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That's perfect.



Well... This weekend was interesting... I got a lot of work done and managed to not go insane mainly because my mother was out of the state.


Unfortunatly I was met with tragedy. My netbook of 1.5 years died on Saturday with a watery fate. I was by my friends pool working on some things for work when my friend came by and knocked my netbook into the pool. Thankfully I'm an avid backer upper because I didn't loose anything vital, just a movie or two. So needless to say I was horrified and dove in after it and grabbed it before it hit the bottom of the pool. Once out of the water I disconnected the battery and proceeded to scream at my friend. He felt bad and yesterday nt with me to the apple store where he bought me an iPad 3G.


Sad to say I really like it, it's made work a lot easier and thanks to some sources at work, I got a few neat Programs to run on it (Dsm-iv-tr, iWorks, WebMD and a few others to name a few). I went onto the iTunes store and found out that the suite of Programs would've cost me quite a few bucks. Also since I use this primarily for work and it's been accepted at work, I can also use this as a tax write off :D


Anywho my life at home is still kinda bad, but it's starting to look up especially since I might be getting a car in two weeks and soon to finish school.





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