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  1. You bring us into the scene with lots of visual and physical touches. It’s very powerful.
  2. Parker Owens

    Chapter 2

    Your painting of Muriel is a dark work of art. I can’t stand her already. Well done!
  3. Someone else actually writes math poems :rofl:  


    1. Parker Owens

      Parker Owens

      And I thought


      was quite beyond


      poetic efforts

      at metrical syllable counting

      by those

      mathematical minds

      with plenty of time

      on their hands

      and much to think of...

  4. Parker Owens

    Chapter 1

    I enjoyed this opening gambit immensely. I feel for SK Wyrrel, truly. And perhaps Marshall will remember him, but somehow, that seems unlikely.
  5. Parker Owens


    Oh, my. The only problem I foresee is that Heinrich Senior is so cheap, he wouldn't spring for the can of gas. Rita skipping town? Now that would really cause the gossip to flow around Eagle Lake. Why, Rick would never hear the end of it. Thanks for reading, and for your thoughts. Happy Thanksgiving!
  6. Parker Owens


    I'll be looking for CJ's name to come up on the news shows next Sunday. You're giving me ideas. Happy Thanksgiving!
  7. Parker Owens


    Thank you for the snapshot of your day. It made me smile. Happy Thanksgiving!
  8. Parker Owens


    CJ and Oz seemed in a hurry to get to Minneapolis. Perhaps Rick could have invited them over for a cookout, but words failed him. Rick certainly has plenty of food for thought, all based on this brief, yet memorable encounter. I'm happy you took time to read today's chapter. Thank you, and Happy Thanksgiving!
  9. Parker Owens


    Your kind words made me smile this evening, warming the room despite the chill outside. Funny how that fish grew in the telling. Rick's ordinary, undramatic encounter at Guttmacher's Service may have lit something in him. Perhaps, given support and luck, it won't be snuffed out. Many thanks for reading, and for your encouraging words.
  10. Parker Owens


    That you did not want the chapter to be done made me smile wide. You gave me one more thing to be thankful for today. Thank you very much for reading, and I'm glad you enjoyed this chapter's treat.
  11. Parker Owens


    Fireworks in the future? Well, Independence Day is coming up in Eagle Lake. Hope you enjoyed Walter’s fish story. I have the feeling Rick and he have swapped a few. Rita has irked Walter, who has no way to speculate or spin what she has up her sleeve. He’s left to tell tall tales until he (and everyone else in town) knows what’s up.
  12. Parker Owens


    Rita seems to want Rick for more than his plumbing skills. But if she’s romantically inclined, she’s going to find Rick to be a frustrating man to pursue, even as he tries to remain civil and courteous. The impression created for everyone else in town is that Rick is in the hunt, and they can’t wait for someone to catch the other. Call it small town entertainment. Thanks for reading the chapter. Happy Thanksgiving!
  13. Happy Thanksgiving!!!

  14. Parker Owens


    Rita has big plans, but she’s not telling Rick about them. In fact, she’s keeping things very closely held, apparently. That’s hard to do in a small town. Perhaps she has learned the hard way about getting key people onside first. Rick’s experience of the bikers certainly tugs on his heart and ignites the tinder of yearning. I commend CJ and Oz and all of @Carlos Hazday’s writing to you. Many thanks, and have a wonderful Thanksgiving.
  15. Parker Owens


    How often do we get told fish stories? I enjoyed writing that part, and of course, the cameo appearance of CJ and Oz. You were very kind to lend them to Rick for a few minutes. He will remember them for quite a while. Many thanks, and Happy Thanksgiving!
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