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My One Truth

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Musical outline and extrapolations for Comicality’s story.

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My One True Temptation

Music Soundtrack Track List Invisible - Duran Duran (Colin’s Theme) Stranger - Miami Horror (‘Who is this guy . . . How could he understand?‘) Whataya Want from Me? - Adam Lambert (‘Well?’) Temptation - NewOrder (Colin Is Tempted) Touched by the Hand of God - NewOrder (‘What would a living God want with me?’) Lost Cause - Beck (Discouraged and Discouraging) Save Your Tears - The Weeknd (‘Please, please, don’t cry over me, Russ


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My One True Weakness

Music   Track List Caught On The Inside - Ten Fé (Thinking and crying over you . . .) Something Good - Dear Boy (Russ’ Theme) Love Interest - Dear Boy (Wanting What Is Real) Shoplifters Of The World Unite - The Smiths (My Only Weakness) Meaningless Love - Under The Influence Of Giants (Stuck with Joey) It’s Worth Feeling Empty - 6 Dogs (Joey Sitting In The Back Seat) It’s Only Sex - Car Seat Headrest (Sex and Love are not the


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