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  1. Valkyrie

    #774 Me and I

    I love this twist on the typical doppelganger. Who says our doppelganger is of the same gender? Interesting little snippet
  2. Valkyrie

    The Temple of Doom

    I think his name is "Every cat on the planet"
  3. Valkyrie

    Family Ties

    Glad you liked it
  4. Valkyrie

    Climate Change

    You know me too well
  5. Valkyrie

    Abandoned Stacks

    Me too. Thanks for reading
  6. Valkyrie

    The Temple of Doom

    A combination of every cat I've ever had.
  7. Whew... I'm finally caught up on replying to all the comments on my week of prompts.  Cole and Randy are on their way home.  One more day off, then back to work on Monday.  *sigh* 

  8. Valkyrie

    The Temple of Doom

    Well you can prohibit all you want... animals don't always listen, especially when no humans are around.
  9. Valkyrie

    The Temple of Doom

    Thank you, and thanks for taking this journey with us.
  10. Valkyrie

    The Temple of Doom

    Haha... no idea... 👼
  11. Valkyrie

    Family Ties

    Thanks so much
  12. Valkyrie

    Family Ties

    Haha same here.
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