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GOP Party Caucus





Mississippi Republican Party Caucus


James Savik 11/29/2009



Mississippi Republicans met in Jackson Monday in their first in a series of meetings to decide which candidate that they will support in the 2012 convention and Presidential Race. A straw poll was held to see where the candidates stand.


None of those God damned yankees - got the most votes followed closely by Newt Gingrich and none of those God damned Mormons.


The Grand Dragon... I mean the State Party Chairman refused to commit to any of those "God-less RINOs the national party is floating like turds in our punch bowl".


When asked for comment on Herman Cain's marital problems, the Party Chairman said, "It brings into question Herman Cain's judgment because those were some awfully ugly whores."


I expect the Mississippi GOP to drink a lot of moonshine and eventually pick the most offensive candidate available.


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