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Trials and Tribulations

Billy Martin


I just published the first chapter of my first story ever. It's a coming out, coming of age story about the trials and tribulations of Andy Collins and friends as he confronts his sexual orientation in a small mining town of Pine Hills nestled away in the Appalachian Mountains of Eastern Kentucky.


I would love for you to give it a read and let me know if you liked the chapter and would like for me to continue the story. I know I will make mistakes,but hopefully I will learn from them and not repeat the same ones :)


If you liked it, please remember to click on the "like it" on the bottom right of the chapter. Consider it like buying me a drink for a job well done or a pat on the back.


I will also offer a poll for your use if you if you're into polls ;)


Below is a link to the story.


Trials and Tribulations




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I would like to thank everyone that has read, left a review, and liked my story. Your response has been way more than I could have imagine. I also want to thank Trevor and Wayne for their awesome help. Without them the story would not have been as liked as it has.


I'm considering butting the story on hold until after the holidays. But I'm open to what you think of it. So please let me know your thoughts on the matter and the direction of the story.



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