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A Geek Grows Up - 5. Chapter 5 - Coming Out

Stephen can't stay hiding in the shadows forever; and things are never as easy as we wish them to be.

Stephen didn't concentrate on his Maths and Comp Sci lectures that afternoon. He was remembering every detail of that eventful lunchtime while surreptitiously rubbing his cock through his jeans under the lecture hall table. The memory of the size, beauty and velvet softness of that first cock competed with the guilty pleasure of submitting to the anonymous second guy and his rough command for Stephen to stay on his knees and keep sucking. Stephen managed to suppress a moan that nearly escaped as he squeezed his cockhead through his jeans, milking another gob of precum out of his foreskin and into his underwear. He was in too much of a dream to realise that Troy, who was sitting a few empty seats along the row, had noticed his surreptitious activity, and was himself gently massaging a telltale bulge in his own jeans, while watching Stephen's hidden hand at work.

Finally, at a fraction before 4pm the lecture was over and at last Stephen could bolt from the lecture hall and cross the campus to that magic mensroom. He dashed down the stairs from the quad, slipped quickly down the deserted corridor and pushed open the squeaking mensroom doors. He'd been edging all afternoon, and he desperately needed to take a stall and pull his cock out for a good wank. Unfortunately all 5 stalls were occupied, and Stephen nearly turned around and left. But he could hear muffled grunting and slurping noises coming from the two stalls at the end with the hole. He paused, and gave his cock another rub with the heel of his hand, causing another gob of goo to leak out and soak into his already drenched underwear.

Stephen leaned against the sinks listening, as he rubbed the bulge in his jeans. There was no hint of illicit activity from the remaining three stalls. He quelled the rising guilt and fear of being caught wanking in the public part of the mensroom and waited to see what would happen next. He heard the toilet flush in the middle stall. “Shit! Don't wanna get caught wanking.” he thought as he quickly turned and started washing his hands at the sink. The middle stall door opened and a guy darted out the main door, not pausing at the sinks and not looking up from the floor.

“I wonder what he was doing, that he had to get out of here so quickly.” Stephen giggled to himself as he took the vacated stall and quickly dropped his jeans and underwear. His cock slapped up against his stomach, leaving a smear of goo in the light trail of hair leading up to his belly button. He examined the evidence in his sticky briefs, yep he'd certainly enjoyed his lectures this afternoon. Sitting down he stroked his balls and listened to the slurping noises from the stall to his left which soon had him feeling hornier than ever.

Turning his head to the right and leaning down he could see from the moving shadows on the floor that the guy to his right was standing up and wanking his cock furiously.

Thinking “Holy fuck this place is full of guys jerking off.” Stephen carefully knelt down on the floor to peep through the 8 inch space under the partition walls: To his left, Stephen could work out that a guy had his jeans round his ankles and quite obviously was having his cock sucked through that magic hole, while the guy in the far stall was kneeling on the floor and doing the sucking. Stephen knelt there, enjoying the view, watching the anonymous bare arse pumping an unseen cock in and out of the willing mouth in the far stall; He rather liked the sight of that guy's arse and thighs, with the hint of an athletic pair of calves peeping out of the jeans that were bunched up round the guy's ankles.

Turning his head to the right, Stephen could only see the guy next door's ankles and shins; he was standing up and wanking his cock. Desperately wanting to see more, Stephen really twisted his head, almost shoving it under the partition. Now he could see the hand stroking a pretty cock. The guy had obviously noticed Stephen peeping, and was nervous because he turned his back to Stephen and stepped closer to the wall meaning Stephen couldn't see much of the action happening there at all.

Disappointed, Stephen peeped past his neighbor and recognised the face of the third guy from lunch smiling back at him from under the partition of the last stall near the sinks.

“See I told you …” he mouthed quietly at Stephen, “…fucken hot eh?”

“Sure is.” Stephen whispered back, as he rocked back on his heels, kneeling on the floor with his knees spread wide apart. The thought of giving the guy at the far end a show turned him on even more as he started stroking his cock, seeking that much needed release. Five or Six strokes later and Stephen let out a muffled squeal and yanked back his foreskin; he loved watching his cock spew its load when he came, and that day's introduction to this magical mensroom meant this was going to be a big one. His hips gave one last thrust, causing his back to spasm from the tension and his balls finally emptied themselves of the load that had been threatening all afternoon.

He gave another couple of muffled grunts, as his hips thrust back and forth, and another thick creamy rope fired out of his engorged purple cock head and splattered on the partition wall and floor.

Gasping for breath, and needing to ease the cramps in his back and thighs, he rocked back and forth, gently squeezing his balls and massaging his cock, milking another great gob of cum from his aching member. He licked the excess cum off his fingers, and finally unfolded himself from the floor moving to sit on the toilet in the stall. “Wow, that was wild.” he whispered to himself as he stared at the splatters of cum trickling down the partition wall, and the splotches congealing on the floor.

Thirty seconds later and his post-orgasmic euphoria had ebbed away, to be replaced with a tremendous sense of guilt, and the thought that what he'd just done was actually pretty sleazy. Another thirty seconds and the guilt had turned to panic. If he got out of there quickly enough, he could pretend it hadn't happened, and that he wasn't a sleazy slut after all. He yanked up his jeans and stuffed his cock away. He stared at the mess he'd left, and reached for some toilet paper, “Better clean that up, don't want to gross out the next guy.” he muttered. As he wiped away the streaks on the partition there was a loud grunt of “Ohhhh fuck yeah.” from the stall to his right as its occupant added his own load to the splatters of teenage cum on the bathroom floor.

In a blind panic, and not wanting to meet the guy from next door as he left, Stephen quickly knelt down, wiped the last of his goo from the floor, and flushed the evidence away in the toilet. A quick peek under the partition told him the guy next door was only just yanking up his jeans; if he was quick he could get out of there without being seen, so he grabbed his book bag and ran for it.



A week later Stephen was making a coffee in the French Department common room. Despite the promises he had made to himself, he had been back to that magical hole between the stalls in the mensroom three times in the intervening week. Each time he'd been lucky enough to grab a stall with the hole, giving him the chance to suck nice hard cocks. Unfortunately the guys being sucked had all pulled back at the crucial moment and jerked off on their side of the partition, leaving him to a rather forlorn solitary wank savoring the taste and feel of the anonymous cock that had just vacated his mouth.

Each time as he had pulled his jeans up and put his cock away in preparation for leaving, he would promise himself that this was the last time, that he wasn't a pervert, and he would stop visiting. But even as he promised himself that he wouldn't be back, agreeing that loitering in a mensroom hoping to suck on anonymous cock was disgusting and more than a little sad, a quiet little voice would whisper to him:

“Who are you fooling? You'll be back again. Maybe not tomorrow or the next day, but you'll be back, on your knees begging for it. You were completely hooked that first day, don't fool yourself McLeod, you'll be back.” and some detail of what he'd just done would flash through his mind: the velvet smoothness of a particularly large cockhead that fitted snugly in his mouth; the grunting command of a guy instructing him to keep going; or the delicious feel of shoving his own cock through the hole, whipping off his tee-shirt and pressing his naked body spreadeagled against the cool partition wall, hanging there in a position of supplication, pretending that he was tied to the wall and all he could do was thrust his cock in and out of that anonymous mouth, slamming his pubes against the wall trying desperately not to make any noise, and failing completely as he emptied his balls one more time.

