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  1. Parker Owens

    Chapter 12

    Oh, my. Second time was soooooo much better. Beautifully written. Yes, these two are falling ever deeper into each other. But the window! Talk about scandalized neighbors...
  2. Parker Owens


    Thank you for the epilogue. Definitely worth the wait!
  3. Parker Owens

    Two Blue Poems

    I’m deeply grateful for the inspiration and help that flows from your pen. The elegy form came naturally to these thoughts, and that’s attributable to what you have given us all. The form is indeed addictive, inviting more and fuller narrative, if one wants. As for the first of these poems, I’m glad the mood did not linger. Yet that kind you quoted was wonderfully serendipitous, occurring to mind during a study hall, of all places. Thank you so much for your kind and very generous response.
  4. Parker Owens

    Parting from Him

    What beautiful images this poet brings to my mind. Li Bai made the lightest thing - dandelion down - into such a powerful emotive idea. Sunsets and young colts become icons of the sorrow of parting. Thank you for bringing us this.
  5. Parker Owens

    Chapter 16

    Unknown to Corbin and Paul, a swirling, roiling mass of plot and counterplot is gaining speed and energy, like a hurricane at sea. You’re ratcheting up the tension nicely. Why do I feel there’s a serious plot twist coming?
  6. Thank you for a delightful morning read...
  7. Parker Owens

    Jonathan Roven is Lost

    This is so incredibly sad. Jonathan is unquestionably lost to Steve, to himself and to the world.
  8. Parker Owens

    Getting to Know You

    I enjoyed this chapter at least as much as god characters in them did. I doubt a slice of cake would be left over, but I really would love a lesson on icing. Louis and Don could not have done more to make Max part of their home and family. Thank you.
  9. Parker Owens

    Pi Day 2019

    Thank you, Lyssa. You are so kind to consider this from every angle.
  10. Parker Owens

    Pi Day 2019

    I do that in class every day. But sometimes I seem to garble the message. At least my students say so...
  11. Parker Owens

    Chapter 15

    Well. Stefano has a clear line to Hailey, and everything points to an easy hit on a man who remains terribly vulnerable. Something tells me that Corbin may never see his chicks mature.
  12. Parker Owens

    Chapter 26 - Getting unstuck

    Your entry today can point the way for anyone undergoing undue anxiety or dislocation. And that you’re writing again is a positive indicator of progress. I send you hugs, my friend.
  13. Parker Owens


    Excellent chapter. North country riding and a bit of ink for posterity. And Harley’s tell-off was priceless.
  14. Parker Owens

    Chapter 9

    You are leaving me hanging. Bloody, bereft, and bewildered, the survivors have only their wits and a bit of information on their side. How can they regroup and strike back? And how badly split are Diarmad’s subjects that such an attempt could take place? Looking for the next chapter... very, very soon. Please?
  15. Parker Owens

    Blank Paper

    This is both beautiful and heartbreaking. Together, you have produced a poem of two minds understanding one another’s hurt.

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