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A Geek Grows Up - 4. Chapter 4 - Freshman

Stephen's off to University

The days immediately after Peggy's departure were difficult in the McLeod household; Stephen had returned from seeing Peggy off at the airport struggling to hold back his tears. Usually he would have sought the company of David, who would have commiserated with him and helped to cheer him up. But David and he hadn't talked since that sexually charged evening on the beach, and Stephen was worried that his sexual advances had ruined his only real friendship.

Over the two weeks since that fateful evening, Stephen rang David's home a number of times. Full of trepidation he would dial the number and wait for the connection to be made. Usually he chickened out and hung up on the first or second ring. On two occasions he'd actually let the phone ring three or four times before he hung up and scuttled back to his room, where he would rehearse what he would say to David, when he finally did get him on the phone.

“Ahhh… Err.. David? I know I scared you when I grabbed your cock like that; and I'm really sorry. I'll understand if you don't want to be my friend any more.”

Stephen didn't think that was too bad of a beginning. He didn't know how David would re-act; he knew that David's family were very religious, and that meant he had probably made David freak out completely.

“But David was perving at my body and wanking himself, so he can't be too freaked out by me grabbing him like that.” Stephen rationalised, “Maybe he's just too chicken to ring me, like I am with him.”

After 10 days of moping, and being shit scared of what was going to happen, Stephen finally rang David's number and forced himself to wait until it was answered.

“Hello.” David answered the phone.

“Well here goes, don't chicken out now.” Stephen told himself. “Hi Davey, how are you?” Stephen hoped his voice didn't sound as strange to David as it did to him.

There was a short silence, “Oh god, he doesn't know what to say.” Stephen worked himself into more of a state.

“UUUrrggghhhmmm.” David was clearing his throat. “Errrhhhmm… Hi Steve, haven't spoken to you since…” David's voice trailed off, he didn't know how to refer to the beach incident.

“Yeah, I ahhh… errmm… wanted to apologize for what happened there. I'm really sorry if I scared you.” Stephen said.

Relief flooded through David, Stephen wasn't angry with him because he'd been wanking himself while perving at Stephen's body; in fact, it sounded like Stephen was worried that he'd scared David when he grabbed him. “Uhhh… No… Don't be sorry.” David replied. “I mean, you're not angry with me?”

Stephen was just as relieved as David, when he realised that David had been just as scared has himself over what had happened. “No I'm not angry with you.” Stephen paused and almost whispered with his voice cracking, “I was scared you didn't want to be my friend any more.”

“Me too.” David whispered back.

The two boys managed to re-assure each other that their friendship was intact, and that neither was angry or upset with the other. Subconsciously each had decided that if they didn't mention their sexual attraction for each other, then their friendship could return to how it had been previously.

Stephen and David had met up early during enrollment week and explored the university campus together. They figured out where their various lectures were to be held and compared timetables. As agreed with his parents David was enrolling in first year law along with Linguistics and French for his Arts and Law degree.

Stephen was in a quandary; He had pored over the university regulations, it appeared that if he wanted to do a Science degree then he had to study only subjects from the science faculty; most of which didn't really interest him. The Arts faculty on the other hand, didn't have any such restriction. So he could do as much Computer Science has he liked in an Arts degree, but he had to nominate a subject from the Arts faculty as his major.

His dad, in an attempt at being funny had suggested “Why don't you do something really useful like Philosophy?” So Stephen had taken the challenge; and was intending to enroll in first year History of Philosophy, along with Computer Science and Mathematics. Not wanting to be all alone amongst the 10,500 students on campus, Stephen had also included first year French, mostly so he could have a reason for seeing David four days a week.

“Well at least we'll see each other at French.” Stephen said as he and David walked back across campus from signing up for French.

“Yeah… Otherwise we'd have lost touch completely.” David replied, before another nervous silence descended on the pair.

Although their friendship appeared to be strong as ever, the boys had yet to confront their mutual attraction that had made things so difficult in the first place.

Stephen plopped himself down on a park bench, and watched the students hurrying by on their enrollment missions. He knew that they had to at least acknowledge what had nearly happened, and decide what they were going to do about it. He glanced at David who was carefully perched on the edge of the same park bench, making sure there was a decent amount of space between Stephen and himself. “Well one of us has got to start talking about it; or we'll never get back to normal” he told himself.

“David, this is silly.” Stephen finally broke the silence as he stared across the lawn.

“What is?” David asked, knowing exactly what Stephen meant, but still not really wanting to discuss it.

“Us. We're still not totally comfortable with each other. I mean look at you. You can't even sit properly on this park bench next to me. Two weeks ago we'd be sprawling across this bench not caring if our legs touched; but look at us now.” Stephen explained. “Are you scared I'll try something?” Stephen asked only half jokingly.

“What do you mean scared?” David evaded answering Stephen's question.

Stephen turned and looked at David. “I've still got the hots for you Davey boy.” he thought to himself. “I wank myself silly every night dreaming of you.”

After a few seconds, Stephen's silent questioning stare finally provoked a response from David: He turned to Stephen, glanced at him, grinned nervously and turned his stare back to his feet. David considered what to do: The foremost thought in his mind was to jump up and flee. The easiest way to terminate this uncomfortable conversation was to let out a sarcastic “You wish” or “In Your Dreams Stevey” and give him a playful punch in the gut. But he knew it would be too cruel, and the truth of the matter was that he did wish Stephen would try something. Stephen had caught him wanking and had grabbed his hard cock that evening. David couldn't deny it any longer:

“Yeah.” David finally whispered, before clearing his throat and continuing with a stronger voice, “I am scared.” He paused, and turned his gaze to Stephen's face, “I'm scared you'll start something and I'll like it. I'm scared I'll want more. I'm scared we'll end up doing things I'll regret later.” David was close to tears; the strain of admitting that much was almost too much for him.

Stephen had been expecting a half-joking “In your dreams McLeod” that would have defused the tense conversation. Instead David had as good as said, if he did try something, David wouldn't object, and in fact, David would enjoy it. He could still just say “Naaahhhh, not likely.” and laugh it off as a joke; but he couldn't. He had to trust David and tell him what he really wanted:

“I won't lie to you Davey.” Stephen crouched down in front of David and took one of his hands in both of his own: “I think about doing things with you every day. I have done for ages. I want to kiss you. I want to hold you. I want to undress you. I want to taste you Davey.” Stephen completed his proposal, rocked back onto his heels and stared at David begging him not to refuse him.

David continued to stare at his friend. He didn't know how to react to such an open declaration of forbidden desire. He wanted to clutch Stephen's hand to his chest, to run it down his body and let Stephen grab his hardening cock. He wanted to let Stephen do all those things he'd mentioned and more, much, much more. He opened his mouth to speak, all he had to do was give Stephen's hand a gentle squeeze and say “Me too.”. Stephen was still holding his hand, he could just put it down in his lap, and Stephen would be groping his hard cock.

He tried to speak, he still didn't know what to say; his voice croaked. He continued to stare at Stephen, gazing at his open face, remembering the beauty of his shirtless body. He left his hands in both of Stephen's and silently begged him to keep going. “Go on Stevey, kiss me. Just put your hand down and grab my cock.” He waited, guilt and fear gripping his stomach, his throat tightened, but he wanted Stephen to follow through. He knew he should do something to let Stephen know he wanted it, but he couldn't cast off his upbringing.

