
down to his ankles; causing Stephen to let out a nervous squeal.

As James stood up again, Stephen caught sight of his brother's rapidly
hardening pole.

"My god!!! How big is it?" Stephen whispered.

"Between 7.5 and 8 inches." James said rather smugly. "Why? How big's

"Just on 5 inches this morning" replied Stephen showing off his uncut
cock while openly staring at his big brother's cut monster.

"Heh heh... so you measure it every morning too huh?" grinned James.

Stephen grinned sheepishly and replied "Yep."

James reached out and took hold of Stephen's cock, peeling back the
foreskin. Stephen reached for James' thick cock, wrapping his hand
round it, feeling the warmth.

"I wonder why you're circumcised and I'm not?" Stephen thought aloud,
as he started gently stroking his big brother's cock.

"Yeah it is a little weird huh. I would've thought they'd do both of
us" replied James, as he gently stroked Stephen's cock, making short
little strokes, that barely exposed the tip of his cock inside the
floppy foreskin.

"You can peel it right back you know." Stephen instructed his brother.

"Eh? doesn't it hurt" questioned James.

Stephen wrapped his hand around his brothers hand and guided it
through the motions he preferred on his cock; peeling the foreskin
right back, exposing the dark purple head glistening with precum; and
then pushing it right forward again. After a couple of strokes James
got the idea, and started making long strokes.

"Yeaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh" Stephen groaned, enjoying the feelings of
having his foreskin pop over the back of his widely flaring cockhead.
His own strokes on his brother's pole lengthened.

"Oooooooohhhhh... gently man, us circumcised guys don't have that
much movement."

"Gulp, sorry." whispered Stephen, adjusting his stroke. "So how
long have you been doing this with Andrew?" he asked his big brother.

"Since we were 13 at high school together" James boasted - they had
actually been nearly 15 the first time.

"So do you wank off with any of your mates?" James asked; hoping to
further entrap Stephen into silence about his and Andrew's wank
sessions. He rubbed his thumb across Stephen's exposed sensitive cock
head, smearing the lubricating precum around.

"Uuuuuuuuuuunggggggggghhhhhhhhh... do that again." Stephen

"That really turned you on didn't it?", James grinned, smearing another
gob of precum around inside his younger brother's foreskin.

"Ooooooohhhhhh fuck... that feels so good" Stephen grunted, as a
shiver went up his spine. Stephen imitated his brother, rubbing his
thumb across his brother's cock head smearing the precum. While
James enjoyed the sensation, it didn't make him squirm the way it did
on Stephen's super sensitive uncut cock.

"Yeah it is kinda nice... so do you?"

"Do I what?" asked Stephen reveling in the stimulation he was

"You know, wank off with any of your mates?" asked James.

"Uhhhh... no." mumbled Stephen, not wanting to appear uncool, but
not wanting to lie either.

"Ohh...I thought you and David would be doing it every day." said
James giving Stephen's cock head another thumb rub.

"Unnnnnnngggghhhhhhhhhhhhhh...ooooooo fuck that's good."
Stephen grunted "Why do you ask? Do you and Andrew do it every day?" he
asked wanting to divert James' attention from his friend David.

"Yeah most days. This really turns you on doesn't it?" James grinned,
repeatedly rubbing Stephen's cock head with his thumb.

"Ohhhh fuck yesssss..." grunted Stephen; he couldn't hold back from
the concerted onslaught he was receiving from his brother's thumb. He
started squirming, his hips were thrusting his cock through his
brother's hand.

"Ohhhh fuck... don't stop now... I'm gonna cummmmmmm." he grunted

Stephen's own hand had stopped stroking James' cock, he was squeezing
it far too hard, as he concentrated on thrusting his own cock in and out
of his brother's grip. James managed to peel his brother's fingers
off his cock.

"Yeah... come on little bro' shoot your load" he breathed into
Stephen's ear.

Stephen wrapped his arms around his big brother's chest, steadying
himself as he shoved his hips forward in one last thrust.

"Uuuuuuuuuuuuuunggggggggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhh... ooohhhhhh fuck." he
squealed as his cock erupted spraying gobs of goo onto the dining room

"Yeah that's it... squirt your goo... spray it around." grunted
James as he released Stephen's cock and started pounding on his own

As his grunting and squealing subsided, Stephen grabbed hold of his own
cock and slowly stroked his foreskin back and forth, milking the last
of his load over his fingers and onto the dining room floor.

Ten seconds later, James felt that familiar churning in his balls so he
turned away from Stephen and aimed at the dining table.

"I bet I can shoot further than you." he grunted "Ooooohhhhhh fuck
here it comes."

"No contest, you're shooting from much higher than me." replied Stephen,
staring at his brother's furiously wanking hand, which suddenly stopped as
James thrust his hips forward and let fly.

"Uuuuuuuuunnnnngggghh... Unnngggghhhh." he grunted as his hips
thrust forward propelling great volleys of goo 8 inches further down
the dining table.

"See, told you so.", he grinned at Stephen.

"Told you it was no contest.""

Relaxed in their post orgasmic glow, the boys grinned at each other.

"I told you it was fun", said James.

"Yeah, you were right about that." Stephen replied, not knowing what
else to say.

The two boys reached down and pulled up their underwear, wiping their
slimy cocks on their underwear before tucking them away inside.
The two boys then pulled their jeans up, and wiped the evidence of their
afternoon activities from the dining table.

"We should do it again some time", James said, staring Stephen in the

"Yeah, whenever you like.", Stephen replied.

        *    *    *    *    *

Later that evening, Stephen was lying in bed reading another Robert
A. Heinlein book when James stuck his head around the door.

"Hi... busy?" he asked.

"Nope... just reading this." Stephen replied showing off the cover of his

"Ohhhh... I thought you might be uhhhhhh... you know." James
grinned nervously.

"Up for another wank?", Stephen finished his brother's question with a
grin, as he pulled back his bed covers, exposing his naked body - he'd
been sleeping nude since he started masturbating regularly the
previous year.

James closed the door and ran over to the bed, he stood there wearing
only a pair of running shorts; he was staring at his younger brother
while kneading the bulge in his shorts.

"Well one of us is over dressed." Stephen said taking his soft but
growing member in his hand and gently tugging on it.

James bent over and pulled his shorts off, giving Stephen a view of
his fine athletic body and tight ass. Stephen managed to stifle a gasp,
as James stood up showing off his powerful athletic figure. Stephen
found the sight of his brother's tight ass and 7.5 inch cock waving in
the breeze was a big turn on. But he somehow knew that too much
appreciation would ruin everything.

Stephen reached for his brother's pole, wrapped his hand around it and
started gently stroking.

James took Stephen's soft cock and held it genteelly between thumb and
forefinger cocking his little finger. Stephen muffled a giggle.

"What?" asked James.

"You're holding my cock the same way grandma holds her teacup." Stephen

"Well what's so funny about that?"

"I was wondering if she held grandpa's cock the same way."

The two boys giggled and got to work; James' giant pole was leaking
precum and Stephen's rapidly rose to full hardness under his brother's

Stephen smeared his fingers across James' cock head getting them all
sticky; he was somewhat disappointed, he'd thought it would really
turn his big brother on the way it did for him.

"Your cock's nowhere near as sensitive as mine" he observed,

"You mean I didn't go crazy like this?"" James grinned as he stuck his
thumb up inside Stephen's foreskin smearing the goo around.

"Uunnnnnnnnghhhhhhhhh." Stephen squealed, he still couldn't
control his changing voice "Uhhh... yeah like that"

"Well it looks like you got the sensitivity and I got the size" James
sounded smug.

"Well that's for sure. You're way bigger than anyone in my class."
Stephen gulped and went bright red.

"So you like to peek at P E do ya?" James asked.

"Uh... yeah." Stephen admitted "I've seen a couple of them half
hard. Do you peek?" he asked his brother.

