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  1. Well there are OTHER things more satisfying, but we shouldn’t get into that now. I was talking about EATING the bread you pervs!
  2. Actually, your point is, of course, quite valid and having such technology to allow folks who can’t knead or mix things by hand is a wonderful thing. I shall, myself, be needing to use the KitchenAid I have after the next few years. My carpel tunnel syndrome in my right hand is starting to worsen and after the surgery I probably won’t be able to do much more than type and hopefully write with my hand again. I am right handed so that will be a problem for any strength bearing activities with that hand for a long while. That said, if a person is able to do so, I would greatly encourage folks to knead bread at least once in their lives. It is one of the most natural and satisfying things a person can do and a great workout!
  3. Yes, but I’m mean, judgey, and unsympathetic to the weaknesses of huuumons! So There! 😈
  4. This is a nice thing to pair with the salad. I use whole wheat along with the bread flower to make it a little more fortified. I'll share it as the video because it is what I used to learn how to make home made pita bread. I like that the dough is kneaded by hand the way it should be. Not with a freaking KitchenAid. Also, I like this video, because Akis is freaking HAWT! I told him as much as a comment and he gave me a virtual heart, so .... I may have to move to Greece now.
  5. That's the beauty of it! I learned how to make it when I used to be able to grow things. I can only grow my fresh herbs now coz of urban living with Twinks that don't eat.
  6. This is a staple of mine during the summer months when the major components of this recipe are at their seasonal freshness. To change things up, use cantaloupe, watermelon, or another favourite melon of your choice. They are ‘cucumbery’ because cucumbers and melons are cousins! You can actually mix both together for something very interesting texturally! Καλοκαιρινή σαλάτα Kalokairiní saláta Summer Salad (also known as Village Salad) Main Ingredients: 1 English Cucumber, peeled or unpeeled per your taste, seeds removed, cubed 1/2 of a red onion, peeled and diced 2 pref. Home grown or organically grown, naturally ripened on the vine tomatoes or those little grape tomatoes from the store, cut into bite sizes. If grape tomatoes, slice in half so that the juices mix with the cucumbers and onions. 1 garlic clove, grated or minced 1/4 Cup of chopped parsley 1/4 Cup of chopped mint, if available 2 Tbsp. Of chopped fresh greek oregano or 1 Tbsp. Dried oregano Salt and Pepper 1/4 Cup virgin Greek olive oil, first pressing if available 3 Tbsp of balsamic or red wine vinegar Plating Garnishes, all optional: A bed of greens of your choice. Whole leaf spinach and Romaine lettuce are my personal favourites. Grilled chicken, fish, octopus, or other seafood or poultry. Nuts of your choice. Walnuts or Pistachios are traditional for the Turkish version of this salad. Sliced goat or sheep Greek imported Feta cheese from whole brined block, if available. Regular crumbled is ok, just not as creamy and delicious. Whole Kalamata Olives with pits, because they taste better. Remember to serve off to the side of the plate or in separate bowl so that diners won’t mix them in the salad and bite down on one and break their teeth. Extra salt, pepper, vinegar, and oil to taste A dusting of extra oregano, mint, and basil leaves if you prefer. Mix all main ingredients in a glass bowl or container. I prefer to use a glass Rubbermaid container because this salad actually gets better when left to marinate in the refrigerator. It can keep for a week this way! When plating, layer your salad first on a bed of your chosen greens, then the Summer Salad mixture, then the optional meat and/or Feta cheese. Drizzle and sprinkle with vinegar, oil, salt, pepper, and herbs. Serve Kalamata Olives off to the side of the plate or in a separate bowl possibly with another slice of Feta and an extra dusting of herbs if you like. Serve to guests and make sure you keep a plate for yourself aside because when I make this salad it usually disappears virtually instantaneously.
  7. I store most of my work on ICloud and they don’t review anything there. Those that read my stuff know that it can get quite racey. If all that you have is above board and not in any way illegal in the US and A then no one is going to bother you. ICloud’s simply a network drive to store stuff. They don’t have ‘community standards’ other than whatever standards the law insists upon which covers your local drives too and, these days, ALL of that stuff is subject to investigation if the Gob.ment decides it needs to screw with you. The sucky thing about ICloud is that you have to subscribe with real-live-money if you want to expand your share space. You get a rather large amount of space when you sign-up, but any more than that you have to pay for. I agree with @Shadow086 that Apple is a better way to go. It isn’t as good as it once was, but it’s rate of degeneration has been much slower than that of Windows. Each new version of Windows that comes out I lose shtuff. I live in fear that if my autobackups fail that I’ll lose work. It shouldn’t happen to a dog. I’ve not had these issues with any of my Apple products and ICloud is cool because it allows me to access my stories from anywhere on any of my Apple devices. So, the only excuses I have for being slow in writing are personal issues like illness, writer’s block, idiot roommates, and indolence.
  8. I made a convert of a Millennial Truther using this film which, I argue, is the best retrospective ever made of the Apollo 11 mission. I always fight vigorously against such truthers because my dad worked the Atlas Missile program for fifiteen years before the Mercury System was put up on the launch pad. Here in San Diego an entire area of the city was developed due to this project. If you are familiar with San Diego at all you may have heard of the communities of Kearny Mesa, Linda Vista, Claremont, Tierrasanta . . . All of these areas were subdivision projects for all the engineers, electricians, scientists, mechanics, support, etc. that came by their hundreds to work the General Dynamics Astronautics project. The whole of Kearny Mesa was dedicated to the facility that, seriously, looked like Area 51 and was, in its time, perhaps just as top secret because of the missile development done there. My entire childhood my Dad would take me out to Astronautics and would tell me the stories of meeting Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong as well as Wernher von Braun who founded the whole project in the 50s. What happened on August 20, 1969 was as real as the day is long! The San Diego I remember as a kid came to exist because of that project! You’d not see any of what lingers of those days now thanks to San Diego’s penchant for erasing its past and replacing it with banal things like condos and day care centers. But the structure of what Astronautics created still exists and all those that move here think that these places have ‘always been here.’ General Atomics, SPAWAR, Illumina, Raytheon, Qualcomm, SONY Game Development, etc. all have to thank Astronautics and Apollo 11 for their existence today. When idiots tell me that spending money on space travel is ‘foolish and wasteful’ I go into my litany of how the Space Program BUILT modern America and the modern world we know today! We wouldn’t have half the technology we have today if not for the Apollo Mission! Scientists and Engineers need a great inspiring goal to work toward to do whatever is necessary, invent whatever is necessary, believe whatever is necessary to reach that goal! There was, in the time of America’s Renaissance, no higher (literally) goal than to put men on the moon! When we did that, the magnificent fallout of knowledge and technology we earned in the reaching for that goal are still laurels we still rest on to this very day! Computers, Smart Phones, microwave ovens, new high-energy medical technologies, enclosed air systems, I could go ON AND ON!
  9. MrM