“I can't.” he finally said, breaking the spell. He took his hand from Stephen's and turned his gaze away. “I can't Stevey.” he repeated before turning his gaze back to a stunned Stephen “I mean…” he subsided, wondering what to say next. “I just can't.”

“Fuck wit!! Idiot!!” Stephen castigated himself silently. “Now you've gone and ruined it. He knows you're a poofter and you've got the hots for him.” Stephen didn't notice that David hadn't denied his desire, he'd just said that he couldn't go through with it.

“Oh Jesus.” Stephen spoke aloud, “I'm sorry Davey. I shouldn't've done it. I'm so stupid. I should've just left things alone. I just thought… After last week at the beach…. I kinda hoped you might want to… you know…” Stephen couldn't even complete the sentence, He wanted to flee.

David stood up and grabbed Stephen's hand, making sure his friend didn't flee. “It's okay Stevey. You weren't wrong. I think about doing those things with you too.” he gave an embarrassed grin.

Stephen took his hand back from David and stared at his friend. “But you said no?” he half asked a question.

“I can't Stephen. I told you, I think about it.” he paused and caught a weird disbelieving look from Stephen. Fighting rising embarrassment he continued, “Okay, I do more than think about it. But my folks would freak out if they caught me fooling around with you or any other guy. I'd be thrown out of home. I'd have to leave university.” he paused to let his words sink in.

“So you see Stephen, even though I really want to, I just can't. Do you understand?”

“I guess.” Stephen said with a sigh, not really understanding. He and David had all but confessed to wanking themselves silly perving at each other. And yet David didn't want to fool around with him. He was tempted to bring his hand up to David's face, and stroke his friend's cheek. Maybe David would even hold still enough for him to kiss him. And who knows? Once he had given him that first stolen kiss, maybe David would let him go further?

Pushing away the fantasy of kneeling down, ripping David's jeans open and taking his beautiful cock into his mouth, Stephen gave another sigh and asked “If we can't do that, what do we do now?”.

Looking at Stephen, David realised it wasn't too late, Stephen was still hoping he'd change his mind. He could see the tell-tale bulge in Stephen's jeans. “I bet he's rock hard and leaking goo into his underwear.” he thought; and that was enough to make his own cock twitch in his jeans. It was painfully bent over; he needed to slip his hand down there and adjust it, and his balls needed to be settled as well. He couldn't; moving his hand anywhere near the tell-tale bulge and his own straining cock would tell Stephen the lie.

Stephen caught David's glance at his crotch, which made his own cock twitch again. “We're standing here perving at each other. He's still got the hots for you.” he told himself. Glancing around quickly to check they were alone, Stephen bought the heel of his hand to the bulge in his jeans. He started gently masturbating, rubbing his hand along his hard cock, making it even more obvious. He gave a little moan “Unnnnggghh… Go on Davey, you know you want to.” he whispered.

“Of course I want to.” David whispered back fiercely, reaching into his jeans and adjusting his own hard cock, before snatching his hand away. “But like I said: I can't. It wouldn't be just once and my folks would freak out.” David paused, while Stephen made a similar adjustment in his own jeans. “Do you understand Stevey? It's just not going to happen. I can't let it.”

“I guess.” Stephen gave a wry smile. “So have I ruined everything? Are we still friends?”

David stopped and grabbed Stephen's hand “Yes Stevey, we'll always be friends. Just we aren't going to… you know.”

Once he'd completed enrollment, Stephen headed home expecting a normal Friday evening in front of the TV. He thought he might even celebrate the beginning of his university career by joining his Dad in his customary Friday night red wine. He and David had acted as normal as could have been expected, considering how close they had come to fulfilling their wildest fantasies.

Twenty minutes after seeing David off on the bus, he arrived home having walked through the parks, and up the hill. He arrived just as his folks were leaving; His father Neil was wearing his normal office clothes, although he had taken off his signature paisley bow-tie. His mother Alice was looking stunning in a short mini skirt and loose slightly transparent blouse that showed off rather than hid her substantial bust.

Stephen let out a subconscious wolf whistle, and said “Hey mum, looking good.” before subsiding in embarrassment. It wasn't cool to ogle your mother like that.

“Thanks darling. Glad to see I can still attract a young man's attention.” Alice patted her son on the shoulder, and gave her husband a surreptitious wink.

“So where're you off to?” Stephen asked; his folks didn't go out on Friday nights. Usually they were in bed early and stayed there until lunchtime on Saturdays. He couldn't remember ever seeing his mother dressed to kill. If his folks weren't going out together, he would have sworn his mother was going out on the prowl.

“Oh we thought we'd go out on Friday night for a change. We're meeting up with a few people.” Neil McLeod brushed off his son's curiosity.

“Oh well, so long as you're home by breakfast time; or ring to tell me you're still alive.” Stephen quoted his mother's normal phrase of departure with a cheeky grin.

“Cheeky bugger!!” Neil made a playful swipe at Stephen's bum “ No wild parties while we're out tonight.”

“Hmmmmfff… a chance would be a fine thing.” Stephen murmured as he watched his parents drive away, and wandered back into the house. “Look at me, Nigel No Mates, stuck at home alone on a Friday night.” Throwing himself on the sofa he turned on the TV, and clicked through the three channels. “Might as well watch the ‘Friday Night Western'“

An hour later, the movie was bad enough that Stephen's thoughts had wandered to what might have been if David hadn't said no earlier that afternoon.

“Ha! If I'd known the folks were going out, I'd've grabbed him and dragged him home. I'd be kneeling here in front of Davey slurping on that delicious cock.” He almost convinced himself that he would have been brave enough to be that forward and demanding.

A few moments more of impossible fantasy while rubbing the bulge growing in his jeans, had Stephen undoing his fly, taking out his cock and stroking himself. A quick wriggle and he was lying back on the sofa with his clothes in a pile on the floor. Cupping his balls with one hand, and sucking the middle finger of the other as if it was a hard cock.

“Go on Davey” he grunted, “Feed me, Let me suck your cock.”

A gentle tug on his balls, a pinch on a nipple and a few quick strokes had him spurting a load all over his stomach.

“Uuunnnnnggghhhhhh, yeah shoot that load.” he grunted.

Once his hip thrusting orgasm had subsided he scooped up the gobs of goo and licked his fingers clean.

Clicking off the TV, he decided to go check out his Dad's porn collection. Letting his half-hard cock lead the way, he walked into his parent's bedroom and knelt down beside his father's side of the bed.

Reaching underneath he pulled the pile of magazines out; Four Penthouse magazines and a couple of Forum magazines. He leafed through the Penthouses, yup he'd already seen those ones. The photos were okay, but no “couples” for him to perv and wank himself at the guy, and the letters were pretty ho hum.

He glanced at the covers of the two Forum magazines: “Threesomes, Foursomes & Moresomes: Orgies in Suburbia” read the headline on one. “I seduced my neighbour's sons” read the other. Flipping through the second, Stephen found the main article and started to read the tale of a newly married 26yo wife seducing two teen-aged brothers from the neighbourhood.