Everybody he knew would be disgusted if they knew about his visits to that mensroom; he would be ostracised as a pervert. Being a poofter was almost acceptable in some quarters, but those sleazy, furtive visits to the mensroom would be condemned as disgusting, and depraved. It was coming up to 4pm on Thursday again, he wondered if the almost all-out orgy of the previous week would be repeated this afternoon. That third guy had said the action was hottest around 4pm, maybe he should go investigate? He shoved his hand down his jeans to give his hardening cock a quick squeeze and ran his thumb round inside his foreskin before giving it a taste. “Ohhh god yes…” he grunted to himself “…gotta love that taste.” He was definitely going to visit that mensroom on his way home.

Stephen's daydream was interrupted by a voice just behind him “How's things dumb cluck?” Jenny gave a little giggle, she'd caught Stephen in a bit of a daydream, sucking his thumb. She wondered what that was about as she slipped her arm around his waist and gave him a friendly squeeze in greeting. “Any progress on the boyfriend front?”

Stephen looked around nervously, expecting to see a thunderous looking Scott glaring at him because Jenny was hugging him again. Realising they were alone he relaxed into her hug, and wrapped her up in his own arms. Being hugged hello was no longer unusual, he'd got more than used to being greeted like this. Jenny was an extremely pleasant armful, and he rather liked being held by her. Stephen half entertained the thought of taking this chaste greeting hug a little further and seeing if she would let him give her a kiss; nothing passionate just a quick peck on the cheek, but he didn't want to come across as creepy. Anyway she knew he was gay, and probably only hugged him like this because she thought he wasn't into her that way.

Jenny watched Stephen's thought of giving her a kiss cross his face. “He wants to kiss me, but he's too chicken, gotta let him know it's OK.” she thought as she wriggled closer into Stephen's hug, gently rubbing her body against him and pressing him up against the bench. She felt his erection jabbing her in the thigh, and was very pleasantly surprised. She gave another wriggle, partly to let him know she knew it was there, and mostly just for the delicious joy of rubbing herself up against a very cute boy's throbbing member. She gave an inward sigh: “Well at least his body's interested, now I've just got to get him to go with it — I wonder how far I could push it?”

“Nope, none at all.” Stephen answered Jenny's question and sought refuge in humour “Got any candidates for me to check out?” Stephen's embarrassment grew, as he realised that he was poking Jenny in the thigh with his rock hard cock, and he desperately needed to extricate himself from her all too pleasant embrace.

“H…h…how about you?…” Stephen managed to stutter as he tried to turn and finish making his coffee, but Jenny held him firmly in her grasp “Is Scott still being a dick?”

Stephen turned his gaze to Jenny's face in horror, “Oh god, did I just say dick to her, just as I was poking her in the leg? She's gotta be able to feel it jabbing at her.” Stephen's Freudian slip had turned his embarrassment up to the maximum; he could feel his whole face turn bright red, and that just made him even more embarrassed. “I, I, I, I'm…” he started to stutter an apology.

Jenny shushed him by placing a finger on his lips.“Don't apologise… it's alright.” Stephen subsided into silence and stood staring dumbly at Jenny, wondering what on earth she was thinking, and hoping she wouldn't be angry. How had a perfectly normal chaste greeting hug turned into this minefield of sexual innuendo? He dare not move, because any movement by him would surely call attention to his rampant erection that, if anything, was growing harder the longer he stayed in her embrace. Surely Jenny wasn't making a pass at him? She knew he was gay, OK she didn't know just how much of a sleazy pervert he was, and she obviously thought he was rather nice, but there was nothing but trouble and confusion in store if he didn't put an end to this now.

Before Stephen could put thoughts to action, Jenny gave a little wriggle and ground herself against Stephen's bulging jeans one more time, trapping him even more firmly in her arms. Watching the pleasure cross his face as he managed to suppress a moan of desire, she gave a little giggle, and then she kissed him. It was a gentle but none-the-less passionate kiss; she slowly ran her tongue along his lips before finally letting him go and stepping back with a sigh of satisfaction. There! That was enough of a proper kiss to let him know that it wasn't just a greeting hug and that after feeling his enticing erection squeezed between their bodies, she wanted him for way more than gossip and chat in the french department common room.

The two teens stood staring at each other, their eyes sparkling. “Wow !!!” Stephen whispered, licking his lips savouring the sweet taste of that kiss. He hadn't been kissed and held like that for months and it made his mind reel. He didn't know know what to say, but the bulge in his jeans was saying everything that needed to be said.

“It's nice to know that a girl can still have that effect on you…” Jenny whispered, as she ran her hand down Stephen's body and gave his telltale bulge a squeeze. She'd wanted to kiss this geeky refugee from the computer science department for weeks, and although it had obviously flustered him, she wasn't sorry she'd finally done it. “…and yes, Scott is still being a dick.” she answered Stephen's question, and raised a dozen unspoken ones.

The pair were saved from any immediate discussion of what had just taken place by the loud arrival of half a dozen of their classmates. Stephen managed to flee before Jenny could corner him, and he didn't see her wistful stare as she watched him slip away from the rowdy group. She hoped she hadn't destroyed a friendship, but she wanted so much more than that kiss from Stephen. Stephen headed straight home with his mind in a whirl; he didn't even think of indulging in his sleazy mensroom pastime after the revelation from Jenny.



As much as he wanted to, Stephen couldn't stay away from the french department. The following Monday he carefully timed his arrival to his next french tutorial class so that there was no time for any chit chat with David, Jenny or Scott before the professor arrived. But there was no escape; as the tutorial broke up, Jenny sidled up to Stephen “Hi. How're you this morning?” Jenny's nerves were making her voice waver.

“Terrible, I spent half the weekend wanking myself silly savouring that kiss you gave me…” Stephen kept the honest reply to himself, “…and I spent the other half of the weekend wanking myself just as silly remembering the cock I sucked at the mensroom on Friday afternoon.”.

“I'm good, you?” he hoped he'd managed to keep his voice bright and cheerful, and disguise his inner turmoil. That kiss had re-awakened desires he hadn't felt since Peggy had left, and now he was just plain confused. Was he gay or wasn't he? He sure liked sucking cock, he was still infatuated with David, but he knew that was going nowhere; and to top things off here was a beautiful, intelligent girl making passes at him that he wasn't entirely sure he wanted to turn down. Was it because he wasn't gay after all? or was it just that he didn't want to upset Jenny? If he hadn't enjoyed those mensroom experiences so much, he might have convinced himself that his infatuation with David was just that, an infatuation with his best friend, and that he was straight after all. But he had totally enjoyed those secret assignations at the mensroom, and he knew he would be back there again soon, on his knees, taking whatever he could get through that hole.

“Oh, that's good then…” Jenny was relieved, Stephen didn't seem to be upset by what had happened the previous Thursday. “…are you still on for the french department play? We did agree to do the front of house stuff.” Jenny saw Stephen stiffen, “It's alright if you don't want to do it…” she rushed on “… David or Scott will step in if they have to.” she quickly gave him an out.

