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  1. Billy Martin

    Chapter 10

    I find myself in complete agreement with you, Philippe.
  2. Billy Martin

    Chapter 8

    Good chapter.
  3. Billy Martin

    Chapter 153

    I believe the ideal for a girls academy and the reasons Adam gave for it are both proper and noble.
  4. Billy Martin

    Chapter 152

    Crow doesn't taste THAT bad 🤢
  5. Billy Martin

    Chapter 145

    Thank you for another heart warming chapter.
  6. Billy Martin

    Chapter 139

    Time never really stands still, even though it may seem it at times. Case in point, we are rapidly moving through Adam's love-filled life. Yet, we are allowed to experience the important parts that makes this an amazing story.
  7. I will never forget working with Wayne on my Trials and Tribulations story. He was my beta reader and mentor. Through it all, he was kind, encouraging, instructing, and a friend. I'm a better person for having known him and the world was a better place having him in it. I will miss him,
  8. Billy Martin

    Chapter 123

    Another wonderful chapter.
  9. Billy Martin

    Chapter 118

    Always a pleasure to find a new posting on this story. Thanks for keeping it going!
  10. Billy Martin

    Chapter 115

    It's getting hot in the proverbial kitchen
  11. Billy Martin

    Chapter 93

    I agree, another sweet chapter; however, I'm fine with the overall output of the story's chapters. Yes some people's chapters are longer, I myself had a few chapters 8,000 or more long, BUT, mine and other's came out once a week or longer in between. CL Jobe is averaging 2,000 words a day or 14,000 a week. I can live with that. That's for sure.
  12. Billy Martin

    Chapter 89

    I'm always pleased to see another chapter of this wonderful story posted.
  13. Billy Martin

    Chapter 78

    I did not see this coming, at all.
  14. Billy Martin

    Chapter 71

    I want to comment, but I fear I would be too politically incorrect for this site. However, I will say it's easy to know this is a small community by how people there react to injustice.
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