Stephen kicked the unwanted porn magazines back under the bed, and ran down the hall to his own room, where he could read the whole magazine and wank himself again.

After three more hip thrusting, goo splattering orgasms, Stephen finally let go of his sore cock and shoved the Forum magazine under his mattress. The headline letter had really turned him on, with graphic details of the two teenage brothers being seduced and taking it in turns to fuck the lady; they'd also indulged in a little ‘bi’ fun with one of them wanking his brother and being covered in the resultant load of boy goo.

Stephen stretched his back to ease the last of the orgasm induced cramps in his shoulders. He grinned to himself, being left at home alone on a Friday night hadn't been too bad after all.

Stephen awoke woke on the Saturday morning, and looked at his usual morning hardon. He gingerly peeled back his foreskin, and examined the inflamed head. “Whooo you gave it a real bashing last night.” he whispered to himself. He got up wandered into the kitchen to put the kettle on. His folks bedroom door was open, so he knew it was okay to wander in and say ‘good morning'.

“Tea or Coffee this morning you two love birds?” he asked as he walked in. He walked round the open door and found Trish, a family friend in her early 30s, lying where his mother should be.

“Oh Hi Trish. Where's Mum?” he asked.

“Hey Stephen” Trish answered him, while openly appreciating his naked body.

There was a rustling of blankets, and his Dad's face popped out from underneath. “She stayed over at Russell's place.” Neil McLeod said.

“Oh…Ummm… What's she doing there?” Stephen asked just to say something. He was more surprised at his own lack of reaction to what he'd just walked in on, than he was of the fact that his dad was sleeping with someone other than his mother.

“Ummm…. your mother decided to go home with Russell, and Trish decided to come home with me.” Neil gave the barest of details not wanting to go into a whole long story.

“Oh…Ummm… So do you want Tea or Coffee?” he re-asked his original question, not knowing what else to say.

“Tea please, milk no sugar.” Trish replied.

“Me too.” Neil added.

Stephen walked back to the kitchen to make the cups of tea and thought about what he'd just walked in on. The glistening smear of cunt juice on his dad's chin told him exactly what his dad had been up to under the blankets when he'd walked in on them. The fact that Trish had managed to carry on a somewhat normal conversation with him while his dad was licking at her cunt didn't really register with Stephen; nor did the fact that not only had she not commented on him being in the nude showing off his usual morning wood, but she'd actually actively oggled him.

Out of a somewhat misplaced sense of modesty, Stephen pulled on a pair of running shorts before taking the mugs of tea into the master bedroom, and sat down on the corner of the bed to drink his own tea and talk about what was happening. Neither Dad nor Trish were in the slightest bit uncomfortable; they answered his questions without embarrassment.

Mother would be home around lunchtime, she'd probably be bringing Russell with her. No, Stephen didn't need to worry, his parents weren't getting divorced. They just fancied adding a little spice to their sex lives.

“Well I suppose I'd better let you two get on with it then” Stephen said as he stood up to leave. “Oh, and please try and keep the grunting down. Some of us will be trying to concentrate on the morning paper.” He repeated one of his Dad's signature dismissals from his summer with Peggy, and giving them a cheeky grin he left them to it.

“So did you really walk in on them doing it?” Alice McLeod asked her son later that evening. Neil was away driving Trish home, and she was taking the opportunity to make sure Stephen was okay with developments.

“Well yeah, I mean they weren't actually….”, Stephen hesitated, “… you know… doing it. But Dad was certainly busy.” he gave a nervous grin. Having your parents be cool about sex and nudity was one thing, but discussing the morning's events like this with his mother made Stephen wriggle.

“Yes they told me all the details.” Alice gave a little giggle, “Were you really in the nude and waving in the breeze?”

Stephen got even more embarrassed, “Yeah” he replied, going bright red. “… I mean, I wasn't exactly expecting Trish to be there; and you've never complained about me wandering about the place like that.” Stephen started to get defensive. “…and anyway she didn't seem to mind.”

“Oh no, she didn't mind.” Alice reassured Stephen. “And we don't mind. So are you okay with the situation?” Alice tried to find out what Stephen was thinking.

“Well Yeah. I'm okay with it now.” Stephen answered, “I wasn't too sure, until you came home with Russell at lunchtime.” He paused, before asking the question that had been burning through his mind all day. “So are you and dad gonna be … uhhhhh… playing around often?”

“Maybe.” Alice answered, “Last night was the first time. We'll see how things work out.”

“Now that's enough about this morning's excitement” Alice changed the subject, “How are you and David getting on? Have you two fallen out?”

“N, n, n, no.” Stephen hesitated, “Not really. Why do you ask?” his embarrassment was back with a vengeance; how do you tell your mother that your best friend is staying away because you tried to get into his pants?

“Well we haven't seen him for over 3 weeks, and you haven't been out to see him since Peggy left.” Alice turned to get a good look at her son's face. “And I'm just concerned, that you're off to university without anyone to help make things easier.”

“No we're okay.” Stephen prayed he was telling the truth. “We signed up for French yesterday, we managed to get into the same tutorial, so we'll be seeing each other on Mondays, Tuesdays & Thursdays.”

“Well that's good to hear.” Alice replied. She knew that her son wasn't telling the whole story, and that something had happened between the two boys, but she decided to let things lie and to wait and see how things turned out.

The first week of classes went okay, sitting in lecture halls with over 350 students and just taking notes on what the lecturer was saying felt a bit weird. Tutorial classes with only 20 or so students each were more familiar and comforting. He had recognised a couple of students who were in both his Maths and Computer Science tutorials; they'd already managed to say ‘Hi’ and acknowledge each others presence; he hoped they could build a friendship from such a small beginning.

Friday lunchtime, Stephen was walking through the quad, it being Orientation week all the Student Association special interest clubs and societies were out in force canvassing for members. All the usual sports were represented, he'd spied a few of the rugby boys from his high school clustered around the rugby club table. He hurried past them, and moved down the line.

The fencing club had a couple of people dressed up in their funny white suits, waving bendy swords around. He was accosted by someone from the rowing club, who'd told him that he had the right body shape with his long arms and legs. Terrified of falling out those skinny boats and not being a very good swimmer, Stephen mumbled “Maybe” and hurried on.

He was tempted by the Dungeons & Dragons Society, but the pale young men manning their table were far too intense for Stephen. The Chess, Bridge and Backgammon Societies were next, and he was just scooting past the Go Society with their piles of black and white stones, when he was stopped by a blond haired young man holding out a clipboard.

“Have you signed the petition?” he almost barked at Stephen.

Stephen glanced at the society table and its banner “Campus Christian Fellowship”. Stephen hesitated, although he'd gone to Sunday School as a child, and still went to church with his parents occasionally, he'd never been comfortable with the bible bangers he'd run into.

“Ahhh, what petition is this?” he asked warily.

“The one against the Homosexual Law Reform Bill” The bible banger answered. “You do know that they've got a new bill in Parliament to make homosexuality legal?”

“No I didn't” Stephen replied.

“Well they have, and we've got to stop it. They'll ruin society with their unnatural practices…” Stephen stopped listening as the young man set off on his well practiced tirade.

