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About this blog

A re-edition of a story I wrote in 2016. It has been edited and proof read. Serialized here, starting today.

You will need to follow the story to get chapter publication notices, they will not appear as newly posted, this being a second edition.

DON'T MISS OUT and let me know what you think. Comments appreciated.

Happy reading!



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Rompecabezas Synopsis

The intense heat and desolation hit you immediately the journey begins at the sordid truck stop, where sex is sold as easily as a beer. Jabez, the boy they call John, is a candy seller working for the hotel barman, a magician who can read people. But there is another reality, the Palace of Dreams where Jabez is the guide to strange events and pleasures. A bond is formed in the search to find El Cuervo de Plata (The Silver Crow).

William King

William King

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