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Stories posted in this category are works of fiction. Names, places, characters, events, and incidents are created by the authors' imaginations or are used fictitiously. Any resemblances to actual persons (living or dead), organizations, companies, events, or locales are entirely coincidental. Note: While authors are asked to place warnings on their stories for some moderated content, everyone has different thresholds, and it is your responsibility as a reader to avoid stories or stop reading if something bothers you. 

Meeting of Coincidence - 1. Chapter 1

There is graphic content in this chapter.

JW stepped out of his car into the parking lot of the local gym. It was not even noon yet and the heat was already blistering. He glanced up to the sun and shook his head thinking to himself that if this keeps up work is going to be hell when summer actually hits.

JW is a firefighter in one of the largest cities in the USA but did not like the city life and lived forty-five minutes out of the city in a small town. He opened the trunk of his black Dodge Charger and grabbed his gym bag, which was already baking in the trunk from the short ride from his house to the gym.

Walking to the gym front doors a couple of teenage boys were walking about and talking to themselves, “Jesus did you see the size of that guy.”

“Ya he was a monster, he must be new here because you would see that fucker from a mile away,” said the other teen as they walked out of hearing distance.

JW just shook his head and talked to himself, “Great another muscle bound freak who is going to make a scene in the gym.” He pushed open the door and showed the desk clerk his ID, she smiled and scanned the ID card in the computer. JW tucked his card into his gym bag and the desk girl quickly went back to ignoring the gym and reading a magazine. He took his sunglasses off as he made his way to the locker room to change.

JW quickly changed from his grey tee shirt and khaki shorts into a very tight fitting white tanktop and black gym shorts. JW reached down into his gym bag and pulled out a pair of white low cut socks, slipped them onto his feet and laced up his Nike’s and tossed his flip-flops into the bottom of his locker.

After changing into his gym clothes he made his way onto the gym floor and started to stretch and began to look around the gym for the new roid rage freak that the teen boys were talking about.

JW didn’t see him so he made his way to a sparring mat to stretch. As he worked over his body and carefully stretching each muscle through his gym clothes he always checked himself out in the mirror. People always complimented JW on his body but JW saw nothing but flaws and felt he needed a lot more work on his body. JW’s time in the gym was sacred to him and he was not going to let himself be distracted any more by thoughts of this new muscle bound monstrosity. Standing up after stretching his legs JW quickly flashed a flex of his bicep and chest into the mirror when he saw the man the boys were talking about.

He was absolutely massive, not muscle bound but tall, extremely tall. This guy had to be much taller than seven feet, JW was 6’4 and towered over almost everyone at the gym. The giant was on stair the climbing machine, arms moving with his legs and skipping a step on the machine which was humming a long quickly.

JW just snickered, this guy set the speed to fast on the machine trying to show off and he will pay for it in a short amount of time. JW continued to stretch his arms as he made his way to the incline bench press. As he did his workout he kept expecting to hear the stair-climbing machine slow down or turn off or even a person fall off it. But giant was still going strong.

JW finished the incline bench press workout and moved off to skull crushers. Did he just hear the stair-climbs machine speed up?

JW was focusing heavily on his reps but at the beginning and end of each set he would glance to the tall man. JW could not believe what he was seeing in the mirror and had to turn around for a better look. The tall man was now at a break neck speed for most people and he was skipping two steps at a time, even with JW’s height this would be almost impossible to do much less at that speed. But the tall man just kept watching the TV in front of him and other than sweat pouring off him he did not appear to even be showing any signs of fatigue. JW turned to rack his dumbbells and noticed several other people in the gym were also taking in the show, they even knew that this was something special.

Curiosity got the best of JW and he decided to move in closer to check out the tall guy. He would have to change up the order of his work out plan but it didn’t matter everything would still be done with today’s workout. JW made his way over to the triceps push down machine and selected his weight. JW focused on perfect form and pumped out his set and then glanced up at the tall man. Jesus he was actually impressive from up close, not only did he have a dominating height but had an incredible physical figure, his legs were extremely long and actually heavily muscled, extremely tight and defined mid section that lead up to a very well built shoulders, chest and arms. No kidding about this guy being a monster.