“…and they'll be teaching our kids in schools as well. We've got to protect society and stop them.” the young man finally wound down.

“I had a teacher in high school who was probably gay.” Stephen began a futile debate with the young man; that last comment about gay school teachers had really pissed him off.

“And?” the young bible banger asked eagerly. “Did he molest you? If it wasn't you then he will have been doing it with some other student.”

“Actually he was the only decent man among the lot of them.” Stephen deflated the bible banger's enthusiasm. “He actually fought against bullying.” Stephen leapt to the defense of his English teacher from the previous year.

“So! Are you going to sign?” the young man ignored Stephen's little speech, and thrust his clipboard at Stephen, holding out a pen in his other hand.

“No, I won't be signing it.” Stephen said firmly, wanting to get away from this odious young man and his clipboard.

“You're not one of them are you?” the young man's eyes narrowed as he stared accusingly at Stephen.

“One of what?” Stephen asked, intentionally baiting him.

“One of them! A poofter. A shirt lifter. A Ho-mo-sex-u-al.” the young man carefully sounded out the word, putting as much disgust as he could into each syllable.

Stephen didn't bother to reply and shoved his way past.

“You know we will win. God's on our side.” the young man threw his final impotent weapon at Stephen's back.

“I fucking hope he's not.” Stephen muttered as he stalked away from the Campus Christian Fellowship.

“They are a bit much, aren't they.” Stephen was bought up by a quiet voice off to his left. He glanced towards the voice and saw a guy and a couple of girls standing beside another club table, with a rainbow banner and the letters “GLBT Club”.

“Yeah they are rather.” Stephen replied, taking in the trio and their table. They each wore a name badge with a pink triangle, and their names, Jeremy, Sarah & Marian.

“Don't worry about them, we've put in a complaint. Somebody from the Students Association will tell them to tone it down.” Sarah gave him a smile.

Stephen took in the group and their banner a second time, and wondered what the club was about. “Uhhh..” he hesitated, he didn't want to look ignorant but he really didn't know what this club was about.

“Uhhh… what's GLBT stand for?” he finally asked Jeremy.

Jeremy flashed an “I told you so” look to his two companions and replied to Stephen “Gay, Lesbian“

“Bisexual and Transgendered” completed Sarah and Marian in a sing-song voice that indicated that Stephen was not the first new student to ask the question.

“Oh.” Stephen said, going bright red, feeling embarrassed at his ignorance. “Sorry. But I didn't know.”

“Don't worry you're not the first. I wanted to call it Queer Club or Gay Club” Jeremy said, “Then everyone would know what we're about. But It was voted down.” he threw a mock glare at Sarah & Marian.

“Do you want to sign our petition?” Jeremy asked, holding out another clipboard and pen. “Obviously we're in favour of the new Bill.”

“Well then Stephen,” Jeremy said, reading Stephen's name off the clipboard as he handed it back to him after signing his name to the petition in favour of the new law reform bill. “Can I interest you in a button?”

Stephen looked at the array of buttons about half with pink triangles against a pale blue background along with a double circle and arrow symbol, the rest plain white with a purple double circle and cross symbol.

“What's with the pink triangles?” he asked.

“The Nazis used to put them on gay prisoners in the concentration camps.” Jeremy replied, flashing Stephen a smile.

“Oh, like the Jews and yellow stars?” Stephen asked, wanting to show that wasn't completely ignorant.

“Yes, The circle and arrow is the astrological symbol for Mars.” Sarah added to the lecture. “So two of them denotes two guys together.” she completed.

“The circle and cross is the symbol for Venus, so two of them is for two gals together.” Marian completed the lecture.

“So do you want one?” Jeremy asked Stephen as he held one of the gay buttons up to Stephen's chest.

Stephen froze; he knew that he should show some solidarity with these brave people who were trying to change the world. Particularly now that he'd acknowledged to himself that he was one of the them. He stared nervously moving his gaze from Jeremy's face to the button being held against his chest and on to the two girls who were watching him.

Jeremy stood holding the button against this cute first year's chest, silently daring him to take it. “Go on it'll be okay. Most people won't care.” he encouraged.

Stephen knew he wasn't going to take the button; he would never dare. Even knowing that, he still flirted with the idea of putting the button on and daring the world to disapprove. He wanted to do it. He wanted to be part of this group of people who were so comfortable with themselves. But he couldn't. It was just too scary a thing to do. He turned his gaze back to Jeremy's face. “I'm sorry” he apologised. “I can't”.

Marian picked up on his discomfort, and reached out giving his hand a quick squeeze before letting it go. “It's okay. You don't have to, if you're not ready.” she said.

“Don't worry about him.” Sarah said, taking the button Jeremy had been holding up to Stephen's chest, and putting it back on the table. “He's been out so long that he's forgotten what it's like to be just starting out.”

“Uh… how“, Stephen's voice squeaked. “How…” he squeaked again, “How did you know?” he finally got his question out.

“Straight guys don't hang around and ask questions.” Jeremy said with a grin, “They either sign or don't sign and then they leave pretty promptly.”

“Oh.” Stephen said, a bit dismayed at having given himself away so easily.

“Don't worry about it. Have you told anyone yet?” Sarah asked.

“Just my best friend from high school.” Stephen replied. The memory of his clumsy attempt to seduce David the previous week caused him to get embarrassed and forced his gaze away from Jeremy's face.

“Uh Oh! You didn't did you?” Jeremy half asked a question. He already knew from Stephen's embarrassment that Stephen hadn't just told his best friend that he was gay. Stephen had propositioned his friend and it obviously hadn't gone well.

“Yeah I did.” Stephen knew exactly what Jeremy was asking, he gave Jeremy a sheepish grin. “He didn't want to.”

“Oh No.” Jeremy commiserated, “Been there done that. Wished I hadn't.” Jeremy remembered the time he'd propositioned his own best friend from high school; and recalled the broken nose and black eye he'd received for his troubles. He took Stephen's hand, and holding onto it gave it a squeeze. “Is he still talking to you?”

“Yeah he's still talking to me.” Stephen gave Jeremy's hand a squeeze in return. “David freaked out a bit, but nothing bad happened. He's still talking to me.” Stephen gently took his hand back from Jeremy.

“Well that's good to hear.” Jeremy gave another fetching grin. “The GLBT club is meeting on Thursday at 5pm to decide what sort of activities we're going to hold this year. You should come along.”

Stephen froze again; A stereotypical vision of feminine gays mincing around, pouting their lips and calling each other ‘dahling’ while they tried to get into his pants, flooded through his mind. He told himself he was being ridiculous, that Jeremy seemed pretty normal; without the badge you'd never know he was one of the GLBT club leaders.

“Uh Yeah. Where is it?” Stephen asked, knowing he wouldn't be going. He knew he was being ridiculous; the other people would most likely be scared just like him, but the idea of actually going to the GLBT club meeting terrified him.

“Student Union Building, down the hill.” Jeremy pointed in the right direction. “In the small meeting room. There'll be signs showing the way.”

“Okay” Stephen said “I'll try and get there.” he said, wishing his voice had sounded more convincing. Stephen turned and made his way to his next lecture.

