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  1. No kitten with huge, woe-filled eyes nor pouting face and heavy sighs will make me un-prioritize my taking of the shiny prize. mine.
  2. Parker Owens

    Con Moto

    You’re absolutely right: they were definitely looking for the man of Gus’ description. If poor Gus has anything to say about it, he’s going to wish it would all just go away before Zoltan gets a hint of it, while Rick probably is petrified for his boyfriend. Thanks for reading, and I very much enjoyed your comments.
  3. Parker Owens

    24 Hours

    You describe that feeling of endless emptiness very well.
  4. Parker Owens


    Thanks for thinking about things in Eagle Lake
  5. Parker Owens

    Con Moto

    I’m delighted in your comment: this is the first time anyone has designated a cliffie I wrote as “great.” Usually, I have to run and hide. We shall see what happens to Gus soon enough. Thank you very much for reading, and for your thoughts.
  6. Parker Owens


    I loved this wonderful, powerful chapter. Camp Refuge is a magical place, full of fantastic people. You bring them and all their goodness to life. I’m very grateful.
  7. Parker Owens

    Chapter 32

    So very lovely. Thank you.
  8. Parker Owens


    I’m very glad this line made you smile. It’s very gratifying to know that this story has held your interest. I hope you manage to get some rest. You have my thanks for reading and for your comments.
  9. Parker Owens

    Con Moto

    You can be sure Doctor Nesbitt will have a few choice words about disturbing the efficient operation of her ER. She doesn't seem like the type to put up with this kind of thing, but then, she's up against Federal Agents. Thanks for reading and for commenting.
  10. Parker Owens

    Con Moto

    The cast was an irresistible touch. I saw one a couple of summers ago, and thought it would be a shame to autograph it, as some people do. Rick probably hasn't thought far ahead about the explaining he might have to do, but you make an excellent point. Heinrich Senior is already gone back to Arizona, so at least his father won't immediately notice. That is, as you say, assuming Gus isn't carted off to a detention center. Many thanks for reading, and for sharing your thoughts.
  11. Parker Owens

    Con Moto

    Someone sure wanted to stir things up by calling Immigration. Rick and Gus are probably as shocked and surprised as the readers here. The real question is do you have a sufficient number of ants? Thanks very much for reading and commenting.
  12. Parker Owens

    Con Moto

    I fear I am a veteran of interminable ER visits, and a connoisseur of exam rooms. This gave me a chance to use those recollections for something good. There seem to be no end of folks who feel the need to make trouble. Perhaps this particular troublemaker will be frustrated. Thanks very, very much!
  13. Parker Owens

    Con Moto

    This would be a trying situation for anyone. For Rick and Gus, it’s likely to be particularly so, especially given how their mutual attraction has been growing all through the day. Making the news would depend on somebody calling a crew out, on a Saturday. I’m very happy you enjoyed Rick and Gus interacting. Thanks very much for your thoughts and for reading!
  14. Parker Owens

    Con Moto

    You’ve hit it exactly: it’s who you’re with that matters. Rick and Gus now know this, if they ever get the chance to reflect on it. They have made the most of their time together. Thanks very much for reading and for your comments.
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