"Yeah... I think most guys do... Don't let them catch you staring

"Too late, they did"

"Ohh god. What happened?"

"Last week, I was trying to hide my half-hard on, and ended up staring right
at David's cock, it's quite a nice one too."

"Your nerdy friend David with the bottle bottom glasses?"


"What's nice about it?"

"He's uncircumcised like me...We're the only two in the class...So
there I was staring at his cock, thinking '"that's a nice cock he's
got", when... "

Stephen went on to tell the story of the two class geeks being singled
out for humiliation, being taunted for being terrible at anything
remotely athletic and singled out from the rest of the class by their
uncircumcised cocks.

"Luckily the P E Teacher came in and told everyone to hurry up and get
dressed, before the words and taunts turned to fists" Stephen

"I knew you had it tough, wearing glasses, reading all those books and
being a computer geek and all, but I didn't think it was that bad"
James commiserated. The two brothers had long ago let go of their
cocks, and just sat there naked on the bed, while Stephen shared the
reality of his life at school. James wrapped his arm around Stephen's
shoulders and held him close to his chest.

With this little touch of kindness Stephen's resolve broke and the
tears started to run down his face.

"And the worst thing is that the bastards now refer to David and I
as Floppy End and Double Floppy."

James pulled Stephen into a proper hug, the two naked boys clung to
each other as Stephen's tears flowed. Through his tears, with much
hesitation and sniffing, Stephen told of the final indignity:

"And then the next day in Maths class...that bastard Paul
Williamson told Miss Anderson, that I was now to be known as Floppy
End and David was Double Floppy."

"Oh no!!!! What happened" James asked.

"I got all embarrassed and went bright red, and then Paul said "Look
at Floppy End he's gonna cry" I got so angry I didn't care any
more and went over to Paul and smashed him one right in the face."

"What?!?!? You punched him out? Right there? In Miss Anderson's
class?", James asked in wonder.

"Yeah.. Sprayed blood all over the place, probably broke his nose",
Stephen grinned.

"Good one bro. He deserved it. What did Anderson do? I bet she
freaked out."

"Pretty much. She got Paul's thug mates to take him to sick bay and
dragged me out into the corridor where she demanded to know what the
hell had just happened in her classroom. She was really angry, I
thought she was going get me expelled or at least suspended for a

"So what did you tell her?"

"That they were calling David and I names and I had had enough so I'd
punched Paul out. Then she wanted to know the significance of the
names 'Floppy End' and 'Double Floppy'. I got all embarrassed again
and just stood there and stared at her. God I couldn't tell her why
they call me that!"

"Hell no! So what did she do?"

"Eventually she made me tell her; I said that it came from the
changing room at the gym, and was kind of embarrassing. She muttered
something about cruel boys, and left it at that. But then she went on
and on about no provocation excusing violence. Eventually she said she
wasn't going to tell the Headmaster, even though she should, because
she knew it wasn't in my nature, but that I had to behave myself in

"So you punched that dick Paul's nose right in front of Miss Anderson,
and she didn't even tell the Headmaster?"

"Yeah I guess that's about it." Stephen said as he pulled out of his
brother's hug.

"Hmmmmff. She must've felt sorry for you. Hell I even feel sorry for

"Yeah well she is quite nice. For a teacher that is." said Stephen
smiling and getting embarrassed again."

"And she sure is good looking." James whispered thinking of the
pretty, 24 year old Maths teacher, who had started at their
conservative, uniformed boys-only high school at the beginning of the

"Yeah. I bet the whole school wanks themselves silly dreaming of her."

"Not the whole school." James said rather cryptically. He took hold
of Stephen's now soft cock and played with his quarter inch of floppy
foreskin. "I get how they got Floppy End for you, but why did they
christen David Double Floppy?"

Stephen smiled weakly, "David's got a floppy foreskin like me, and
also really low hanging balls, they thought it was clever as well as

The two naked boys sat side by side looking at each other for a moment
when Stephen reached over and grabbed a hold of James' soft
cock. "Look at this." he said, "You came in here wanting a wank, and
got the tale of my tragic life at school instead".