Stephen thought quickly: Jenny and he had been asked by the head of department to do the front of house duties for the annual french department play. This year it was Le Malade Imaginaire by Molière. Usually the whole production was done by the senior students, but as this year's senior class was so small the head of department had asked Jenny and he to step into the breach. There wasn't much to do, just make sure all the high-school students got seated in time for the two special matinée performances, and then sell tickets for the doting parents and other hangers on for the two evening performances. So although it was easy enough, and wouldn't be too taxing on their first year conversational french, it would mean being thrown into Jenny's company for an extended period. And as dangerous as the thought was, Stephen desperately wanted to be in Jenny's company as much as possible.

Stephen had already told his parents about it, and they were looking forward to playing the role of proud parents in a few weeks time. He couldn't tell them that he wasn't doing it any more, because they'd want to know why not, and he couldn't exactly tell them he was pulling out because of serious complications in his non-existent love life. His dad would think it was hilarious, and would never let him hear the end of it.

As he considered what to say, Stephen noticed Jenny's body tense up; she really didn't want either Scott or David to step in, she wanted to do it with him. And actually, he wanted to do it too, even though it was going to make things far more complicated between Jenny and himself. “No, I'll do it.” he gave a sly grin, “We don't want to give Scott an opportunity to be even more of a dick do we?”

Jenny gave an excited peal of laughter, and dragged Stephen into another hug. “Whew!!! I was so worried you'd pull out.” She pulled back quickly, understanding the need to break her impetuous embrace before it became uncomfortable. There was no need to push things with Stephen, they'd both be thrown together for the best part of a week when the play was on. She could wait and see if anything developed. “And you're right, we don't want to give Scott the another opportunity to be a dick.”

“So are you and Scott officially broken up now?” Stephen asked the question that half the department's student body and most of the faculty was dying to know the answer to. Although he was supposed to be Jenny's boyfriend, Scott had been hitting on a couple of the other female students, and when challenged by the objects of his misplaced desire, he'd replied “Don't worry about Jenny. What she doesn't know won't hurt her.” The nonchalant arrogance of this response had been too much for Sarah, who'd taken great delight in adding some juicy scandal to the undergraduate gossip mill by embellishing the details of Scott's clumsy attempts at seduction, turning them into something far more sleazy than they actually were.

“Well…I haven't actually dumped him…” Jenny replied “…but let's just say I won't be available whenever he wants to get together for a while.” She was actually dreading the big bust-up that she knew was coming. But there was simply no way she was going out with Scott any longer; he had become tiresome; he was desperate to add her to his list of conquests and move on. Quite frankly, she would much rather be in Stephen's bed where she was sure she wouldn't just be a conquest.

“You mean you'll be busy washing your hair that night?” Stephen had relaxed and could make light of the scandal du jour.

“Something like that.” Jenny giggled and patted her hair theatrically. Before the ensuing silence could become too long, Jenny gave an inward sigh, and took Stephen's hand giving it what she hoped was a comforting squeeze. “Uh Oh…here it comes.” Stephen thought.

“I'm sorry If I scared you on Thursday.” Jenny whispered, broaching the subject that needed addressing.

“Don't apologise, you didn't scare me.” Stephen answered far too quickly and gave her hand a reassuring squeeze of his own. He hoped she'd accept his little white lie; he'd been damn near terrified. “Surprised and shocked, but not scared. I wasn't expecting that from you at all, although it was rather pleasant.” Stephen tried to soften the blow.

“Pleasant enough that you'd like another?” Jenny grabbed Stephen's other hand and stood staring at him, her voice was wavering now, but she had to know.

Stephen replied without thinking. “Yes, pleasant enough…” he hesitated, he didn't want to dash Jenny's all too obvious desires, but also he didn't want to give her any false hope either. ”…pleasant enough to completely confuse me. But I've gotta remind you.” Stephen hesitated again, before charging on, “I really, really…” he squeezed her hand again to give extra emphasis, “…really like guys…” Stephen saw Jenny's shoulders sag, and he tried to soften the blow. “…as well.” he added quietly.

Jenny, caught Stephen's almost whispered addendum. “As well?” she queried.

Stephen squeezed Jenny's hand again “As well.” He thought for a moment, “As well as beautiful young ladies who confuse the shit out of me by hugging and kissing me when I least expect it.” Stephen whispered to Jenny as he Lent over and kissed her gently on the cheek. “Ok?” he asked and stared into her face asking the question again.

Jenny nodded, as she bought her hand up to where Stephen had just kissed her. “OK. I just wanted you to know that you had options.” Jenny answered Stephen's question, and gave him a peck on the cheek. “I so want to do more than that with you.” she whispered as she stood back.

“I know you do.” Stephen gave an embarrassed grin “OK. So now I'm a confused guy, who knows that he has options.” Stephen let go of Jenny's hand and grabbed his book bag. “Come on, we better get out of here, or we'll be providing more scandal and gossip for the rumour mill.”

Jenny grabbed her own book bag and led the way to the common room. “And we wouldn't want to do that would we?”



During the following weeks, the rhetoric over The Bill grew ever more nasty, with various religious and political leaders coming out with ever more doom laden prophesies to town halls filled with adoring conservatives, who were all convinced that the end of western civilsation was nigh, in New Zealand at least, if the never to be sufficiently damned Bill were to pass into law.

On a couple of occasions, when the nightly news seemed to be nothing but vociferous people shouting for and against The Bill Stephen was sorely tempted to ask his parents what they thought of it all. He was pretty sure they were for the bill, and just as sure they wouldn't care less if he came out. In fact he half-expected them to cheer when he finally did it, and for his dad to tell him he was an idiot for leaving it so long. And actually, he was an idiot, but, and there was always a but, he wasn't sure enough to actually do it. He made up all sorts of rationalisations: there's no rush, best just to leave things as they are, it's not as if I've got a hunk of a boyfriend I'm desperate to drag home and ravish, I'll wait until I've got someone.

The lie in that last rationalisation was of course, that Stephen made no effort to meet with any suitable candidates.

The graffiti at that magic mensroom, told him of two other locations on campus that appeared to be places for gay guys to meet up. But the locker-room at the recreation center, was just far too terrifying. By definition it would be full of sporting types, and he'd had enough of those at high school, there was no way he was going exploring there. The basement of the Library seemed just plain dangerous, there were far too many people wandering past. That out of the way mensroom, on a deserted corridor behind the electron microscope facility with the squeaky door suited him fine.

Stephen had researched the gay community in Wellington, he knew where the Gay bookshop, sauna and nightclubs were. He'd walked past the bookshop, with it's attendant nightclub next door a couple of times, but he'd been far too chicken to go in. The windows were covered in white paint, the sign just said: “Out !” in big red letters, with “Gay Bookshop” in smaller letters underneath. He wondered what on earth an entire shop that sold only gay porn and sex toys would be like. He supposed there would be plenty of magazines, and videos, dildos and vibrators. But what else? The shop wasn't small, there had to be more on sale than just what his rather timid imagination could conjure up.



One lunchtime three weeks after that kiss from Jenny, Stephen stole along the deserted corridor once more, through the squeaky door and checked the status of the stalls. The place was nearly deserted, except the end stall was closed. “Here's hoping that guy's here for some fun.” Stephen thought to himself, as he took his position in the stall next door. Things didn't look too good, the guy had blocked off the hole with a clump of toilet paper. Usually this was a sign that the guy wasn't interested; but if he's not interested why's he in this stall, there's three other stalls where he wouldn't be molested, Stephen reasoned to himself.