Jeremy watched Stephen leave. “He's a cute one.” Sarah interrupted his reveries. “Do you think he'll come?”

“Yeah he is a cute one.” Jeremy admitted and grinned sheepishly at Sarah. “But he's way too scared to come along. He probably thinks it's all drag queens poncing around calling each other ‘dahling'“

Sarah gave a little laugh, “And don't forget the hordes of butch dykes with No 3 comb haircuts wanting to chop the balls off all men.” she said remembering her own ridiculous preconceived ideas when she'd been a nervous first year student the previous year.

Jeremy gave a great laugh “Yeah, not forgetting them.” He picked up his clipboard and walked towards another student who'd just shoved the boring bible banger and his petition out of her way.

Over the weeks of the first semester, Stephen kept away from the two student union club tables and their competing petitions for and against the Homosexual Law Reform Bill. He was embarrassed that he'd chickened out on going to the GLBT club meeting. After changing is mind twice during the afternoon, he had walked down the hill to the Student Union building, feeling as guilty as hell. He was convinced all the other students he pased knew he was going to the GLBT club meeting. He had reached the big noticeboard on an easel in the entrance foyer, directing him to the GLBT club meeting, and with his heart had been in his mouth, was heading towards the meeting room when he heard his name being called.

“Hey Stephen?”

He had turned and seen Troy, one of the guys from his Maths and Computer Science classes waving to him from across the foyer.

Stephen glanced around him hoping there was some other Stephen for Troy to be calling to; but he was the only person Troy could have been calling to; he was going to have to acknowledge him. “Hey Troy.” he croaked; he wished his voice wouldn't keep doing funny things when he got nervous. “Here's hoping he doesn't realise why I'm here…” he muttered to himself, “… How's things?” he called.

The two students, not realising that the other was there for the GLBT club meeting, chatted nervously about the various assignments they were struggling with and other minutiae. They both wanted to flee; it had taken all their courage to come to the GLBT club meeting, and coming across someone they kind of knew on the way was the stuff of nightmares.

Admitting defeat, Troy knew he wasn't going to go to the GLBT club meeting. “Hey man, I've gotta catch my train.” he said clapping Stephen on the shoulder. “I'll see you tomorrow in Maths?”

“Yeah” Stephen said, glancing at his watch - 5:15pm “I've gotta get home too.” He half hoped, Troy would dash off, and he could sneak back to the GLBT club meeting, but Troy didn't and so the pair dashed down the hill, and said their goodbyes as Troy turned one way to the train station, and Stephen turned the other to head up the hill for home and dinner.

After such a close call, Stephen couldn't risk being seen by someone else he knew on the way to or from the GLBT club; and that caused him to be too embarrassed to talk to Jeremy the cute hunk at the GLBT Club, so he just kept away; although he couldn't help but cast a lustful gaze at the tall hunk with his clipboard, across the quad as he passed through most days.

Over the weeks Stephen & David fell in with the other students in the French department; classes were all tutorial style with just 15 students in their tutorial, which gave them all an opportunity to get to know each other socially. The French dept. was such a small one, that even 1st & 2nd year students like them were welcome in the common room, to drink coffee and goof around.

As one of the now regular Friday afternoon wine drinking sessions wound down, Stephen found himself sitting quietly in the corner watching the nervous and tentative mating rituals taking place.

“Your friend David and Sally seem to have hit it off pretty well.” Jenny interrupted Stephen's reveries.

Stephen glanced at David and Sally who were engrossed in each other; holding hands, and giggling quietly at each other's silly jokes. He turned his gaze to the short blond who had just spoken to him. “Yeah they have, haven't they.”

Twenty minutes later, much to Jenny's frustration, Stephen and Jenny were still chatting, giggling at each other's jokes, but not touching each other. She wanted to reach out and take Stephen's hand, but each time she was about to, Stephen moved slightly and made it impossible to do naturally; he didn't want to hurt this cute blond girl with the infectious laugh. So he was trying to politely give her the brush off.

Finally Jenny managed to snare Stephen's wayward hands, and sat staring into his open face.

“Uh, Oh, here it comes” Stephen thought, preparing himself for the quick stolen kiss that he knew was coming his way.

Jenny watched Stephen's face for a second longer and realised what was happening.

“You're not into this are you?” she asked him.

Feeling trapped, Stephen shook his head, and leaning over, gave Jenny a chaste kiss on the cheek. “I'm really flattered, but there's someone else.” He gave an involuntary glance towards David and Sally who were getting ready to leave together. “Please don't be upset.” he pleaded with Jenny, “I'm just not the guy for you.” He started to take his hand back.

Jenny, kept hold of Stephen's hand and looked between Stephen and David and realised Stephen's secret. “It's David isn't it?” Jenny asked. “David's the someone else. Isn't he?”

Stephen gave a big sigh, at least Jenny had worked it out for herself, and he hadn't had to say it all out loud. “Yeah” he admitted, “But he's not that way inclined.” Stephen gave a sheepish grin. He was tempted to add something cryptic about David convincing himself he wasn't that gay; but decided not to muddy the waters.

Jenny defused the tense situation by letting out a quiet giggle, “What a pair we are then.”

“I guess.” Stephen grinned.

Jenny stroked Stephen's hand, “I pluck up all my courage to go for the cutest boy in the room and yet again he turns out to be gay.” Stephen nodded, he was flattered at being described as the cutest boy in the room.

“And to make matters worse, the boy in question has the hots for his very straight best friend.” Jenny completed the summary of her aborted attempt to attract Stephen's attention. She shook her head and rolled her eyes theatrically, “What a tragedy.”

“It doesn't have to be a complete tragedy.” Stephen attempted to brighten the conversation. “There's still three other guys for you to pick from.” Stephen gave a giggle and gestured to the rest of the crowd in the common room.

“Knowing my luck they've all got the hots for you instead of me.” Jenny said as she stood up and dragged Stephen to his feet, “Come on handsome, let's go get something to eat anyway.” She saw the confusion on Stephen's face. “Don't worry, it's just dinner. I promise to keep my hands to myself if you will.”

Stephen relaxed and grinning took her arm in his, “Madame, it would be my plaisir.” he said in his best fake french accent.

Later that evening, after seeing Jenny to her bus, he walked home feeling comfortable. They'd had a wonderful evening talking about all sorts of things:

He told her about Peggy, about David, about his big brother; not all the details but enough for a good story. She had laughed out loud at his funny picture of the hell of a shock his homophobic big brother must have received when he'd seen the pictures in his roommate's bedroom after moving out of home to get away from his gay little brother.

She told funny stories from her snooty private girls high school, and made him laugh out loud at her tale of getting the hots for not one but two gay boys.

The following weeks were busy, with Maths work sheets, Computer Science programming assignments, French tests and Philosophy essays to write. David and Sally became an item, and Jenny hooked up with Scott from the French department, who mercifully turned out to be straight and was remarkably relaxed with Jenny's continued friendship with Stephen.

The rhetoric around the Homosexual Law Reform bill became more and more toxic, with reactionary gray haired old male politicians and church ministers addressing rallies against the bill.

A vocal and very visible crowd of GLBT people had disrupted one big rally by standing up and kissing each other. Causing one politician to shriek at them:

“Go back into the sewers where you came from. As far as I'm concerned you can stay in the gutter.”