"That's alright", James grinned. "I'll survive, maybe tomorrow

"Yeah tomorrow night," Stephen smiled at his brother who had been
understanding and shown compassion for the first time in his young
life. "And thanks for understanding."

        *    *    *    *    *

The next afternoon while Stephen was taking his turn at preparing
dinner James came in from hockey practice.

"Hey...how'd practice go?" he asked him brightly. In truth, he
felt much better for having told his older brother what had happened
at school.

"Not bad little geek... I told Mike Williamson to let his brother
know, that I'd give him a pair of black eyes to match the broken nose
if you got any more trouble from him."

"You didn't tell him?" Stephen started in horror.

"Relax, I didn't tell him exactly what Paul had done to deserve the
broken nose, just that there was a pair of black eyes waiting for his

"Wh Wh What did Mike say?", stammered Stephen.

"He said that you won't get any more trouble from Paul."

"I sure hope so, he's been pretty nasty to David and I since I broke
his nose, continually referring to us as Floppy End and Double

"Don't you worry, Mike will make sure Paul leaves you alone. Now, I'd
better hit the shower, I've got a hot date tonight, and I don't want
to be all sweaty for it."

Stephen's face fell, "You're going out? I thought we were going
to...uhhhh...you know?" Stephen had been looking forward to their
delayed wank session that night. Indeed, he'd refrained from his
usual morning and after school wank sessions, in preparation for it.

"Relax." James laughed, "You're my hot date." James winked and
clutched his groin as he headed for the bathroom.

At bed time, Stephen lay naked on top of his bed staring at his raging
hard cock, he had his foreskin peeled back behind the head, making it
look like he had been circumcised. He was flexing his groin muscles,
enjoying watching his cock wave about. Just as he was about to take
his cock in hand and furiously wank himself off, James came in and
closed the door. He was naked and his massive hardon lead the way
over to Stephen's bed.

"Ready and waiting I see?" James whispered.

Stephen didn't reply he just stared at the Adonis that was standing in
front of him. "God I wish i was half-way as good looking as him," he
thought "and not just the scrawny geek that I am." Stephen went to sit
up on the side of his bed, but James pushed him back down.

"Just lay back and enjoy." James whispered as he took hold of his
younger brother's cock in his genteel thumb and forefinger grip.
Stephen giggled at the sight of it.

"So do you reckon she does?" he asked his big brother.

"What?... Oh grandma?... I reckon so" replied James as he popped
Stephen's foreskin back over the deep purple head, rubbed the palm of
his hand down the shaft and started kneading his brother's tight ball

"Ohhhh god!!! That's nice" Stephen grunted. James grinned and ran
his hand back up the shaft.

"I bet this is nicer." he whispered as he peeled back the foreskin a
little, grazing his thumb across the piss slit trying to coax a gob of
lubricating precum from his brother's cock.

"Unnnnggggghhhhh... Yesssssss... Do it again" Stephen grunted as
his hips gave an involuntary thrust. James was enjoying watching his
brother squirm and squeal with the pleasure he was receiving; so he
did it twice more, smearing the precum that was oozing out of his
brother's cock all over the super sensitive head.

"Unnnnngggghhhhhhhhhhh... Ooooooooooooooo fuck!!!" Stephen grabbed
hold of his bed head as his hips started thrusting, he wasn't far off
now. He desperately wanted to grab hold of his cock and furiously
wank himself to completion, but James slapped his scrabbling clasping
hands away.

"No!!!! " he said, "I'm in charge here!!! "

"Just enjoy the sensations little geek!!!" He grunted, his own cock
was leaking cum, James enjoyed being in control. Stephen desperately
needed release, if he couldn't take over and wank himself, he could
help bring on his own orgasm; he reached up and grabbed a hold of his
left nipple, twisting and pulling on it.