He knew what to do next, it had been done to him a few times before. He paused full of expectation before he gingerly pushed his left foot over so it would be clearly visible under the stall wall. He waited, scarcely daring to breathe, no reaction. He'd had this foot tapping thing done to him, but he'd never done it himself. “Here's hoping he's interested” Stephen prayed to himself, as he slowly raised and lowered his toe, once, twice, three times. Stephen waited for what seemed like hours, his heart in his throat. “Go on, please” he silently begged the guy to respond.

Stephen heard a shuffling sound, and felt the other guys foot press up beside his. “Whew!!!” he could breathe again, this guy wasn't going to stamp on his toe or anything bad. Stephen played footsie with the guy for a few seconds, before gingerly reaching over and pulling gently on the clump of toilet paper filling the hole.

The guy next door, pulled the whole clump of paper away, and rubbed his outstretched forefinger on the side of the hole. Stephen gave a little grin, he knew exactly what that meant. He stood up, whipped off his tee shirt, lowered his jeans and plastered himself against the cool stall wall, shoving his cock through the hole. The guy wanted to suck his cock, and he loved grinding his bare body against the coolness of the Formica wall, as he got his cock sucked.

Stephen felt a warm hand wrap its fingers around his shaft, he gave a little groan, and wiggled his groin to encourage the guy next door. “Don't just wank me…” Stephen whispered silently. He was standing in his favourite position, spread-eagled, with his nose shoved into his armpit. The musky smell wafting into his nose made him hornier than ever. “…I don't want a wank, go on give it a suck.” Stephen kept his plea silent, he didn't want to scare the guy off. The guy gave a couple of strokes, before letting go of Stephen's shaft. “Ohhh go on…don't stop man.” he begged out loud this time. Stephen was desperately hoping that this wouldn't be another of those cock teasing nervous guys that jumped up and ran for it in fear before they got properly started.

Stephen was thinking this was exactly what was about to happen, when he heard a shuffling, as the guy dragged his bag across the floor and then rummaged through it. Before Stephen could repeat his request, or pull away from the wall, a glossy magazine was pushed under the stall wall. “Here take a look at this while I get to work.” the guy from next door said as he waved the magazine.

Stephen grabbed hold of the magazine and shoved his cock back through the hole, into the guys waiting mouth. He turned it over, Inches was the title, with a bare chested picture of an absolutely beautiful young man, with short cropped black hair, sculpted chest and a magnificent six-pack. “Holy Fuck!!!” Stephen whispered. “Great eh?” the voice from next door replied, before going back to work on Stephen's cock.

Stephen enjoyed the next few minutes, immensely. This was an experience he would remember for the rest of his days: Standing nearly nude, getting his cock sucked through that hole, seeing page after page of delicious hot guys all showing off their bodies and beautiful hard cocks. This magazine was way better than his dad's penthouse magazines; the caption on the centerfold said the cock on the cover guy was 9.5in long, Stephen didn't care what size it was, it was huge and it was beautiful, and he just knew he was going to wank himself silly for days, remembering that sight.

The guy working on Stephen's cock was an expert, he ran a finger down the sensitive underside of the shaft, as he gently twirled his tongue inside Stephen's foreskin. “Ohhh fuck man…” Stephen squealed. His hips were thrusting in and out slamming him against the wall, “Gonna cum.” he squealed once more before his orgasm hit. Stephen blasted into the guy's mouth with an initial load of thick teen goo, he made to draw his cock back, he wanted to scoop some of his cum up to taste himself. His cockhead was hyper sensitive causing him to wriggle and squirm, desperate to get away from the knowing expert mouth that was driving him crazy. The guy clamped his fingers around the shaft in his mouth, he wasn't letting go until he'd got the entire load from this kid. “Oh…Ah…Arrrrgggh.” Stephen squealed and begged, “Ohh…Pleeassseee” Stephen gave one last squeal as his cock shot a another volley of cum into the guy's mouth.

“Holy fuck, that was great.” Stephen whispered his thanks, as he gently pulled his cock back to his side of the wall. He'd only lasted a short time, he hoped the guy wasn't disappointed; plenty of the guys he sucked lasted much longer.

“Delicious!!” the guy licked his lips, “Thanks kid, you were great.”

Stephen peered through the hole, and looked at the guy who appeared to be anything from 40 to 60 to Stephen's untutored eye, and whispered “Thanks — where did you get this?” as he passed the magazine back under the stall. The guy took the magazine and stuffed it in his bag “Out Bookshop, Dixon Street.” came the reply.

“Hope I get to see you again sometime.” the guy dismissed Stephen.

Stephen understood, the guy was hoping another cute young student would be along soon, and he had no use for Stephen with his freshly drained balls “Yeah, hope so too. Nice magazine by the way.” Stephen said, slipping the magazine back under the stall wall, before zipping up and leaving. He would be visiting that shop in Dixon Street, sometime very soon.



Thursday evening found Stephen outside the gay bookshop. Yet again, he'd found an excuse not to go to the GLBT club meeting, he was going to finally see what this shop had to offer. He walked purposefully down the hill, and told himself: “Don't stop and loiter, that'll just call attention to yourself… Don't walk past thinking about going in, just walk straight in… Ignore that old lady at the bus-stop, she doesn't know you, and she neither knows nor cares that you're gay and she's not staring at you.”

Stephen wished his little speech would make his stomach calm down, he was convinced there was a great big neon arrow above his head, with a sign saying, “Cock-sucking pervert on his way to the gay porn store” flashing for all to see. He wiped his sweating palms on his jeans as he drew near to the steps; it was a short flight up to a landing. The bookshop entrance was on the right, the nightclub on the left. He looked nervously left and right, hoping nobody he knew would be there. The coast was clear, “Here goes” he told himself, as he squared his shoulders and almost tripped as he climbed the stairs.

He paused at the threshold of the bookshop, nobody had leapt out of the shadows demanding to know what he was doing here. “God, how does Dad buy his porno mags?…” he wondered to himself, “…surely he doesn't feel like a pervert like this?” Wiping his sweaty palms against his jeans once more, Stephen steeled himself and walked into the shop.

“Hello.” A cheerful voice greeted Stephen from behind the counter.

He gulped, “Hello.” Stephen whispered.

“Are you after anything in particular? or are you happy just browsing?”

Stephen stopped to stare at the rather cute guy in his super tight tee shirt. “Ummm…just happy to browse.” he mumbled. God, he hadn't expected to be greeted like in a normal shop. He'd expected them to be as embarrassed as he was.

“Okay. Just let me know if I can help you with anything” the shop guy gave Stephen an appraising look: “Hmmm… quite cute; uni student by the looks of him; haven't seen him here before — wish he had landed on his face when he tripped, I would've had an excuse to go help him… I bet he's scared shitless; better not scare him away. We do want him to actually buy something.”

Stephen cast his eyes around the shop, he was the only customer. As expected, he saw shelves with magazines all in clear plastic bags. There was a pile of that issue of Inches magazine that he'd enjoyed so much along with smaller piles of slightly older issues. Moving down the line Stephen came across Freshmen,Uncut and Torso which all seemed to be more of the same.

Stephen stood staring at the lurid covers through their clear plastic bag covers. Yes! This was what he'd come for. He looked further along the shelves, Mandate, Advocate and Playguy were on the shelves, without plastic covers. He flipped through one of them. A few nice pictures, but obviously not what he was here for.

