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  1. Thanks for following me.

    I'm right in the middle of a lot of writing, so should be posting soon(ish) :)

  2. In Days Like This to Be an Honest Person

    We all have bad days at work but do we have days as bad as Ruthie, the central character in this short story, is having? This is the next story in my collection The People of the City and is about those awkward moments.

    Happy reading.

  3. Thank you. This story started off so differently and was going to have a very different ending. I have started to write the second part, which will explore Shaun's relationships, with Harley, with his mother and his brother. Unfortunately, Covid-19 has got in the way of my writing. Work has been very busy and I've been asked to write a lot of articles about Covid-19. It does feel that things are finally settling down, I'm getting more time and energy to write and I need to tell the rest of Shaun's story. He's one of those characters who bounce around inside my head.
  4. This is what I wanted to do when I decided to introduce Harley into the story. Just because Shaun has had so little love in his life doesn't mean he doesn't miss it. Shaun is also deeply depressed, look why he wanted to holiday in Scarborough, and depression will make any pain feel worse. A bit of affection has lifted his mood and helped with his pain relief.
  5. Lisa’s Idea

    It was Lisa’s idea that he met her new boyfriend that evening, it was Lisa’s idea that he kissed her handsome new boyfriend, it was Lisa’s idea…

    This story, the latest story in my collection The People of the City, revolves around a bad decision, a very bad decision.

    Happy reading.


    1. Reader1810


      Why am I sensing Lisa is regretting those decisions? 🤔

    2. Zombie


      well some guys like seeing two girls...

      so maybe Lisa likes seeing... :o :gikkle:


    3. Drew Payne

      Drew Payne

      I'm sure Lisa would watch a few videos in the gay section on Pornhub on her own, she probably got a "little excited" as she watched her boyfriend kiss Nick. But she wants her boyfriend to be a "real man" and would probably have a stroke if she saw Ethan sucking cock.

  6. Physically he is based on a real guy, but he is a bit of the "ideal hunk". I hope I give him more personality here.
  7. Thank you. I used to be an Orthopaedic Nurse and I looked after a lot of people who had life-changing injuries to their limbs, especially their legs. I didn't know about Guillaume Depardieu but I looked after several people who had legs amputated because of chronic pain/failure of the bones to heal fully. Their lives were turned around by the amputation, they began to live again once their leg was gone. But this is very extreme and doesn’t happen very often. Shaun needs something else.
  8. I disagree, Shaun's mother cares deeply but about herself. She doesn't care about other people and she deeply resents Shaun, though from nothing he did. When we were staying in Scarborough, one of the people we were there with had her car stole. She'd left a spare key in the car and the thefts broken a window to get into the car. Because she'd left the key in it the police were very uninterested in her car being stolen, they seemed to do the bare minimum. Add to that that Shaun is lying to the police and he's not that good a liar, the police don't take much of an interest, especially as t
  9. Thank you. People looking back on events from their lives is very much part of my writing style. I like the challenge of writing memories but pacing it so I can pull the reader back into "present day" of when the story is set. I also like the challenge of writing memories in a style that is aping the way we remember events (though these memories are much more flashbacks). This was the first long read I published on GA and I didn't know there were people who would happily edit/proofread my writing. I'm dyslexic and I can't see the mistakes I make.
  10. Thank you. I would like to say that its all fiction too but I filtered it through Shaun's eyes and his desperate need for love.
  11. Shaun isn't me but I’ve met a lot of men like him, and Aunty Agatha taught me how to plot. We did spend a holiday in Scarborough and its a place that sticks in the memory, though we didn't go there for the same reason as here.
  12. Words to the Wise

    “Believe me, this is the best advice you’ll ever hear…”

    This story, the latest story in my collection The People of the City, is about the people who are quick to give advice, but how do they know it’s the right advice?

    Happy Reading.

  13. @JeffreyL, thank you for this. I chose a fictional character because it was easier and safer way to tell the story. If I'd told it from the point-of-view of a real character then there is all that terrible responsibility of getting them right, and what if I got their characterisation wrong. But also, I'm really interested in history told from the point-of-view of the people on the side-lines. I chose Mark because I wanted someone who would get increasingly disgusted by what was unfollowing in the courtroom. As I was researching this story I was shocked by what happened during this trial a
  14. Chalkboard History Lessons

    This is my new collection of stories. Its theme is LGBTQ history, especially gay history and gay British history. The stories will look at different at different events from gay history, some resent history (Events from my own experience) and older history. I want to look at the big and smaller events that have led to some of the freedoms we have now.

    I also want to highlight events that have slipped from our collective memory or the small events that didn’t get much notice, but still affected people’s lives. With all these stories I’ll also post relevant links to the real events inspiring the story.

    The first story, The Trial of The Century, is about the Gay News blasphemy trial. Like all the other stories that will be posted, the central character in this story is fictional but there are real people also described in it.

    For my other short story collections, I have given them a limit of twenty stories and then I close it. With this collection I have decided that it will be unlimited, I have a lot of different ideas. I just need to write them, so bear with me as posting may not be the most regular.

    It also feels the right time to launch this collection. February is LGBTQ History Month and Russell T Davies new TV series, It’s a Sin, is being broadcast now.

    Happy reading.

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    2. Drew Payne

      Drew Payne

      Wow, I'd heard of Kitty Courtney but only in passing.

      This is the type of story I'm looking for. Kitty Courtney is the larger-than-life character that I can use, but seen from the point-of-view of the smaller people around him.

      I've got a lot of ideas but many of them revolve around events from the eighties and nineties. I've been looking for older stories. I'm working on one from World War I. I need to research Kitty but there's a lot to write about here. 13 sisters, what a household (!!).

      Thank you so much, this is so helpful.

    3. Zombie


      my Mum loved Flog It and I used to watch it with her. In one episode they used Powderham Castle and included an interview with the current owner who told the story. It was such a sad tale I googled the script and found this transcript - scroll down to 19:54 for the full interview 


      Also this website mentions he was “dearly loved by his tenants” which might help telling a story from the “smaller people’s” POV :) 



    4. Drew Payne

      Drew Payne

      @Zombie, thank you so much, this is really helpful.

      I'm working on two different stories at the moment, both from recent history. I will get around to Kitty, just give me some time. The tenants are really useful because I was working on the idea of different short-short stories set at different times throughout his life.

  15. @Mawgrim, I was like your aunt when I was a teenager. I'd didn’t sent missionaries around to other people but I was always forcing my views onto them and telling them how they were "wrong". I look back at myself then and shudder, I saw everything as black and white, right and wrong. Of course that was all until I had to face up to my sexuality and that smashed all that self-righteousness. I'm afraid that fundamentalist Christians don't just screw up gays. I have kept contact with only three other people from my Evangelical days, two of them are straight and one is a Lesbian, and all
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