JW’s attention went back to perfect form and his triceps workout. As the last rep was set down JW looked up into the mirror again and saw the tall man going as strong as he started. JW looked at the clock on the wall and realized that giant on the stair-stepping machine had been going hard for over 30 minutes now and wondered how much longer he could keep going?

JW went back to triceps and knocked out his last set, let the weight down and looked up to the mirror. It hit JW like a ton of brinks, he was literally checking this man out and the thought rushed over him like hot oil. JW relaxed and realized that he was just curious like everyone else looking at this guy. JW was moving to his next stage of his workout when he herd the stair-climber come to a stop and the giant stepped down and put his hands on his head, the giant was breathing heavily.

JW sat down in the chest fly machine and started his set, but the giant just walked in front of him to the dead lift mats and JW eyes were fixed on this wonder. The tall man moved almost silently across the gym except his heavy breathing, most people would be walking clumsily and flat footed, but not this man. JW finished his set and glanced over to the tall guy who caught him looking at him, their eyes locked and just ask quickly their eyes darted to the floor. JW went immediately into his next set and the giant set up his dead lift bar.

The whole time JW worked through his set he mind was on the giants dark piercing brown eyes. JW set the weight down and walked away from the tricep machine. He walked over to get a drink, he could not figure out what was going on, why was this man stuck in his head?

While drinking a weight dropped to the floor behind him and startled him. JW realized he just walked right in front of the giant and again he turned and looked at the giant who met his eyes again. JW did the only thing he could possibly think to do, he nodded his head as to say hello and the giant returned the gesture and both quickly went back to their workouts. As JW walked back to the tricep machine he guessed the giant was 7’4 feet tall.

JW refocused and set up for his final reps. JW’s muscles burned and tightened up through his last reps, as the weight settled down he looked up into the mirror to look at himself; JW flexed his arms down and his tricep flexed into a knot. He relaxed his flex and his arms loosened up; sweat was covering his body now.

JW quickly glanced at the mirror and saw the giant working his dead lift set and JW was impressed. The giant had perfect technique, perfect form and surprisingly heavy weights. Three hundred and fifteen pounds was not exactly a huge dead lift but for someone that was easily a twelve inches taller than JW it was actually quite impressive to watch.

JW stood there watching the giant do his reps, with each lift his entire body flexed and veins heavy with blood rose to the surface of his skin. Even though the giant was wearing long basketball shorts and a tank top anyone could tell this man was in amazing shape. The giant even moved the weight effortlessly through his reps and as the set ended instead of resting he added another forty-five pound weight to each side of the bar for a total of 405 pounds.

JW was now thoroughly impressed, this was a solid dead lift on a good day for anyone and he wondered if he was just going to lift the weights once. The giant stood there in front of the weights for a minute and kept glancing at the clock on the wall. He was obviously on a time schedule with the weights and JW knew this mystery giant was at least a veteran of the gym. The giant stepped up to the bar and again with perfect form lifted the weight. The extra ninety pounds made the difference because the giant at least looked strained to lift the weight. The weight dropped to the floor and the giant went straight into another lift. Again and again he lifted the weight, each time he was straining but his form held through and on the fifth rep he dropped the weight to the floor and walked away taking his hands to the back of his head breathing heavily. As he turned and looked around the room he caught JW’s eyes again and this time they stared at each other.

The giant looked at JW and then dropped his hands and looked up and down his body and then back to the JW with a serious frown, “What?”

JW quickly looked away and realized that this guy was insulted by his curiosity. Nervously JW made his way to the chest fly’s machine. JW clumsily and loudly worked through his entire set. JW would look across the room to the giant but only got as far looking at his legs, he didn’t want to deal with the uncomfortable event of meeting eyes again. The giant had moved from dead lift and was now doing leg extensions.

Even though JW did not make eye contact he could tell the giant was also having issues the leg extension machine, his legs were way to long and there was no way he was going to work through it. The giant looked around the room for a minute and finally walked back to the machine defeated.

As JW worked through his sets he watched the giant try and figure out a way to coax the machine to his body. After placing a thick rubber forty five pound weight under the machine to lift it up into the air a few inches and putting his body at what looked to be an extremely uncomfortable position he was able to start his sets. JW was impressed by his determination to get his sets in. This man was just as obsessed with his physical look as JW was and that took a special kind of dedication.