At another rally, another gray haired old politician had exhorted his audience:

“Turn around and look at them. Gaze upon them. You're looking into Hades. Don't look too long — you might catch AIDS“

As the rhetoric increased, the visible GLBT population on campus grew, all wearing rainbow buttons, or pink triangles. Stephen wanted to join them, he was encouraged to by Jenny and David who told him it was time for him to be proud and out and damn the consequences. Stephen resisted the temptation of calling David a hypocrite; he understood that David's secret wasn't his to tell.

But the fear of being accosted or even attacked by anonymous gay haters kept Stephen firmly in the shadows. He wanted to walk up to Jeremy at the GLBT table, buy a rainbow button and a pink triangle one and wear them both. In fact he knew he should, the passage of the bill was being fought for by all those people, gay and straight on behalf of him, and he was just way too scared to come out and join in the struggle. So although The Bill as it became known, encouraged lots of GLBT people to come out and be proud and fight the fight; Stephen was one of the many who just couldn't.

Stephen flipped between two communities on campus, the socially introverted Computer Science geeks and the wonderfully accepting social butterflies of the French department. At one end of the campus they ate far too much pizza, drank way too much coffee, and just wrote software. At the computer science dept there were 120 students in their class, and only about 10 of them were female. The place was an almost total male domain; the well rounded ones who'd gone to co-ed high schools all turned up with girlfriends; Stephen was lumped in with the remaining 70 or so who had no visible social life; and he certainly wasn't out to anyone at that end of the campus. He stayed quiet, got his work done, and didn't join in any of the male orientated tomfoolery going on.

At the other end of the campus Stephen could relax, in the French common room he was safe, he wasn't the only gay guy, Mark & Michael were an item and he, Stephen could just be himself. He could join in with all the social frivolity organized in the French common room; everybody knew he was gay and nobody cared.

The group consisting of Jenny and Scott, along with David and Sally took advantage of the McLeod parents regular Friday night absences to continue the Friday afternoon wine drinking sessions at the McLeod residence.

Things got a bit weird the first night the group had stayed way past Stephen's self-imposed curfew of midnight, and had been able to greet Stephen's mother arriving home with her lover Russell at 1:00am. An embarrassed, barely clad Russell had scuttled into the master bedroom leaving Alice to straighten her blouse and join Stephen in explaining what was going on to the mystified gaggle of friends.

After a short explanation Alice McLeod had said goodnight and left the four bug-eyed friends staring at Stephen.

Jenny broke the silence by walking up to Stephen and slapping him gently on the back of the head. “Stephen McLeod, you're a bloody fraud.” she said quietly, softening the blow with a loving grin on her face.

“What?” he asked.

“Well, duhhhh” David chimed in.

“Your very married mother just walked in with her very not your father lover and didn't bat an eyelid in embarrassment at being caught barely wearing her clothes.” Jenny described the situation.

“Your father is off somewhere else with his mistress.” Scott continued.

“And you, you dumb cluck,” David gave him a second gentle slap upside the head “are too chicken to tell them that you're gay.”

“Now let me get this straight.” Sally started in on Stephen, poking him in the ribs for emphasis. “At some stage in the not too distant past, your parents said ‘'Oh by the way we're each taking a lover, and we're gonna sleep around on Friday nights.''“

“Yeah,” Stephen replied, “Pretty much.” managing to not giggle at the memory of him wandering butt naked into his parents bedroom that fateful Saturday morning.

Sally started poking Stephen again “And Mr Dumb Cluck here, didn't take the opportunity, with The Bill and all the screaming and shouting about gays, to say ‘'Oh while we're talking about people taking lovers, I'm gay and I'll be bringing my gay lover home next Friday night.''“

“Well I was scared to.” Stephen mumbled as he stepped away from Sally's accusing finger. “And anyway, in case you haven't noticed I haven't got a boyfriend to bring home on a Friday night.”

“Hell, with parents as cool as yours, I'd be more scared to tell ‘em I was straight.” Scott made everyone burst out laughing.

Sally softened her face with a smile, grabbed Stephen's head in both hands and pulled him down to give him a kiss on the forehead. “Okay guys, our mission then, is to get Dumb Cluck here laid.” she waggled his head from side to side, “So he can finally tell his folks, that which all of his friends already know.”

As his four friends all gathered Stephen into the middle of a group hug, he managed to roll his eyes and complain “Oh great, now I've got four meddlesome matchmakers organizing my non-existent love life.”

“You betcha.” Jenny and Sally said in unison.

In spite of their promises to be meddlesome matchmakers, Stephen's friends made no immediate attempts to hook him up with a suitable guy. Nobody split on him to his parents, although Sally and Jenny did start calling him Dumb Cluck in an endearing fashion.

A couple of weeks later, one lunchtime, Stephen was scurrying between the French common room and a Computer Science lab. Because of bad weather he'd ducked through the biological sciences building, heading for the quad. Having drunk a couple of coffees already that morning he needed to go, he left the stairs one floor below the quad, and hit the mensroom.

The outer door squeaked and squealed, but the inner door was quiet. Standing at the trough urinal he took out his cock, and gave a deep sigh of relief as he peeled back his foreskin and let a healthy yellow stream go. Once he was finished and had put his cock back in his jeans he turned away from the urinal and started to walk past the five stalls. One orange Formica door was shut, the second from the far end. Stephen glanced into the end stall, the one up against the wall, the furthest from the mensroom door, next to the closed stall.

He kept walking, and then registered what he'd just seen. He backed up 3 steps and stood staring into the empty stall. There was a hole roughly carved in the partition between this last stall and the one with the closed door. Poking through the hole into the empty stall was a huge thick, hard cock.

Stephen stood staring for a few seconds. He'd fantasized about sucking cock and fooling around with guys since he was 15 years old, and here in a mensroom was an anonymous hard cock poking through into an empty stall waiting for him. As he stood staring, he noticed the cock was bobbing up and down in time with the owner's heartbeat. Mesmerised, Stephen stepped forward into the stall so that he stood right over the hard cock. Glancing through the roughly carved hole, he could see a forest of curly dark pubic hair. Subconsciously, Stephen reached into his own jeans, and arranged his now hard cock, so that the tip was poking out the top of his underwear briefs, but staying hidden behind his belt buckle.

Stephen stood a few seconds more continuing to stare at this cock. He'd wanted to taste a cock, make it spew it's load into his mouth for so long, and here was a beautiful specimen. About 6.5 inches of hard cock poked through on this side of the partition wall, so it had to be a beautiful 7 inches in total. It was circumcised, the head a dark pink, rather than the deep purple of his own throbbing member.

Stephen didn't know what to do, barely breathing, not wanting to scare the guy into pulling that fine piece of manhood back out of sight, Stephen stood staring at it, and rubbing at the bulge in his jeans, beginning to masturbate over the sight of this cock.

“Go on” whispered a quiet voice from the other side. “Go on man. You know you want to.”

“Want to what?” Stephen whispered.

“Touch it, feel it man. You know you want it.”