Stephen moved to the far-end of the shelf, this was the wild stuff, nearly 20 different issues of Drummer magazine, with guys in leather harnesses and collars. He stood there staring at the collection of covers, not quite sure what to think, but none-the-less completely captivated by one particular image of a young man kneeling naked, wearing a collar and staring up at a man in leather chaps.

He looked at the price stickers, $17.50 and $20.00 for the magazines in the first section with Inches and Freshmen. The kinky leather ones were more expensive at $30 and $35. “Wow, captive market I guess.” Stephen thought to himself. He glanced around him, the shop guy didn't seem to be watching him, dare he take one of these kinky leather ones? He turned around and cast an eye over the racks of videos. The covers were even more enticing than the magazines, but not having a VCR machine at home, Stephen didn't waste much time looking at them.

He stepped past the video shelves, and was confronted by a cabinet full of sex toys. He at least recognised the couple of dozen different dildos, in a variety of shapes, sizes and colours. He marvelled at the larger than life-size ones, imagining what it would be like to be fucked by such a monster. He was sure it would hurt like crazy, but the thought of being fucked with one of those monsters was certainly enticing. Next door in the cabinet was a display of weird and smoothly knobbly shaped toys, that he supposed must go up a guys arse, but he wasn't quite sure. He looked at some of the prices, and was rocked. As much fun as they looked, he wouldn't be buying any of those toys, even if he could figure out what they were for.

Stephen moved down to the end, here was the really kinky stuff, locked safely behind glass cases. Steel handcuffs, leather cuffs, what looked like a collar or two. Spanking paddles, a cat-o-nine tails. A shop dummy stood in the corner with a harness and a full face leather hood over its head, clipped to a matching wide collar round its neck. Stephen was mesmerized, he'd never seen such an outfit, and he wondered what it would be like to be inside that hood. Unthinking, he leaned forward and took a deep sniff; the thought of being inside the hood and the smell of new leather excited him.

He stole a quick look at the shop counter, yep the guy was watching him. “Whoops, don't want to be caught perving at the kinky stuff.” he thought, as he turned away and adjusted the growing hardon in his jeans.

The clerk threw a little grin at Stephen's back “You're not the first one to throw a hardon down there in that corner sweetie.” he whispered to himself. God that kid was definitely a cute one; the clerk kept a surreptitious eye on Stephen, and fantasised about breaking the rules, by hitting on a customer.

Another customer arrived, a guy in his 40s or 50s causing Stephen to panic. “Gotta get out of here.” he mumbled to himself as he rushed back to the magazine racks. He snatched up the copy of Drummer because the boy on his knees in the collar and cuffs was so cute looking, and a copy of Freshmen because he liked the look of the two guys on the cover. He would've liked to grab an Inches and an Uncut but he couldn't afford anything else.

Stephen made his way to the counter, this was the most embarrassing bit. “These two please” his mumble was almost a grunt. He stared at the guy behind the counter, daring him to make any smart comments about his choice of wank material.

The clerk took Stephens money, gave him his change, and put the two magazines into a paper bag. He deftly folded the end over, and taped it down, ensuring the magazines wouldn't fall out. “There you go.” he smiled at Stephen, as he handed over the package.

“Thanks” Stephen said, and gave him a little smile in return. The shop guy really was quite hot but there was no way he was going to stay and flirt. The guy probably got hit on by all the customers, and wouldn't be flattered at all.

“You should come to the nightclub, it's open Thursdays through Sundays from 8pm.” the store clerk watched Stephen's reaction, before deciding it was safe enough to give give him a wink “You'd be very popular.”

“Yeah, maybe.” Stephen muttered as he fled out the door and down the stairs.

Relief flooded through Stephen as he made his way round the corner and through the crowds towards his bus stop. “Whew, got away with it.” he was totally relieved. Mission accomplished, he was gay and he had the wank material to prove it. He almost skipped with glee, he needed to get home quickly so he could examine his purchases.

At the bus stop, Stephen glanced at his watch and checked the timetable. “Bugger…just missed one. It'll be 10 minutes before the next one.” He was standing at the bus stop working out if it would be quicker to just walk home than wait for the next bus.

“Hello Stevie… Been shopping I see?” Stephen looked up to see Jenny accompanied by Scott and David walking towards him.

“Err… yeah. Just a couple of magazines.” Stephen ignored the glare from Scott as Jenny gave him her usual hug and returned the peck on his cheek with one of his own. Jenny stayed in Stephen's embrace as he waved “Hi” to Scott and David. He was completely terrified with embarrassment; there was only one kind of magazine that went into plain paper bags, and he was desperate for Jenny not to know exactly what he'd just bought.

Jenny picked up on Stephen's embarrassment, everyone in the small group knew what was likely to be in the slim package safely tucked under Stephen's arm. Scott and David were embarrassed for him, and were looking studiously in the furniture shop window not wanting to get involved in this uncomfortable encounter.

Stephen stood there frozen, with Jenny's arm wrapped around his waist, desperately hoping the footpath would open up and swallow him whole. Jenny gave Stephen what she hoped was a re-assuring hug and stepped back, “So not model train magazines then?” she asked indicating the package of incriminating magazines.

“Err…No…” Stephen's voice croaked terribly. “…not model trains.” He subsided back in to the most uncomfortable embarassed silence. Could his life possibly get any worse? Here he was clutching a package of kinky gay porn magazines at a public bus stop with a girl who he was sure was more than a little in love with him. And to make things even worse she was accompanied by two other guys one of whom Stephen was totally infatuated with, and the other was Jenny's on again, off again boyfriend.

“Ooooooo how embarrassing…” Jenny let out a nervous giggle, “here you are hoping to sneak home and smuggle your Not Model Train magazines into your bedroom and you bump into us at the bus stop.” Jenny knew all about guys and their wank material; she'd gone snooping in her older brother's room, although she did wonder if Stephen's newly acquired stash was boys or girls.

“Yep…that's pretty much it.” Stephen gave a wry grin and started to relax. Wonder of wonders, Jenny had not freaked out, somehow having her describe how embarrassing this situation was and that giggle of hers made him feel so much better. He reached over and poked her gently on the nose. “Of all the people to bump into, it would have to be you.”

“Moi?“ Jenny gestured to herself and fluttered her eyelashes theatrically.

“Oui, Vous!“ Stephen leaned in and kissed her on the cheek before whispering in her ear: “Vous. The one that confuses the hell out of me by giving me options.”

Jenny's heart gave a little skip; Stephen still thought of her as an option, and he'd just kissed her! Admittedly, just a peck on the cheek. But a kiss none-the-less, and even better, an unprompted kiss! Now it was she who didn't know what to say, she stood there staring bright-eyed into Stephen's equally staring eyes.

Stephen cast about for something to fill the growing silence. “I thought you were giving Scott the old heave ho?” He whispered, before gesturing to Scott and David who were still staring at the sofa in the furniture shop window.

“Oh I've tried.” Jenny gave an anguished sigh, “But if nothing else he's persistent. He offered to walk me to my bus, and I had to drag poor David along just so Scott wouldn't get any funny ideas.” Jenny gave a despairing little smile. “I'm going to have to be down-right rude before he'll get the message.”

