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  1. I've been remiss in updating things lately. My stories go on, I've just not been advertising them! Entries 50 - 52 are available if you want to catch up. I'm not doing the 50 entries a book like Comsie is as there is a lot of material left to cover in this first book to cover everything from Comsie's Billy Chase's first book.
  2. Ooops! I've been a dummy and keep forgetting to update things: To those that don't know there are two Chandler Chapters available since the last posting here: A February Song https://gayauthors.org/story/mrm/in-chandlers-hands/4 Boystown https://gayauthors.org/story/mrm/in-chandlers-hands/5
  3. MrM


    Daniel Van Deventer! He’s 5’11” with brownish hair with auburn highlights that catch dark red in the sun! Honestly, I’ve never seen hair like that before! Hair that changes colors just by being hit by sunlight? He has green eyes that look like cut emeralds and he likes to wear a shortish beard that’s more of a deep afternoon shadow than a real beard. It roughens up his ordinarily delicate features because, shaved, Danny is, well . . . pretty I guess is a word I can use for him. It has to do with his ridiculously beautiful high cheekbones, sculptured jaw, slight cleft chin, full luscious l
  4. Makes ya think we should rethink the President not being born in the US thingie in the constitution.
  5. “. . . Forever!” Fortunately, for the mortal flesh, ‘Forever’ isn’t that long a wait.
  6. 🦇🦇🦇🦇🦇 Soundtrack Track List Dance of the Swans (Tchaikovsky) - Overture Faces In Disguise (Sunny Day Real Estate) - William Meets The Professor The Chauffeur (Duran Duran) - Club Selene at The Red Room Nocturne No. 2 (Chopin) - The Music Of The Night I’m Not In Love (Cover of 10cc by Song Sung) - Resisting The Seduction Trust In Me (Siouxsie and the Banshees) - Says The Spider To The Fly The Seventh Stranger (Duran Duran) - In Defense Of Mirrors Rhapsody Of Paganini (Rachmaninoff) - The Seduced Succumbs Silenced By The Night (Keane)
  7. MrM

    Entry 52

    @Comicality isn’t at Chapter 50 yet so I’m sure he’s cooking up the last chapter of book 9 even as I type this.
  8. I hope Deacon don’t end up a snack like that poor ol’ gal did out yonder. 😞
  9. Saturday I was just a dither today. I don’t know if you ever have days where you just feel ‘out of phase’ with reality? Well, I kinda sorta did today. I think it was brought on by a lot of, I guess, unresolved things from this past week. It was a fairly ‘nothing’ kind of week, really, but . . . there was a lot going on, I don’t know, under the surface, I guess. Maybe, I just didn’t have enough to do today. No plans at all. Hell, I even had to ‘make up’ some chores to do. What is that all about? I’m hoping this isn’t what my summer is going to be like. I don’t know if I could surviv
  10. I can't pigeon-hole my sex scenes. They are usually a mixture of romance and erotica. As I have developed my style over the years I've found that the most titilating scenes are ones that leave a lot to the imagination while giving enough to experience the experience the protagonist is having. Emotional rapture is something regular porn can't envision, usually. It's usually very mechanical and graphic showing everything that's going on. The most boring of which tends to be the scenes that only show peg one going into slot two, etc. Writing can convey the full experience if done well. I te
  11. Ah, it was a long, long, loooooong, time ago. I have no bitter feelings about her or the prom anymore. I couldn't have had the time I wanted back then. It was just too different a time and place. I have a feeling that if time and space had been aligned better we would have had a 'Brian and Justin' moment at our prom:
  12. I can join in on the ’No Prom Club’. I had a date. She canceled. She said it was due to her over-religious mother, but I think it had more to do with my lack of ’action’. It felt forced because it was. There was NO possibility of me going with a male date. I think we would have been killed if we’d tried that.
  13. MrM

    Chapter 20

    LOL This episode was just so real!
  14. Though not strictly 'Holiday' as a theme, it does end up where, apparently, Santa Claus actually lives in Finland. It also touts Winter as the warmest season for reasons that far transcend a nice fire in a. big fireplace. It also has a 'Last Christmas' feel with a focus on skiing. I give you Snowflake: A Love Story:
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