The furtive whispered conversation bought Stephen to life, the guy was right, of course he wanted to touch it. Dropping his book bag he locked his stall door and stuck out his index finger. Placing it through the hole he buried the end of his outstretched finger in the depths of the guy's thatch of curly pubic hair. Then slowly, oh so slowly, reveling in the heat he could feel from of this hard cock, Stephen gently ran his finger the length of this cock.

“Yesssssssssss” the guy gave a low moan.

By the time his finger had reached the head of this beautiful anonymous cock, a great gob of precum had oozed out of the slit in the end. Stephen kept his finger moving, scooping up the goo, and rubbing it all over the cockhead.

“Unnnngggghhhhhh god yes.” the guy grunted. Stephen's finger kept massaging the precum into the pink cockhead and caused another great gob of goo to ooze out onto the cockhead; waiting for Stephen's finger to scoop it up.

Stephen took his finger away and knelt on the blue linoleum floor letting the musky bewitching smell of precum enter his nostrils.

“Ooooo fuck man, don't stop there. Give it a lick, go on taste it. You know you want to.”

Stephen took a deep sniff. He could smell the soap and water the dude had showered with that morning. This beautiful hard cock smelt clean, and the essence of manhood smeared over the cock head invited Stephen to give it a lick.

He'd masturbated thousands of times over the years, dreaming of something like this. But never in his wildest fantasies had he thought it would be an anonymous hard cock shoved through a hole in a mensroom wall. After one last begging plea from the guy next door, Stephen took the cockshaft between his thumb and index finger, and quickly licked the gob of goo off the head.

“Unnnnggghhhh oooooo fuck, don't stop now kid.” The voice begged Stephen to keep going.

Stephen savoured the taste of cum on his tongue, and then jammed the cock head into his mouth. He got as much of it into his mouth as he could, before starting to choke. He couldn't get much more than the head and maybe another inch of shaft into his mouth, before gagging and having his eyes start watering. Obviously cock sucking wasn't as easy as it sounded in his dad's porno magazines.

Stephen let the cock pop out of his mouth, and took a couple of deep breaths, waiting for his eyes to stop watering. He glanced up and noticed the fingers of both the guy's hands as he held onto the partition wall, and ground his cock as far through the hole as he could get it. Stephen pressed the cock up against the wall, which allowed one of the guy's balls to pop through the hole.

Before the guy could plead any more Stephen went back to work, licking that lonely ball in it's hairy sac, and all the way down the exposed bottom of the guy's shaft, before letting the shaft fall away from the wall, and sucking on the cock head once more.

A couple of minutes more had the guy next door grunting and swearing, thrusting his cock in and out of Stephen's mouth through the hole. Stephen recognized the signs, and wondered if he could swallow the load of cum that was about to arrive.

Before he had a chance to think anything else, the cock disappeared, leaving an empty and hollow feeling in Stephen's mouth. Through the hole Stephen could see the guy was furiously stroking his cock, standing on his tip toes, masturbating, aiming his cock at the toilet bowl.

Stephen was about to ask the guy to shove it back through for another taste, when the guy gave a strangled squeal, and one last thrust of his hips as his cock erupted, spewing a decent load of 5 or 6 jets of cum into the toilet next door.

Not yet understanding the etiquette of these furtive anonymous mensroom assignations, Stephen thought that now the guy would return the favour and suck his now raging hard cock. He stood up and undid his jeans. Yanking them and his underwear to his ankles, Scooping a gob from under his foreskin, Stephen thrust his hard cock through the hole and took a sniff of his precum covered thumb. His cock was thicker than the dude's, and it fit the hole quite snugly. Stephen pressed his pubes against the wall on his side, making his cock wave and waggle on the other.

Ten seconds later, the guy had obviously dressed, because Stephen heard the stall door being unlocked and opened.

“Ohhhhh, go on man. I did you. Now you do me.” Stephen begged, to no avail.

The sound of the main mensroom doors being opened and closed, told Stephen that he was alone in the mensroom. Feeling very put out, he stepped away from the stall partition and stuck his thumb up inside his foreskin. Scooping out a second gob of precum hidden up there, he licked his thumb clean, and thought “Well that was bloody rude.”

He gave a giggle, “Who're you to talk about being rude, you've just sucked some anonymous dude's cock in a public restroom. Hardly the heights of polite society.” he muttered to himself.

Savoring the taste of his own precum, mixed with the taste of the guy he'd just sucked, had Stephen needing some relief of his own. He took off his tee shirt and standing there naked but for his jeans round his ankles he started masturbating. Peeling his foreskin back and forth, savoring the taste of cum, and the remembered smell of that beautiful hard cock, as he teased and twisted a nipple with his spare hand.

Three minutes later, Stephen could just begin to feel his own orgasm building in his balls, he was stopped by the sound of the outer mensroom door squeaking open.

“Uh oh, better be quiet” he thought as he stopped jerking on his cock letting it go. “Don't want this dude to think I'm a pervert.” Stephen held his breath and stood quietly, watching a gob of goo drip from his foreskin and settle into his jeans round his ankles.

The new arrival walked straight into the stall next door to him. Stephen heard the door being locked, and he thought “Ohh fuck, he's gonna see me here.” Stephen turned away from the hole, and bent over to yank up his jeans; which gave the new arrival a perfect view of his cute 18yo butt.

Standing up, yanking his jeans up, Stephen heard the new arrival undo his jeans, and then saw a thick uncut cock come through the hole. Stephen paused holding his jeans in one hand, his hard dripping cock in the other, thinking “Holy Fuck, this place is amazing.” Stephen bent over to gently lower his jeans round his ankles, when he heard a gruff voice command him “Suck it kid. That's what you're here for so get on with it.”

Making himself comfortable, Stephen knelt down and examined this new arrival. It was thick and uncut like himself, although the foreskin didn't completely cover the head, he could see the pink head poking out the end of it. He took a sniff, this one didn't have that just been cleaned smell of the previous one, but the aroma wasn't distasteful.

Stephen peeled back the foreskin, and let it settle in behind the flaring cock head, before sticking out his tongue and bathing it with his tongue.

“Yeah, that's it keep going kid.” The guy grunted, as Stephen lapped at this new cock.

A few minutes later, and the dude's grunting and swearing was speeding up; he'd started thrusting his hips, in that telltale precursor to orgasm. Stephen's tongue was tired, his jaw ached, and his knees were crying out for him to stop kneeling on the cold lino floor. But each time he stopped for a rest, and to ease his aching knees, that gruff voice told him to keep going. The tone of voice reminded him of his big brother James controlling when he was allowed to cum, and Stephen found it strangely exciting to just do as the voice said, even though he could've stopped whenever he liked.

As the tempo increased Stephen knew the guy was going to shoot any second now, and just as he was bracing himself to be covered in cum, the guy pulled out and started masturbating himself. All he got to see was the guy's hairy backside thrusting backwards and forwards, as he jerked off splattering his load against the far partition wall.

Stephen rather forlornly shoved his cock through the hole, hoping against hope that this rough guy would service him in return.

“You're here to suck cock kid. I'm not.” the dude said in that commanding voice, as he yanked his jeans up and left.

So for the second time in ten minutes, Stephen found himself nearly naked, stroking his pole, savoring the taste of anonymous cock and precum wishing he'd been lucky enough to receive a proper load.

