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About this blog

A soundtrack playlist I made for Comsie as a love letter for his beautiful Magnum Opus!

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The Music of the Darkness

The Music of the Darkness ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~       Track List ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Daylight Goodbye (Message to Bears) - General Theme for ‘Gone From Daylight’ Genesis (Nightcrawler) – In The Beginning Was . . . Justin Blackwater (Rain Tree Crow/David Sylvian) – The Dark Waters of a Troubled Soul Waiting For The Night (Depeche Mode) – Taryn’s Watchful Waiting At Night (The Cure) – Navy Pier at Night Moon


MrM in Soundtrack


Soundtrack Track List Abandoned (Gemini Syndrome) - Alec’s Abandonment Abuse (Lucas King)  - Alec’s Misery Daddy (Korn) - The Horror of Alec’s Abuse Trauma (NF) - Alec’s Trauma Paralyzed (NF) - Alec’s Terror Crawling (Linkin Park) - Something Dark Growing Inside of Alec HATRED (BVDLVD) - The Monster Is Born ESCAPE (Execution Day) - The Monster Escapes Lost (Lucas King) - Alec Finds Himself Lost Prayers For Rain (A Pale


MrM in Gone From Dayhlight

The Seducer Soundtrack

🦇🦇🦇🦇🦇 Soundtrack Track List Dance of the Swans (Tchaikovsky) - Overture Faces In Disguise (Sunny Day Real Estate)  - William Meets The Professor The Chauffeur (Duran Duran) - Club Selene at The Red Room Nocturne No. 2 (Chopin) - The Music Of The Night I’m Not In Love (Cover of 10cc by Song Sung) - Resisting The Seduction Trust In Me (Siouxsie and the Banshees) - Says The Spider To The Fly The Seventh Stranger (Duran Duran) - In Defense Of Mi



A Child Of Sunset: Colby's Trail

_____________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Track List   After The Sunset (Dan Gibson’s Solitudes) - Overture Wayfaring Stranger (16 Horsepower)  - Mysterious Colby’s Theme At A Glance (Message To Bears) - Colby Finds Prey Of A Different Kind When The Lights Go Out (The Black Keys) - Longing For Sunset To See Him Again I Waited For You (Daniel Norgren) - The End To A Long Search



Taryn's Song

Track List Closed Doors (Message To Bears) - Overture: Taryn Inside Looking Out For Adrian (Many Years Ago) (Mark Tulk) - Taryn’s Song Darkest Dreaming (David Sylvian) - Taryn’s Dreams of Escape Shattered Dreams (Johnny Hates Jazz) - The Last Straw Shake Dog Shake (The Cure) - A Fateful Decision Leave In Silence (Depeche Mode) - Stealing Away Into The Night Dirty Blvd. (Lou Reed) - Taryn and Alec on the Cold Streets of Chicago To The Ends



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