The arrival of Stephen's bus cut short any more discussion. Jenny grabbed Stephen and with a devilsh glint in her eye she whispered “Enjoy those Not Model Train Magazines.” as she pushed him towards his bus and gave his arse a squeeze “… but not too much, because you've still got options.”

Stephen almost laughed out loud and gave a mock salute “I Understand, I've still got options.” he took his seat on the bus and when Jenny blew him a kiss through the window he grinned and blew one back. It was a thoughtful Stephen who rode the bus home from his shopping expedition.



The following Thursday's first matinée performance of Le Malade Imaginaire went off fine. The audience of senior high school students were well behaved and appreciative. Stephen and Jenny performed their duties without lapsing into frustrated english. During the actual play, they'd sat easily and comfortably side-by-side in the back row and simply enjoyed the play. There was no need for stolen kisses and wandering hands in the dark of the back row like 16 year-olds on a first date. They both knew where this budding relationship was going, and each in their own way wanted it, but they were also terrified of scaring the other away.

At the conclusion of the performance, they made sure the Student Union Theatre was tidy, locked the doors and turned off the lights. Then hand-in-hand made their way to the dressing rooms to join in the celebration and euphoria of a successful opening performance.



Friday lunchtime, Stephen made his way through the lecture theatre block foyer, heading towards the computer science lab; there was just enough time to complete this week's programming assignment before this afternoon's matinée performance. The GLBT club were back out with their rainbow banner, and a couple of trestle tables. Stephen could see Jeremy, Sarah & Marian busy setting out chairs, and pens, and their display of badges for sale.

“Hey, you guys are back out.” Stephen said by way of introduction.

“Yep;“ Jeremey looked up and greeted the cute first-year student who'd signed his petition but never managed to come to a GLBT club meeting.

“I thought your petition was all done and dusted?” Stephen asked.

“Yes, but the politicians are getting cold feet, they're afraid to pass the bill as it stands; the conservative lobby is scaring them into thinking they'll all lose their seats at the next election if they vote for the bill. They've put up an ammendment which is proposing an age of consent of 21 for gays rather than 16 like it is for everyone else.”

“But that's not fair !!” Stephen nearly shouted.

“No it's not. The conservatives are hoping the liberal people will refuse to vote for a bill with such an unfair age of consent in it. That way they'll get The Bill killed.”

“So what are you doing then?” Stephen asked.

We're organising a letter writing campain.“ Jeremy explained what was going on. “So what we need everyone to do is sit down and write a letter to their MP, telling them why they should vote against the ammendment, and the age of consent when the bill finally passes should be 16 the same as for straight people.“

Jeremy handed Stephen a pen and an old fashioned pad of letter writing paper; the same stuff that his grandma still used to write to the family. “Here you go… and to make it easier for you here's a sample letter for you to copy out.” He handed Stephen a printed page with a sample letter:

<MP's Name> MP for <Electorate> Parliament House, Wellington RE: Homosexual Law Reform Bill - Age of Consent Dear <MP> I am writing this letter to you to ask you to vote against the proposed ammendment which would raise the age of consent for homosexual acts from 16 years of age to 21 years of age. Further, when the Homosexual Law Reform Bill comes to its third reading, I am asking you to vote in favour of the bill. Yours Sincerely,

Stephen quickly read it, and looked back at Jeremy, “Why don't you just print out a whole bunch of these and we sign them?”

“MP's Secretaries ignore all the pre-printed ones. They feel honour bound to at least read and count the hand written ones, even if they're all copies of a sample letter.” Jeremy replied. “At least for the hand written ones, somebody's sat down and written it out.”

“So it would be even better if I wrote my own letter, rather than just copied out your sample one then?” Stephen asked.

Jeremy gave one of his sexy grins “Yep it sure would.” He reached for a list, “Where do you live? Do you know who your MP is?”

“Island Bay, my MP's Frank O'Flynn” Stephen was at least politically aware enough to know who his MP was. “He's about a hundred years old, and probably a completely reactionary old bastard, who'll vote for the ammendment and against the bill out of pure spite. But I might as well give it a go.”

Jeremy gave a grin “I don't think he's quite that old, and you're right, it's worth a try. If we get enough letters maybe we'll get the ammendment killed.”

Stephen settled down into a chair, and took up the offered pen: “Hmmmm…Dear reactionary old bastard… Are you seriously telling me that If I want to root a girl, I can because we're both over 16, but just because I'd prefer to suck on a cute boy instead, I have to wait for another 2 years?“ Stephen started composing the sort of letter he really wanted to write out loud. He caught the expression on Jeremy's face, who was trying desperately not burst out laughing. “Maybe a bit strong eh?” he asked Jeremy.

“Yeah, maybe tone it down just a little…” Jeremy gave a conspiratorial wink “… and try not to mention just what you'd like to do with that cute boy of yours.… We don't want to give the reactionary old bastard a heart attack.”

“A chance would be a fine thing on the cute boy front.” Stephen muttered to himself as he set to work:

Mr Frank O'Flynn, MP for Island Bay Parliament House, Wellington RE: Homosexual Law Reform Bill - Age of Consent Dear Mr O'Flynn, I understand that there is a proposed ammendment to this bill, which would have an age of consent for homosexual acts of 21 years of age rather than 16 years of age. The whole point of the Homosexual Law Reform Bill, is to remove discrimination against gay people. Surely you don't need me to point out the conflict between that goal and having a different age of consent for gay people in the bill itself? I also can't understand how it can be that at the age of nearly 19, I have been capable of deciding if I wanted to indulge in sexual activity with a girl for nearly three years, and yet I won't be capable of deciding if I wanted to indulge in simlar activities with a boy for another 2 years. Either I'm old enough to choose for both potential partners, or I'm not. I therefore ask you to vote against any ammendment that would have a different age of consent for homosexual acts, and to vote in favour of the Bill when the time comes. Yours Sincerely, Stephen McLeod

Stephen put the pen down, and handed his letter to Jeremy, who had been staring at this cute first year writing his letter, harbouring a few thoughts of what he'd like to do with the cute boy sitting in front of him. “There you go, hopefully that gets the point across without giving him a heart attack.”

Jeremy woke up from his day-dream and gave Stephen's letter a quick read. “Yeah, much better… and no mention of cute boys.” He gave Stephen what he hoped was his most fetching grin. The role of male co-president of the GLBT club, and all the politics surrounding The Bill had rather taken over his life, and he was in desperate need of a cute boy to play with himself; he glanced around: Sarah and Marian were busy with other letter writers. “Bugger it” he thought to himself, “What's the point of leading the GLBT club if you can't hit on the cute first years that come your way.” He ran his fingers lightly down Stephen's arm, “…I'll give you a hint… you have to give the cute boys a chance to let you know they're interested… actually turning up to the GLBT meeting would do it.” Jeremy waited, heart thumping in his chest, for a reaction from Stephen, silently begging him not to make a scene.

The hairs on Stephen's arm stood up along with those on the back of his neck: The head of the GLBT club was hitting on him! A myriad of thoughts ran through Stephen's mind. “He's hitting on me…the leader of the GLBT club is hitting on me!” He gulped, and fought the temptation to flee. “No he's not, he's a senior student, he's got plenty of experienced hot guys to choose from. Why would a senior be hitting on a nervous little first year like me?” The fact that he was an attractive young man, with a keen wit and sense of humour that Jeremy found bewitching didn't dawn on Stephen at all.