The main mensroom doors squealed and there was a third guy in the stall next door, peering through the hole at the show Stephen was putting on peeling his foreskin back and forth on and off his deep purple cockhead.

This third guy stuck a finger through the hole, and waggled it at Stephen; then he saw the guy's mouth and tongue licking his lips. “Come on, give me a taste of that monster.” the guy asked.

Stephen didn't need to be asked twice, he stepped up to the partition and pushed his cock through the hole. He felt his cock disappear into the guy's warm wet mouth. He heard and felt the lips and tongue wrap themselves around his cockhead, and devour the precum that was oozing from his slit.

Stephen's cock sprang free from the warm mouth for long enough for the guy to say. “Don't hold back now sweetie, just give me the whole load.” and then that magic tongue and lips were teasing his cock and shaft willing him to blast a load.

After the previous 20 minutes of feverish sexual activity, and with the expert ministrations of the guy next door, Stephen didn't last long. He gave a grunt and warned the guy what was about to arrive, “UUUUnnnnnggghhhhh, dude get ready, here it comes, OOOoooooofffff.” and with that Stephen slammed his pubes against the wall and squealed as he finally emptied his aching balls into the warm wet expert mouth, that somehow managed to swallow the lot.

Stephen's orgasmic euphoria passed, and he felt the traditional guilty need to get dressed and leave quickly. But looking through the hole, he saw the guy had his pants down and his hard cock out. It was skinny, so it looked longer than the 6.5in that it was, and it was uncut with floppy foreskin like his own.

Stephen, cleared his throat, and whispered, “Can I've a taste?” while licking his lips.

“What? Do you want some of this?” the guy asked, waving his cock in Stephen's direction.

“Well yeah, it looks good.” Stephen whispered, licking his lips again.

“Usually guys just zip up and leave. But here you go, have at it.” the guy shrugged and pushed his shaft through the hole to Stephen's waiting mouth.

“That's it sweetie, wrap your lips right around it, and get your tongue involved.” the voice helped Stephen with replicating what had been done to his own cock just seconds earlier.

“Yeah, give that ‘skin a chomp.” the voice urged Stephen on. After hearing that a couple of times, Stephen gave the guy's floppy foreskin a gentle playful nip.

“Ohhh god yesssss…. and again.” The guy begged for it again.

A couple more minutes of action, had Stephen's poor knees crying out again, but the guy was enjoying him chomping on his foreskin and was crying out “Here it comes sweetie, get ready….”

Stephen didn't know what to expect, all those porn magazines had talked about cum blasting out of hard cocks made him think it hurt as it splattered against his mouth. But it didn't, the cock in his mouth just filled his mouth with cum, which he swallowed before taking the second mouthful.

After a few seconds of recuperation, Stephen dressed and opened the stall door, to find the dude he'd just sucked, dressed and leaning against the sinks. Stephen gave a nervous grin, and whispered, “Thanks, that was great.”

“Oh no sweetie, you were great.” the guy whispered as a rubbed the bulge in his jeans with the heel of his hand. “Come back between 4pm and 5pm. The action's even hotter then.” the guy whispered as he left Stephen staring at himself in the mirrors over the sinks.

Copyright © 2012 StueyNZ; All Rights Reserved.
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Oh Stuey, what an awesome story you wrote! =)


I've been reading it on and off for a few days. Gotta make sure with your story that no one is hovering over me. lol Not quite a story for the under-18 crowd. haha


This last chapter was pretty comical w/Stephen's folks swapping partners. I loved the line, "Your very married mother walked in with her very not your father lover...." That was hysterical!


I do feel bad for David b/c he's hiding who he really is and he can date girls all he wants, but that won't make him happy.


Although Stephen's parents are so open when it comes to sex and sexuality (they originally thought Stephen was gay), I'm not sure that teenagers (or any age really) should be walking around naked in front of their parents. Truthfully, I would feel extremely uncomfortable if my teenage boys walked around naked.


And Peggy; yes, she did seem like a wonderful girl and I really felt sorry for her b/c of her drunk of a father, but she was too bold and inappropriate when it came to keeping her hands to herself when she was over Stephen's house. Which of course she NEVER kept her hands to herself. To me, she just came across like a whore when she was feeling Stephen up knowing full well his parents were watching from the kitchen.


And Stephen's father listening to his son and Peggy going at it; that's just disgusting. It's not right. I don't know, maybe it's just me, but I'd be totally embarrassed if I heard anything like that from one of my kid's rooms.


Anyway....what year is this story supposed to take place? I was just curious b/c of that reform act that was mentioned, making homosexuality legal. I didn't understand that at all. I thought maybe this was supposed to be a long time ago, but then that can't be b/c they didn't have GLBT clubs a long time ago. I was under the impression that being gay was not illegal. I mean, I know it was decades ago, but not now.


I'm really enjoying this story Stuey and I look forward to chapter five.:)

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On 07/22/2012 03:33 PM, Lisa said:
Oh Stuey, what an awesome story you wrote! =)


I've been reading it on and off for a few days. Gotta make sure with your story that no one is hovering over me. lol Not quite a story for the under-18 crowd. haha


This last chapter was pretty comical w/Stephen's folks swapping partners. I loved the line, "Your very married mother walked in with her very not your father lover...." That was hysterical!


I do feel bad for David b/c he's hiding who he really is and he can date girls all he wants, but that won't make him happy.


Although Stephen's parents are so open when it comes to sex and sexuality (they originally thought Stephen was gay), I'm not sure that teenagers (or any age really) should be walking around naked in front of their parents. Truthfully, I would feel extremely uncomfortable if my teenage boys walked around naked.


And Peggy; yes, she did seem like a wonderful girl and I really felt sorry for her b/c of her drunk of a father, but she was too bold and inappropriate when it came to keeping her hands to herself when she was over Stephen's house. Which of course she NEVER kept her hands to herself. To me, she just came across like a whore when she was feeling Stephen up knowing full well his parents were watching from the kitchen.


And Stephen's father listening to his son and Peggy going at it; that's just disgusting. It's not right. I don't know, maybe it's just me, but I'd be totally embarrassed if I heard anything like that from one of my kid's rooms.


Anyway....what year is this story supposed to take place? I was just curious b/c of that reform act that was mentioned, making homosexuality legal. I didn't understand that at all. I thought maybe this was supposed to be a long time ago, but then that can't be b/c they didn't have GLBT clubs a long time ago. I was under the impression that being gay was not illegal. I mean, I know it was decades ago, but not now.


I'm really enjoying this story Stuey and I look forward to chapter five.:)

Hi Lisa,


Thanks for the review....it's set in mid 1980s.... does that count as decades ago for you?


Yes... unfortunately in NZ it was illegal until 1985 - There hadn't been a prosecution for years (decades?) before that, which meant that most (all?) universityies had a GLBT club of some description - and their main motivation was getting the outdated law changed.


I never thought that Peggy would come across as a whore. I was aiming for horny teenager but none-the-less a nice girl. I seem to have gone too far with that.


Chapter 5 is being written.

Thanks for the feedback.

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Stuey said: -chapter five is being written- ...and it took six years? Oh boy, i completely lost hope of having chapter six any time soon. That is a shame.

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