    Chapter 1

    I love this series so much that I got into After Effects and made a ‘movie teaser’ for it in hopes that, someday, Martin Scorsese, Christopher Nolan, or Francis Ford Coppola wills see it, get inspired to read this series, and turn it into the blockbuster it needs to be. Vampires never get boring IF they are done right and Comsikins knows vampires better than Bram Stoker!
  10. I'd love to see Disney World. I've been to Disneyland enough times being a native to SoCal, but Disney World is just, well, another world! Oh, just for some fodder for dreams and inspiration here is a patented romantic Southern California sunset to fall in love to. Welcome to the Hotel California! Such a lovely place.
  11. Ah, the master world builder makes yet another world! Beautiful start! I like the various tangential references you’ve made here. 😝
  12. Why are YOU sorry? You didn't do anything! Fucking Microcrap again. That's one of many reasons I switched over to Apple. I just couldn't deal anymore. They've screwed me raw over the years and I just got tired of it. I hope you get everything back! May all be made right. So it is written! So it is done!
  13. MrM

    The Adagio

    Dark, bitter, sweet, chocolate . . . whatever I'LL TAKE IT! Thanks, Luv! 💋💋💋 I'm cooking up a sequel. Hopefully I can squeeze it out by this coming Halloweird.
  14. MrM

    An Unforgettable Smile

    I appreciate all comments. The critical ones can be useful to improve my writing. In this particular case, as Comsie has instructed me in the past, when the Muse strikes you sometimes just have to go with it. When Chandler appeared in my imaginings I instantly fell in love with him. I passed him by Comsie and he seemed to like him too so I thought, maybe, he had a part in this story too. When Comsie introduced the idea that Greg had an affair with Brandon it set the mold for a possible explanation since I’d have to be covering that part of the story in the future. Such things need a background deeper than a paragraph can cover. I have, actually, been very disciplined in trying to keep my story rotation down to three stories cycling updates. I even put on hold a couple so I could work these. Chandler actually adds another facet to the Brandon/Billy saga so consider his updates a ‘bonus’ Brandon update. At the moment I have 5 other stories I have waiting in the wings including the ones I’m currently writing. Hopefully, I can get to those before I can’t type anymore.
  15. MrM


    Chandler's sentiments exactly, though maybe more diplomatic. Definitely this would be Brandon's position and Billy's I would presume.
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