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Extreme Unction


Unloved, Unkissed,
Unconfessed sins
Of hidden romances,
Daring lusts to reach the heavens of Unmuted affections.


Uncouth, Unknown,
Undesired attraction
Of objects lost,
To deny the existence of Unseen memoirs of transgressions.


Unforgiven, Untold,
Unending love.



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Actually, I wanted to explore what it will be to speak or rather unspeak about your love lost in your deathbed. If you had been a deeply-closeted, abusive, hetero-normative, catholic guy and you were dying, in your final confession that opens the doors of the silver city, will you come clean and make a true confession to absolve you, when you believe the same confession will close those doors for you? Will you choose to be a sinner in love, an abomination?



Thank you both for your kind words.

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