"Unnnnnnnggghhhhhhhhhhh" he grunted as he switched to the right nipple
and twisted it just as viciously. Realising his brother was getting
close, James sped up his stroking, peeling his brother's foreskin back
and forth as fast as he could. The boys were grunting and breathing
hard, Stephen's hips were thrusting, as he alternately pinched and
twisted his nipples, willing himself to spew his load.

"Come on little geek, shoot your load" James grunted into Stephen's
ear, "Yeah, spew your goo.". By chance James had Stephen's foreskin
pulled all the way back, exposing the purple glistening head as
Stephen started to fire volleys of thick creamy goo into the air.

"Unnnngggghhhhhhhh!!!" he grunted as the first shot of cum landed plop
on his chin and chest. James grinned and aimed his brother's cock on
a higher trajectory as the second and third shots landed on Stephen's
cheeks and chin.

In the midst of his orgasm Stephen's cock head had become even more
sensitive, he couldn't stand the feeling of his foreskin being stroked
back and forth over his cockhead. He managed to wriggle out of James'
grip and held his own cock as it subsided, spewing a stream of thick
white cream down the sides of his shaft and over his fingers.

Meanwhile James had been very turned on by the sight and sound of his
brother's orgasm. He grabbed hold of his own pole and started stroking
furiously, he grabbed his balls in his other hand and massaged them.

"Oooooohhhhhh fuck!!! I'm gonna shoot" he grunted while standing up,
his hips gyrating and thrusting; his own orgasm was close.

"Uuuuuunnnnnngggggghhhhhh!!! Here it comes" he grunted.

Stephen watched transfixed as his brother's big pole started spewing
it's own load of goo, he felt it land splat on his chest and stomach;
a couple of ropes spewed across the hand holding his still hard

James was totally turned on watching his load of goo spew all over
his younger brother.

"Oooohhhh fuucccckkkkk yeeeeaaaahhhh!!! Take my load" James grunted as
Stephen started licking his own hand clean, enjoying the combined taste of
his and James' thick cream.

"Ewwwwww.!!! Did you just lick up that goo?" James asked.

"Yeah. It's nice." replied Stephen, "I always lick it up."

"Gross man." James replied staring at Stephen somewhat in horror.

"Not really. Love the taste. Here I've saved you some." Stephen held
his cum covered finger under his brother's nose.

"Ummmmm... I don't think so" James turned his head away.

"Suit yourself," Stephen smacked his lips as he scooped up the goo on
his body and slurped it down "hmmmmmm delicious!!!"

"Like I said: Ewww... gross!!!" James said as he made to leave the

        *    *    *    *    *

Over the following months, the brothers masturbated together 2 or 3
times a week. Their sessions fell into a regular pattern: James would
sneak into Stephen's bedroom; and the two boys would sit side by side
on the edge of the bed, stroking each other's cock. James would
control Stephen's orgasm, slapping Stephen's hands away from his
sensitive nipples, grazing his thumb under Stephen's foreskin. Making
Stephen wait for release made James hornier than ever.

Their sessions invariably ended with Stephen covered in ropes of cum
from both cocks. He would lie in the after glow of his orgasm,
scooping it up and slurping it down; savouring the slimy, salty taste
of his own and his brother's cum.

James was slightly disgusted by the thought of Stephen slurping down
their combined loads; but the act of spraying his goo all over Stephen
turned James on mightily. He would masturbate most mornings savouring
the memory of his cock pumping ropes of cum all over his brother.

Stephen's morning, masturbatory fantasies alternated between
occasional sightings of his friend David's cock and low hanging balls
at the school gym, and his big brother's cock spewing goo all over
him. He wanted to suck on James' cock, he'd read all about blow-jobs
and cock-sucking in the letters in their Dad's porn magazines; but he
wasn't sure how James would react.