“Err…Yeah… I suppose it would be a good first step.” Stephen finally managed to say something coherent to Jeremy. “Ahhh…would you be… ummm… as you say… interested?” Stephen dared to ask the question.

“That depends…” Jeremy replied “…on whether you think I'm cute… because I could be very interested.” Jeremy ran his finger back up Stephen's forearm, causing a shiver to run straight down Stephen's spine. “We are talking about being interested in cute boys here.”

“He is definitely hitting on me!” the thought ran through Stephen's mind. “ What the hell do I do now? I can't drag him away from here. He's gotta stay and gather more letters and I can't just stay here and stare at him all afternoon, I've gotta go do the play again.” Stephen was casting about for any excuse to stay here with Jeremy and see what, if anything, would happen.

“I could of course take to wearing one of these.” In desperation, Stephen picked up one of the badges with the big pink triangle and the two male arrow symbols. He turned his gaze back to Jeremy's face “That way cute boys would know I'm interested too.” He scrabbled through his pocket fishing for the coins to pay for the badge.

Jeremy took Stephen's money, leaving his hand in Stephen's for just that moment too long, making Stephen gulp again. Jeremy was definitely into him!

Stephen made to pin the newly purchased badge to his tee-shirt and managed to stab his thumb. “Damn!” he swore and dropping the badge he sucked on his thumb to mop up the blood. “Well that'll show him what a klutz I am. Way to go on impressing the guy.” Stephen mumbled to himself, he was still looking for reasons for Jeremy to reject him.

“Here let me.” Jeremy picked up the offending badge and stepped closer to Stephen. He deftly pinned the badge to Stephen's tee shirt, and instead of stepping back, he stayed there and ran his hands across Stephen's chest smoothing out his tee-shirt and then ran them down his torso to his waist. “There you go. All done.” Jeremy gave his most fetching grin again and hoped this was enough of a hint as to what he wanted.

Stephen drank in the smell of Jeremy — fresh clean guy, no aftershave, just how he liked it. He unconsciously stepped closer, they were damn near cuddling each other now. “Thanks.” he whispered, and tentatively reached out and ran his hands across Jeremy's chest and torso.

Jeremy managed to supress the gasp that threatened to escape, as Stephen's fingers brushed over his nipples beneath his shirt. His body gave an involuntary thrust, pressing the tell-tale bulge in Jeremy's jeans up against Stephen's matching bulge. “Oh god, do that again.” he silently begged as he let out an almost silent, yearning “Yessssssss.” and let his body give another twitch, pressing himself up against Stephen in a silent plea once more.

Stephen was on auto-pilot, he'd heard that oh so sexy plea, and felt Jeremy's bulge press up against his. Not only hadn't Jeremy freaked out when he ran his hands over that delicious body, but he'd practically begged him to do it some more. Stephen didn't think, he just acted; taking hold of Jeremy by the waist in both hands, he leaned in and kissed him.

It was a first, stolen kiss. A quick, gentle pressing of his lips against Jeremy's. A flick of the tongue hinted at hidden depths of desire; he was definitely interested. Stephen resisted the urge to grind his body against Jeremy's and stood back, slightly shocked at what he'd just done: he'd been hit on by a cute guy and he'd responded by kissing him!

“Well hello you two!!!” Sarah the co-president of the GLBT club was grinning at the two of them. she'd watched the whole interraction between the two young men. The way those two were staring at each other after that kiss, holding each other by the waist oblivious to the rest of the world told her that something special had just taken place.

After an absolute age, Stephen finally broke the staring silence, “Bugger!” he swore. “Sorry… shouldn't've done that.” he gabbled and slipping out of Jeremy's grasp, he grabbed his bag and ran for it.

Dazed, Jeremy licked his lips and relished the taste of that kiss as Stephen slipped through the crowd of students. “Oh no, you definitely should've done that” he contradicted the empty space Stephen had just occupied.

“Well don't just stand there…” Sarah said to Jeremy, pushing him in the direction Stephen had disappeared. “…Go after him; don't let him get away.” Jeremy set off after the disappearing Stephen.



Stephen banged his way into the computer science lab, and leant against the wall breathing hard. He'd run from that stolen kiss, not wanting to meet Jeremy's eyes, terribly afraid he'd see rejection in them.

Once his breathing had returned somewhat to normal, he made his way across the computer science lab to a free machine. He hadn't noticed the stares that he'd gathered, partly by his loud arrival, but mostly because of the large pink triangle badge he was now wearing. Stephen didn't realise it, but he'd just outed himself to a good portion of his computer science class.

There was a moment of stunned silence, and then furtive whispers between pairs of guys as those who'd noticed Stephen's badge, pointed it out to their neighbours and raised their eyebrows in unasked questions.

Across the lab from Stephen, Andrew asked Brian the first question: “Do you reckon he's gay or just a supporter?”

“Got to be gay…” Brian answered, staring at Stephen and that badge pinned to his chest. “Guys who're just supporters are wearing the ‘Heterosexuals Unafraid of Gays’ badges…not those pink trianlge ones. So my money's on him being gay.”

“He's brave.” Andrew replied, and looked around at the reaction of the others in the room. “Nobody in computer science is out yet. Which is surprising because a department with 300 guys has got to have a few gays in it. I hope nobody's going to make a scene. Wonder what he was running from? ”

Two or three others joined in the conversation.

“Probably some guy saw him wearing that badge and was going to bash him.… Quite right too… fucking poofters… can't stand them!!!” One of the many Davids in the class let the growing group know which camp he stood in.

“Don't be a dick all your life Dave!!!” Andrew unconsciously lept to Stephen's defense. “You've got to admit it's damn brave of Stephen to just walk in here wearing that badge.” he continued to Brian and the rest of the group.

“Yeah, give the poor guy a chance. What are you so afraid of Dave?” Brian turned on Dave. “Are you frightened he'll make a pass at you?”

“Or worse, that he won't think you're cute and doesn't make a pass at you?” another David raised a laugh among the group.

“What!! Are you saying you'd want him to make a try for getting in your pants?” The first David asked the second in some horror.

“Well I'd be flattered that he fancied me enough to try.” The second David replied, with a big grin on has face “But he'd be shit out of luck… Not my cup of tea at all.” He knew he was goading his namesake, but the idiot deserved to be made a fool of. The Bill wasn't going to go away, and the sooner dickheads like David got used to the idea the better.

A chorus of agreement and calls of “Same here… not my cup of tea either.” came from the group of guys who suddenly felt the need to declare themselves in the heterosexual camp.

“Well he better not try anything on with me. Fucking Poofter!!” the first David was muttering under his breath “If he does, I'll fucking smash him.”

The group rounded on the first David, letting him know that his attitude wasn't making him any friends.

Across the room, Stephen noticed the agitated group, and the fleeting worried glances in his direction. “What are they all gossiping about?” he asked his neighbour Malcolm.

Malcom gave a grin and shook his head in disbelief, how could Stephen not realise that that badge would make him the centre of attention? “Ahhh…That'll be you Stephen.”

“Me!!” Stephen asked in surprise “Why? What on earth have I done to set them off like that?” Stephen had forgotten the recently purchased badge.

“Ahh…” Malcolm pointed to the brightly coloured badge advertising Stephen's sexuality to whole world. “That badge you're wearing would do it.”

