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  1. This is a wonderful poem. It’s a beautiful expression of love and desire for healing.
  2. Parker Owens


    Your poem pleads for understanding and asks the reader to read as one would wish to be understood. This is indeed an excellent formulation of an online golden Rule. Thank you.
  3. Parker Owens

    Our Path

    Awesome! You’ve done beautifully in this form! Your fiancé is a lucky guy.
  4. Parker Owens

    Past and Present

    These are grand snapshots of a marvelous holiday. You are so good to distill your experiences and share them with us. Thank you!
  5. So many images here recall the Western Front: the stink of war in the trenches, the endless churning of blasted mud, and the thousands of dead men planted with the brilliantly described “iron seed corn.” The casualties were on a scale we cannot begin to grasp now, a hundred years hence. Hans’ anger and bitterness are hardly out of place in such a setting.
  6. Parker Owens


    I like this. You have a knack for capturing the emotional essence of an event or situation, and you do it beautifully.
  7. Parker Owens

    form to my wont

    Number 41 invites me to your sorrow, one which must be borne, but little shared. The last quatrain particularly strikes me, as images of smoke filled parties fill my head. Number 42 is most powerful, most memorable to me. I may make it part of my classroom door poetry collection. Number 43 tugs at my heart, and makes me think of the boxes of unsorted photos I still have from my mom’s house. I love 44 for its poignant simplicity. As a quartet, these are marvelous to read. Thank you.
  8. I like this meditation on keys and their nature. I doubt you did this in south Florida, though.
  9. Geo-nerds are a worldwide fraternity, I think, like their cousins, the math geeks. Writing into all four parts of the prompt took considerable head scratching and pondering. I’m very happy you thought it came out all right.
  10. I’ll second that! I liked this - and I’m hooked. Please let there be more...
  11. Presidential Greenland beachfront condos! Glacier golf courses! You’re the best. I hadn’t thought of this as something longer, but perhaps... now you have my brain working. Thank you so much for reading this, and for your thoughts.
  12. Parker Owens

    Chapter 1

    Great beginning. I’m definitely hooked, and want to know more.
  13. The enemy fires a star shell overhead, and suddenly all stealth, all subtle movement is laid bare. I can feel the momentary paralysis, every sense strained. The soldier is utterly vulnerable, illuminated in the open. The soldier feels exposed, perhaps terrified. The only safety is on the ground, in the mud, before the enemy’s lines erupt with gunfire. This poem perfectly illustrates the soldier’s lot in war. Thank you.
  14. It appears they’ll land safely enough. I’m glad you picked up Justin’s interest. These two make a pretty good research team in the Canadian wilderness. Thank you very much for reading this, and for your response.
  15. Thank you very much for reading this. I’m very happy you enjoyed it!
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