JW finally was able to focus again and his last two sets on the chest fly machine were great, he increased the weight by thirty pounds and added four reps. JW looked up to the mirror at his body and flexed, his arms and chest were large and defined. JW walked away from the mirror with a small smile across his face, only one last thing to do today, the flat bench press. JW made his way to the bench and was stretching his arms and chest, which were already starting to tighten up. As JW sat down and laid back to warm up quickly with the bar he saw the giant approach out of the side of his eye. JW focused hard and stared at the ceiling, the tall man disappeared behind him. JW sighed as he pushed the bar up for the last time and sat up.

As he turned to the weight rack to add weights the giant was standing there smiling. “Hey do you mind if I work in with you? Since there is only one bench and from the looks of the other guys here, I do not trust anyone else to spot me.”

JW stood there blankly for a second and said, “Not a problem, I am JW.”

The giant stretched his arm out, again JW was surprised by the size of the this man, “Marcus.” Marcus walked around to the bench and quickly did a warm up set, as he sat up he looked to JW, “I have no clue what kind of work out your going to do here but I typically work a pyramid.”

JW knew at the word pyramid that this guy was a veteran lifter and said, “Ya that actually would be perfect for me today, I have not worked a pyramid in a few weeks.”

JW and Marcus each did their sets and reps to the levels of the pyramid, being that both of them knew how to work in a gym the changing of the weights went fast. They began to talk and JW mentioned how he saw the struggle in leg extension machine and how Marcus finally won the war.

Marcus just shrugged and complained that being tall is a curse and that nothing in this world is easily used for him.

On the top of the pyramid JW benched 340 pounds and Marcus benched 300. As the two of them worked down the pyramid Marcus was great at breaking down the small talk into a great conversation.

By the time Marcus did his last rep JW felt as if he had known Marcus for years when Marcus said, “By the way what the hell were you looking at when you were watching me dead lift? You looked like I had done something horrible?”

JW laughed nervously and said, “Well honestly I could not believe someone your size would dead lift anything that heavy, I was just kind of impressed by it and taken back by it.”

Marcus laughed, “Well the look you were giving me was really odd.”

Silence over took the conversation until Marcus said, “Well I was not trying to take it to a weird place I was just trying to figure out what I was doing wrong.”

They walked away stretching their arms and JW led them sparring mat to finish stretching for the day, “Well I am done working out now and I am going to stretch out, if you need anything else just let me know.”

Marcus sat down and said, “I am done as well and also need to stretch.”

They talked and joked smoothly, JW learned that Marcus was a investment banker with a amazing college athletic history and just moved into town. JW explained his firefighting career and background. The two stretched much longer than normal and eventually were sitting on the floor with their backs on the wall talking about each other’s background. After about an hour they finally made their way back to the locker room and JW started to change back into his street clothes.

JW absolutely loved to work out and the way it made him feel. The stress of the world just washed away as he hit the iron. The gym was a place to cleanse the mind and reduce stress. JW was standing there in his sweaty boxers and slipped them off into a fresh cool pair of boxers. JW ran his rough hands over his arms and chest, they were still hot from working out and suddenly JW was starting to get hard. JW ran his hands down to boxers and grabbed his dick, his ass flexed and blood rushed into his cock, the feeling was amazing and if there was not a risk of getting caught he might go into those running showers and jerk off.

JW saw Marcus walk by with a towel around his waist and JW took his hand off his cock and readjusted his balls. Marcus took the towel off from around his waist and hung it on the wall and walked into a cloud of steam. Marcus was impressive in the gym and seeing with out clothes was a true sight. For a tall guy Marcus was wide shouldered, with a nice V shape of the lats leading down to a narrow waist, his ass was perfectly muscled and lead down to those amazing legs that flexed every muscle as he walked out of view.

JW’s cock went instantly hard and it was pressing hard against his boxers. Any time this happened before he was always looking in the mirror, but this was from looking at a guy. JW’s mind started to race, how is he going to hide is hard on?

JW had a big dick at eight inches and it was very thick by any standard with a head that was completely over sized. His cock was just getting harder and harder when suddenly the water turned off and Marcus walked out of the shower. JW glanced at him and as soon as he did he wished he didn’t. If Marcus backside was amazing the front of his body was the most impressive body he had ever seen. If Marcus were in a magazine people would be striving to have that body. His arms well developed, chest fully defined, eight pack of abs and his cock so big hanging there that porn stars would be envious and finally his legs, Marcus legs were perfect and as much as JW wanted to turn away, he could do nothing but keep staring.