Stephen slapped his hand over the badge in horror. “Oh no!!!” he turned his wide-eyed stare on Malcolm.

“Don't tell me you forgot it was there?” Malcolm asked.

“Er… yeah just got it. I was kinda distracted, didn't think what the reaction would be here in the computer science lab. ”

“Kinda distracted? You ended up with a great big badge saying ‘I'm Gay’ pinned to your chest; and you forgot you were wearing it?” Malcolm asked.

“It's a bit of a story.” Stephen replied. “I suppose it's too late to take it off, and pretend I never had it on?” Stephen rather desperately asked Malcolm for his opinion.

“Yep… Way too late.” Malcolm gestured to the group across the room. “Looks like Dave is going to make sure everyone knows.”

Stephen looked at the group across the room, it seemed one of the Davids was doing a lot of fierce whispering, and the rest of the group was trying to stop him from making a scene.

“So you are gay then?” Malcolm pointed to the badge and asked the question.

Stephen turnd his attention away from the group back to Malcolm “Yep… pretty much.” Stephen gave an unequivocal answer. If he'd just outed himself to the computer science guys, then he'd damn well be proud of it. “Yeah I'm gay. Always have been, always will be.…” He gave a grin “Hope you don't have a problem with that.”

“Yeah I'm cool.” Malcolm answered, “I don't think everyone in the room is though.” he pointed across the room, “Better watch out, you may have to make another run for it.”

The first David strode across the room, looking like thunder with his fists clenched.“So are you?” he barked at Stephen.

Stephen quailed, it looked like he was going to have to make a run for it. He shoved his papers and stuff back into his bag, and re-fastened it in preparation for a hurried exit.

“Well !!!” David was standing over Stephen, and shouted red-faced right in his ear. “Are you?”

Stephen stood up, he had 3 inches on David, which allowed him to glare down at the threat and gave him the confidence to reply, “Am I what?” he asked quietly.

“Are… you… a… fucking… poofter?” David re-asked his question dripping with venom.

Stephen stared at David, and got the giggles. He wanted to be a smart-arse and reply “No I'm not a fucking poofter. Well not yet, but I am a cocksucking faggot, and I hope to graduate to fucking real soon now. ” but he realised that this would just antagonise David even worse, and he wouldn't understand the joke.

“What are you fucking laughing at?” Stephen's giggles had driven David almost apoplectic with rage, clenching and unclenching his fists. The whole room held its breath, most of the others silently prayed that David didn't attack Stephen.

Stephen's giggles died, it wasn't funny anymore. David had whipped himself into a murderous rage and Stephen needed to be very careful and get the hell out of there quickly. He stepped back, gingerly pulled his bag over his shoulder and replied: “Yes David, I'm gay. ” and keeping his eyes on David's he took another two steps closer to the door.

The bulk of the group of guys stood between Stephen and the door. Andrew and Brian stepped aside making room for him. “David !” Brian raised his voice and tried to get David's attention.

“David!” he called David's name again and waited, this time getting a glare of acknowledgment from David. “Stephen is leaving now, and you're staying right there on that side of the room.” Brian kept his voice silky smooth and soothing, hoping like hell that David would let Stephen leave without erupting into violence. David ground his teeth, and opened his mouth preparing to hurl some choice invective at Stephen.

“David!!!” Brian strengthened his voice causing David to subside slightly. “David, I said Stephen is leaving, and you're staying right there. Do you hear me?” Brian waited for David to reply.

David glared at the group of guys who were now clustered in a protective huddle around Stephen; he knew he would come off second best if he tried anything now. “I hear you.” he finally replied. “Fucking Faggot Lovers” he spat.

Flanked by Brian and Andrew, Stephen stepped carefully backwards and out into the corridor. Andrew pulled the door closed, and let out his breath “Whew!!!” he paused. “Are you alright?” he asked Stephen.

Stephen shook himself, “Yeah. I think so. ” he gave his protectors a little smile “Not exactly the reaction I was looking for…” he paused “…except for you two of course. I'm pretty sure he was going to smash me into the middle of next week, and without you two I'd be pretty badly messed up.”

Andrew shrugged his shoulders and gestured towards Brian and answered Stephen's unasked question: “I was just following his lead, and I wasn't going to let that dickhead Dave beat anyone up.”

Brian patted Stephen on the shoulder “My younger brother got outted at school last month, and he got beaten up by half the rugby team. The bruising is only just going away now, and he's terrified of going to school everyday. I wasn't there for him, but I sure the hell wasn't going to stand by when David started swinging his fists around.”

“You know you can probably get David expelled if you lay a complaint of threatening behaviour against him?” Andrew moved in to give Stephen a reassuring pat on the shoulder of his own.

The shock of his close escape, and the decency of his two protectors, who weren't any particular great friends to him bought tears to Stephen's eyes. “I don't know how to thank you guys.” he sniffed, and wiped his eyes. He didn't want to be thought of as a wimp, but he had been seriously frightened.

Stephen's tears were making both Andrew and Brian uncomfortable, they stepped away, and glanced at each other. “Now what do we do?” Andrew asked Brian quietly.

“Dunno, make sure he gets away safely, and warn a few more guys to look out for him whenever David the Dickhead's around I suppose.” Brian suggested

“Sounds good to me.” Andrew replied to Brian, and moved over to Stephen who had recomposed himself. “Hey, Stephen…” Andrew started “are you going to be okay? Probably best if you didn't go back into the lab today.” He gestured to the closed door to the computer science lab. “Things should've blown over by Monday, and we'll make sure David the Dickhead leaves you alone…” Andrew paused, checking Stephen's reaction “Ok?”

“Yeah, probably for the best.” Stephen replied “I can come in and finish my project over the weekend, David the Dickhead doesn't do weekends.” Stephen hitched his backpack, back over his shoulder “I can't think how to thank you guys. I'm sure David was gonna really smash me.”

Brian shrugged, “Don't worry about it… It will be okay.… But… Ahhhh…” he hesitated, before plunging on “Maybe you should leave the badge off for a while.” Brian saw Stephen's body stiffen; it had obviously been a very brave thing for Stephen to wear that badge, and the thought of hiding it away so soon, didn't appeal to Stephen at all. “…just for couple of days. It will give everyone time to get used to the idea.” Brian rushed on, not giving Stephen a chance to object. “You do realise that you're going to be the subject of a fair amount of nasty gossip and chatter, don't you?”

“Yeah…” Stephen answered, he could see the sense in Brian's suggestion. He didn't like it, but he did have to be sensible. “You're probably right.” He gave a sigh, and unclipped the offending badge, slipping it into his pocket. “But only for a couple of days. I am going to wear it again… and as for being the subject of gossip and chatter…” Stephen paused, and gave a somewhat wan grin. “Oscar Wilde said ‘There's only one thing worse than being talked about behind your back…’”

“What's that?” Andrew asked.

“ ’…not being talked about!!!’ ” Stephen gave the famous punchline with a grin.

Brian grinned, he'd heard that one before, Andrew gave a laugh out loud, he hadn't “Yep, sounds about right.”

Stephen straightened himself up, and gave each of his protectors a bow of acknowlegment. “Thanks for what you did in there guys; I don't think I'd have got out of there unscathed without you” And then he grabbed his bag and headed out into the quad once more.

Copyright © 2012 StueyNZ; All Rights Reserved.
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