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it will be magnificent -



I didn't know what you saw in me,

but I was grateful that you did

because you were the only

person who ever had.


Up until then,

I was strong...

but you made me weak.


the feeling petrified me.


"cheer up, sweet beautiful boy.

you are going to love again

& it will be magnificent,"

my mother had always told me.





"to tell you the truth, I don't have much to offer.

but I'll still give you everything I've got,

even if it's barely a thing at all.

I just want to be with you."


I tightly closed my eyes shut;

thinking that what you had to "offer"

was more than I've ever dreamed of -


you kissed me then, under the

starry November sky. & as we

melted into one another, I knew


I was in love.

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