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  1. So sad to hear the news about Wayne's sudden death. I can only add to the chorus here about how kind and thoughtful he always was. He collected postcards so JianSierra and I used to send him a postcard from our vacations every year... He will be missed by many.
  2. I'm so glad: Hidden sunlight was really sub-par in terms of style... NOT !! What on Lucere do you expect to improve?? I know, I know... the author is always right but is this just a ploy to make us re-read HS again ? 😉 And really don't worry about the notifications Keep up the good work. Happy to hear that you have it all planned out.
  3. I'm glad about your decision. Your stories are well worth the wait anyway
  4. I voted for Veil of shadow, probably because more time was spent on character development with Shay than with Torsten, and that made him a more immediately likeable character. Also, it was the first story I read from you so there was an element of surprise and amazement about the plot and about your style which could not be as prevalent in a second story. That said, I will happily return to Spirit of Fire whenever you write the sequel
  5. You are right, it was quite a draconic ride. It wasn't the ending I had imagined but it is full of promise for what is to come. The one aspect I cannot yet see is Araziah and Tosten's relationship in the future. Granted, many things may happen when magic is thrown in the mix, but Araziah's new status seems to complicate matters quite a bit. On to vote for what you should write next.
  6. Thanks Myr! It was a minor glitch, but I thought I'd ask. Thanks for fixing it.
  7. Congratulations and well deserved! A to Z is one of the best stories I've read on GA.
  8. Well done on the update! I use GA mostly on my phone so I'm looking forward to the new features. I'm just curious as to why I turned from Author into a Newbie. My stories and my blog are still here, and my profile doesn't seem to have changed otherwise. Should I just purchase an Author status in the store again?
  9. Bleu

    Chapter 20

    Nice to see another chapter. I was happily surprised by Neil's confrontation with José. He knows when to show his courage.
  10. Bleu

    Chapter 20

    Thank you for this story. You keep adding depth to it and I certainly want to see where this is going.
  11. Thanks for reading and liking my poems. I hadn't looked at them for a long time :)

    1. Aditus


      I'm glad that I found them. I enjoyed them very much. Maybe try again one day?

    2. Bleu


      Thanks. Yes, maybe one day... :)

  12. Bleu

    RIP Lacey

    So sorry to hear the news. I have fond memories of Lacey from 2010-2012 when chat was in full swing. Condolences.

    1. Bleu


      Thank you ! 

  14. Happy Birthday Bleu!

  15. Bleu

    hands tied

    Glad to see this story is back on
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