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Soundtracks for Comsie’s new kid in school stories.


new kid in school

ryan's heart

kiss of an angel

the arcade junkies

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Why Don’t You Play The Game, Arcade Junkie?

TRACK LISTING Computer Game (Yellow Magic Orchestra) - The Arcade High Score Summer (Arcade High) - Matt Meets Sam Digital Love (Daft Punk) - “Why Don’t You Play The Game?” Ready To Start (Arcade Fire) - Matt Levels Up Slow (Kylie Minogue) - The Body Game, No Batteries Required Boom, Boom (Let’s Go Back To My Room) (Paul Lekakis) -  Scoring Tyler No ‘I’ In Threesome (Interpol) - Matt + Sam + Tyler = Mamler Moments In Love (Art Of Noise) -



Kiss Of An Angel: The Soundtrack

Track List   Shy (Karnaboy) - Ariel’s Theme What Makes You Beautiful (Cover of OneDirection by Tyler Ward) - Tyler’s Question Dissonance (Hammock) - Of The Banging Of Heads Against Walls Ready To Start (Tear For Fears Cover of Arcade Fire) - Tyler Breaks The Threesome Puzzles (The Mary Onettes) - Figuring Things Out Back And Forth, Forth And Back Pretty Haze (Summer Heart) - The Pink Haze Of Angelic Love Sweetness And Light (Lush) - Ariel’s



The Sound of Ryan’s Heart

Track List Ryan’s Prayer (Cal Haley) - Being The New Kid Gentle Rain (Snow In Mexico) - Finding Sunshine On A Cloudy Day Sapphire Eyes (Blue Jay) - A Risk Is Defined By Treasures In His Eyes Smile (The New Division) - Love Found In A Smile Tootsie Roll (Mister Chase) - Tootsie Rolls and Eye Candy Lovestruck (The Fauns) - Randy Casts His Spell A Key Turns (The Depreciation Guild) - Ryan The Gatekeeper, Randy the Key Master Strawberry Cream



New kid in school: Randy’s Serenade

————————————————————————  Track List Rain Sounds (Study Music) - That Gloomy Day In March Eyes (The New Division) - The World Redefined By A Moment In His Eyes My First Crush (TimeCop1983, Trevor Something) - Love At First Sight Tootsie Roll (69 Boyz) - Tootsie Rolls and Eye Candy Blue Lily (The Depreciation Guild) - Heavenly Shades of Ryan Kinky Love (Pale Saints) - Ryan’s Sexy Self In My Arms (Erasure) - Hugs and Kisses, Kisses and Hugs



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