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  1. Welcome the latest addition to my LPW army... the water buffalo brigade!
  2. I like this thought I think I'd have to be a bear too Will information about these be posted here? I'd love to check them out
  3. Valkyrie


    I think you chose good place for it to end, with Peter killing Angela and not knowing what happened to Simon. It leaves room for a sequel. When I say the ending is rushed, I mean we could have seen more of Peter's hunt for Angela and the toll it took on him, along with the reactions of his friends and family. Jane disappeared, so there would have been buzz in the school and maybe a rift between Peter and the rest of his friends since he knew what happened to her. What you have here is good, but could have been expanded on a bit more. I still enjoyed the story, though, so please don't think I didn't like it. So has re-reading those chapters inspired your muse?
  4. Great interview! I'm excited for any new Rob stories, especially Timber Pack Chronicles
  5. Valkyrie


    The ending was definitely rushed. This novella could easily be expanded into a novel, should you ever feel the inclination. It's totally understandable to not want to revisit finished works, though. I don't tend to do that myself. I really like the outline you've presented for the sequel and would encourage you to finish it, provided your muse cooperates. Thank you for sharing it
  6. I turned my AC on today too. I loved Downton Abbey. It's a great show.
  7. *nicks the shiny while the putrid one cowers before the might of the glare bear stare*
  8. I reflect the spot from my screen onto the wall and he goes nuts trying to get it. I'm doing a Zoom meeting with a bunch of old college friends in a little bit. I'm really looking forward to seeing and catching up with everyone
  9. *waves* My evening entertainment is watching Joker attack sunspots reflecting off my computer screen onto the wall.
  10. Valkyrie

    Necromancer done

    It's up to you how fast you'd like to post your stories. Some people post weekly, others post more frequently... building up hype and leaving teasers is a good way to draw people in. I'm sure you'll get readers no matter when you decide to post. I'm looking forward to reading it.
  11. Valkyrie


    Are your other novellas related to this story? I'd love to know more. What happened to Simon? Who made Angela? I feel bad for Jane It's sad Peter got his heart broken, but now he can focus on the future... hopefully with someone not wanting to become one of the undead
  12. Well considering I already am an emperor penguin, I'm the de facto ruler of LPW land no matter what the stinky mummy says.
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