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;; It's Hard -



Underneath the Stars,

is Where you will always find me.

and I know that you will come back one day.


Pride can stand a thousand trials,

and the strong will never fall.

But watching stars without you,

My soul cries.

My heaving heart is so full of pain


I never thought I would get hurt like this.

Everyday, life still goes on like this.

I wish I could find a way to not cry

As Time passes by.


You never let me know it,

You never let it show.

Because you loved me

and if you were with me today, face to face

There would be obviously to much to say:


"Hold me.

Whatever lies beyond this morning,

is a little later on.

Regardless of any warnings,

the future doesn't scare me at all.

It will be Okay.

Nothing's like before."


It's hard to let it go,

I don't think life is quite that simple


And the Hardest Thing to say is Good Bye.



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