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  1. I like following this guy. His vlogging reminds me of Brandon’s voice when I’m writing. He’s travelled a lot for someone so young. Too cute!
  2. Good! Now I have a new series to check out! Hehehe!
  3. MrM

    Entry 4

    Thank you kindly @Dodger. Yes, when that came out of my fingers it felt so relatable! Hehehe!
  4. Saturday Well, I had a visit from Bobby today. I thought I was going to have a boring kind of day and, in a way, I did, but it’s funny that a routine Saturday can be made more fun with company ‘helping’. Bobby just came by to hang out with me. That was nice! My Dad was working again so I had the place to myself and, to be honest, I was feeling a bit lonely. I chalk it up to having so much going on lately that having a weekend with nothing going on feels weird as does being complet
  5. Thursday Ok, talk about out of the blue! Cindy Mullen . . . Where did this one come from? I don’t share any classes with her and I don’t really remember her from Jr. High School, but she said she remembered me. That’s ALWAYS awkward - when someone remembers and knows you, but you have no idea who they are! Oh, I mean she’s pretty enough! I mean, I’m still normally hormonal enough to notice tits like her’s! Good lord! To think she’s still developing too! Sheesh! Anyways,
  6. Tuesday Ooooh! I’m so frustrated with myself tonight! I swear that when anything meaningful ever happens in my life I manage to find a way of fucking it up! I don’t know why I get so weird when something I want gets so close that it can actually be real, if you follow. It’s almost like, if I move wrong or say the wrong thing, this bubble will pop and I’ll find myself waking up from this dream just as far away from my desires as I started! I’d prove to myself, finally, that what I want
  7. Oops! I just remembered, Jonathan Majors is already playing Kang. Someone in casting has the same ideas I get!
  8. INORITE! He looks BORN to play Johnny Storm!
  9. This was my Dreamcast for the MCU Fantastic Four. This would have been epic with Ethan Hawke as Mr. Fantastic, he has the gravitas of the ‘guy everyone goes to with a problem Dr. Strange can’t fix’ vibe! I threw Michael Chicklis back in as The Thing because his portrayal was dead on in the Fox movie. He was the best thing in that. The other two, the Storms, they look the parts true to the comic. Clare Bowen is actually a very good actress and has that nice, but no nonsense strength of Sue Storm. Kenton Duty, I think would make a good ‘new’ actor introduction. He’s severely adorable too! I know Liev already played a Marvel villain as Sabretooth in the Wolverine film, but I think he was miscast. He is capable of playing a heavy much in the same way Benedict Cumberbatch and Michael Fassbender. Liev Schreiber has Master Supervillain written all over him! He IS Doctor Doom, even if he can’t fake a ‘Latverian’ accent. Charles Dance as the voice of Galactus would make for an even greater villainous presence than Josh Brolin was as Thanos! I mean…it’s Tywin Lanister as the most powerful being in the universe! Nuff said, Tiger! Alex Pettyfer…OMG, Silver Surfer or Jonathan Majors to diversify the cast - also OMG, Silver Surfer.
  10. Moon Knight was one of my favorite comics! It was gritty like the Punisher, but had enough supernatural elements to be more ‘superheroish’. Too bad they put Ethan Hawke in this one. I’d have preferred him to be the one to play the MCU’s Reed Richards for The Fantastic Four! He’d have been a perfect Reed…
  11. I’m wondering if folks just didn’t ‘get’ Eternals. They’re a pretty deep cut into the Marvel Universe. I haven’t seen the film yet so I don’t know if they made this very important connection with the Eternals yet, but the Eternals of Titan had one very famous (or rather infamous) member: Thanos! Thanos was an Eternal! They affect a lot of what goes on in the Marvel Universe including the possibility that they may have helped engineer Mutants. I’ll really enjoy watching this today as soon as my roommate GTFO of the condo!
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