JW quickly sat down on a bench, put his hands on his forehead and started to rub his head. Now he had a full hard-on screaming to be out of the confines of his boxers and there was another man in the room.

Marcus walked up to him and asked, “Something wrong dude?”

JW panicked and said, “No, I just have a head ached from not drinking enough water I think.”

Marcus with out skipping a beat said, “Oh no worries dude, I have something for that,” and walked away to his locker.

JW herd Marcus open his locker, unzip a bag and then start to walk around the corner again. JW did everything he could do to not think about his aching cock but Marcus moved to fast and was back in a few seconds.

Marcus stretched out his hands and gave JW two Tylenol and a bottle of Gatorade. JW sat up to receive the gift and Marcus looked at him and then up and down his body. JW flinched and leaned back over and then turned bright red with embarrassment.

Marcus just laughed and said, “Dude! You don’t have anything to be embarrassed about. That shit happens to me all the damn time after working out. They put these damn mirrors in here and I swear it’s a hard-on light switch. So don’t worry about it.”

JW sighed heavily and smiled, “Ya but its embarrassing as fuck, I don’t want you to get the wrong idea because I am not a fag!”

Marcus said, “Just because you got hard in a locker room does not mean your gay.” And walked off around the corner to his locker, “Hell a few years ago I was in L.A. and that happened to me, I was hard for almost one hour and it would not go away. I had to go into the shower to jerk off before I could finally leave. Even after that it took twenty minutes before my dick would settle down.”

JW was shocked at Marcus candidness; he would never admit that to anyone, even though he has jerked off hundreds of times in this gym, but that was because his wife was not putting out at home.

Marcus walked around the corner and was fully dressed, he leaned up against the locker and looked over to JW who was still sitting there with a full hard on, “Well dude I have to jet out of here and I think you will need some alone time to fix that, thanks again for workingout with me and I will see you around.”

JW smiled, “Thanks again and I will see you around.” With that Marcus turned and walked out of the locker room. JW immediately stood up and freed his cock from his briefs, his dick throbbed and there was a large pre cum stain already in his boxers. JW reached down and grabbed his dick with his right hand. He spit down on to his hand and started to jerk on his dick. The spit ran out quickly and he had to repeat several times. JW reached with his left hand and grabbed his balls and squeezed hard. His testicles ached and ecstasy shot through his body and JW stood up on his toes, his right hand jacking hard. His cock released a large amount of precum and JW pulled his balls harder as his other hand worked his tool. The orgasm happened quickly and cum shot out of his dick in streams on the open locker, the floor and onto his flip-flops at the bottom of the locker. JW squeezed his balls one more time and keep jerking his cock, his entire body shook and JW felt dizzy and light headed.

JW sat down weary on the bench, his cock still leaking cum and pre cum mix. The locker room opened and two adult men were talking as they walked in, JW quickly slipped his cock into his boxers, stood up and slipped on his khaki shorts and pulled over his shirt. The hard on has finally passed after being held back for so long, he packed his sweaty gym clothes into his gym back and slipped on his flip-flops, just then his foot slid across the fresh cum now cool on his flip-flops. JW could only smile and laugh a little at Marcus story and then he suddenly realized why he got a hard on, it was not from working out, it was from looking at Marcus body.

JW had a secret, a secret that he thought was tucked so far away that he had forgotten about it. JW had been attracted to men for a long time but never acted on those feelings as an adult. JW was told as a teenager that these feelings would pass and to just move on. JW’s secret just showed its ugly head again and JW had a sudden attraction to Marcus. JW wondered if this was more than a meeting of coincidence?

Copyright © 2013 Wampus Cat; All Rights Reserved.
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Stories posted in this category are works of fiction. Names, places, characters, events, and incidents are created by the authors' imaginations or are used fictitiously. Any resemblances to actual persons (living or dead), organizations, companies, events, or locales are entirely coincidental. Note: While authors are asked to place warnings on their stories for some moderated content, everyone has different thresholds, and it is your responsibility as a reader to avoid stories or stop reading if something bothers you. 
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