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    Dandelion Clock

    Take a deep breath, make a wish, and if you can blow out all the seeds in one breath, you’ll get your wish. But be careful what you wish for. Alice, in the next story in my collection The People of the City, has found herself a dandelion clock…

    Happy reading

  2. This is the other reason I have been rather quiet.

    I have now become a published author with my collection of stories Case Studies in Modern Life. The stories all look at how different gay men live their lives today, how they face the different challenges of modern life, but there isn’t a dating app insight.

    You can read the e-book here and a paperback version will be available soon.

    Happy reading

  3. Showtime 2020

    Looking for some spring reading?

    My story about a nurse surviving a night shift has been published in this wonderful collection of writing. I’m so proud it’s included here, do check it out.

    Happy reading.

  4. I have been rather quiet lately. Nothing wrong with me, except work has been busy as we come out of lockdown. But I have been writing a lot. I’m busy with a novella/short novel about the aftermath of a stabbing. I’m about two-thirds of the way through it, but I keep going back and rewriting sections with the more research I do. I’ll start posting it here when I’ve finished it. It is one of those stories I need to finish and have the whole plot sorted out before I can start posting it.

    Please, watch this space.

  5. Safety Information

    Everyone has a dream but how do you make it come true. The narrator of this story, the next one in my collection The People of the City, has a very special dream and one day…

    Happy reading

  6. @Drew Payne


    I see that it worked. Let me be the first at GA to welcome our newest official   '  :music: Quinquagenarian :music:  '.



    sandrewn :cowboy:

    1. Drew Payne

      Drew Payne

      Thank you.

      Turning 50 was nowhere near as difficult as turning 40, but God the world has changed, even since I was 40.

  7. James, thanks for your wonderful feedback. My stories keeping you "entertained and thoughtful" is the highest praise. Thank you. P.S. I am writing more.
  8. Thank you so much, this is a story I have worried whether it worked or not. @pvtguy gave me some wonderful feedback too. The inspiration for this story was me shouting at the radio. It was after the Jimmy Savile scandal broke, here in England (The link is to Savile's Wikipedia page which gives so much more detail). There was an old journalist being interviewed on the radio and he said everyone, in the media, knew Savile was a paedophile and Savile should have been kept away from children. I lost my temper and screamed at the radio because that man had been silent while Savile was alive.
  9. “I Always Knew” is the last story in my collection Stories Written on Lined Paper.

    Hindsight is a wonderful thing, and it can come in 56 different varieties. This story is about three different people’s reaction to it.

    Happy reading

  10. “All that Uncle Jelly Bean scandal leaves such a nasty taste in the mouth,” Aunt Marion announced to the room in front of her. Dan wanted to let out a loud and sarcastic groan, but he didn’t. Instead, he changed his position on the sofa and glanced over at his mother who silently rolled her eyes. Only now had Aunt Marion got onto the subject of the Uncle Jelly Bean Scandal. She’d spent the whole of Sunday dinner ranting about one subject or another, shooting out her very black and white opinions at them, and when he didn’t agree with her, which was every time, she’d lash out at him with h
  11. One of my oldest friend Sally's wife is a United Reform Church Minister, I have several friends who are Anglicans and worship at every accepting churches. I certainly know that there are safe places for LGBTQ+ people in the Christian church, and lovely people who attend them. I also watch how the Christian Church, especially a lot of the leadership, are still tying themselves up in knocks with homophobia, and appear so unattractive to those of us on the outside. What interests me is how would a gay man find a place in the Christian Church and how would they deal with the vocal Christian h
  12. I'm only human. Like so many people, I do feel ashamed of the awful way I behaved as a teenager, but I don't blame myself anymore. I had therapy, nearly thirty years ago, and that helped me to understand why things happened and my part in it all. I have that found understanding of situations and people is so powerful and helps me not to repeat the sins of my past. I'm so fortune that I have been able to learn from my experiences, and that of others. I've met so many people who've had no insight into their lives and actions, and that is so sad. I don't blame my teenage self for what he did
  13. Thank you, you make me blush. This is what I wanted to write about. That Graeme isn't the villain of this story but the victim. He is faced with what he fears the most, but what he secretly wants the most, a happy gay man, and he can't cope. Stephen Cartmel is what he really wants to be. I was like him when I was sixteen/seventeen. I feel so ashamed of myself, when I look back to then, I believed all those lies and it was eating me alive (!!).
  14. I hadn't thought about a sequel but now you mention it, it’s a good idea. There are two characters here it could be about, but it would have to be set years later than these events. I've got one more story to add to this collection, I've decided to close a collection when it reaches twenty stories (That worked with my other collection), so the sequel will be in my next collection. Thank you so much for the idea.
  15. Penance on a Wet Thursday Morning

    Grief is a terrible thing, a dark creature that can drag us down. But how do you deal with grief when you are not allowed to feel it? The woman in this story, the next one in my collection The People of the City, faces that head-on.

    Happy reading

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