Contributing to Stephen's frustration, David was a frequent visitor to
the McLeod residence after school. Usually they would fool around on
the family computer each contributing equally to some programme they
were writing together. But sometimes, particularly when Stephen's dad
had just got a new porn magazine, the two boys would sit side by side,
heads touching, turning the pages on the latest porn magazine
available. They would look at the pictures, they'd silently read the
sex letters together. Occasionally one would touch the other's hand
asking him not to turn the page just yet. They would both rub the
bulges in their pants, grinning at each other; each half-wanting to
challenge the other to take it out and wank off properly. But nothing
ever happened, the magazine would be put away, and the pair of geeks
would adjourn to the dining room for another session on their latest
software creation.

Later in the year, James left school, and started working at the
telephone company. He and his friend Andrew were making plans to share
a house together; time was running out for Stephen to make his most
vivid morning masturbatory fantasy a reality.

On his final night at home, James came into Stephen's room, wearing
his usual pair of tented running shorts. "Up for one last wank?" he

Stephen knelt in front of his big brother, and replied "Sure thing. Here
let me help you out of these." Stephen had his hands rubbing across
James' muscular ass cheeks, pulling down his running shorts.

"You've grown a bit in the last year; how big is it now?"

"8.5 inches. And you're not looking too foul yourself"

"6.5 inches as of this morning." replied Stephen, screwing up his
courage for what was to come next.

Once he'd freed James from his running shorts, Stephen took James'
cock in both hands, and thought "Well, here goes." as he stuck out
his tongue and gave James' cock head a couple of licks.

James grabbed Stephen's head in both hands, and yanked him away from
his cock. "What the fuck are you doing?" he demanded as he threw
Stephen into a heap on the floor.

Stephen didn't reply. He stared wordlessly at James' face; the
violence of his big brother's reaction had scared him deeply.

"You were going to suck on my cock weren't you?"

Stephen nodded, seriously scared.

"That's disgusting!!! I thought you were a bit weird watching the way
you scoop our cum up and lick it off your hand, but I didn't think you
were a cock-sucking poofter. Is that what you are? A cock-sucker? A

"No I'm not." Stephen whispered; the venom in James' voice had
Stephen truely scared, he just wanted him to leave.

"Yes you are!!" James' anger rose. "You were licking at my cock, you
wanted to suck on it, didn't you? You're a queer little homo
cock sucking poofter aren't you little brother?"

"N n n n No I'm not." Stephen stammered, "I've never sucked a cock
before; I just wanted to taste yours"

"Listen to him: my queer poofter homo little brother isn't a
cock sucker, he just wanted to taste it" James taunted. "I suppose the
next thing you wanted to 'just try' was to take my cock up your arse?"
James clenched his fists, making ready to punch Stephen.

Stephen struggled to hold back the tears. "N n n no I'm not" he
repeated, scuttling into the corner, trying to get as far away as
possible from the monster in his bedroom.

"You're disgusting, that's what you are."

"No more disgusting than you coming in here night after night to wank
and molest me for all those months" Stephen replied from the safety of
the other side of the room.

"Guys wanking off together is cool, sucking cock and taking it up the
arse is queer homo shit." James paused staring in horror at his
brother. "I'm glad I'm moving out tomorrow, I'll be away from
cock sucking homos like you."

Stephen knelt in the corner staring at James, and started smiling; he
didn't know how he knew it, but he was quite sure that Andrew,
James' soon to be housemate, was a genuine cock sucking homo
poofter; James was in for a real surprise at some stage.

"What are you smiling at poofter?" James asked harshly.

"Nothing." Stephen replied, wiping the smile from his face.

"Well you just fucking stay away from me poofter" snarled James between
his clenched teeth, as he snatched up his discarded running shorts and

Once James had left, Stephen threw himself on his bed, put the light
out and buried his head under the blankets. The tears he'd been
holding back started to flow:

"I'm not a cock sucker!!! I'm not!!! I just wanted to try it. That doesn't
make me a queer homo poofter" he repeated to himself.

"I'm not! I'm not! I'm not!!" he sniffled, trying to make it true,
as he finally drifted off to sleep.

Copyright © 2012 StueyNZ; All Rights Reserved.
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