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  1. Parker Owens

    Don't Go There

    It’s beautifully written, with an insistent rhythm. But I’m sad with its hurt and sense of injury.
  2. Parker Owens


    They’re Home for each other. I love that idea. You have shown us over and over that it’s true. Ritchie is standing by Lucy, but I imagine he will need to do more than stand by; it can be a really difficult and emotionally devastating procedure for her. At the same time, I worry what CJ and Owen’s actions might do to their relationship with Brett and César. Will they take a dim view of what they did once they find out?
  3. Parker Owens

    Chapter 1

    You’re so very kind to comment on this first foray into SciFi. I hope it successfully stands up to time.
  4. How beautiful! Your Tanka unfolds like the rose itself. I love it.
  5. Thank you for your stubbornness in writing poetry; I admire you all the more for it.
  6. Parker Owens


    Your last line: enjoy the time you have - is perfect punctuation for this chapter. Nate, who’s had nobody much to really lean on, now has Jaymes, and with him at his back, has become to branch out and blossom. But the flowers are only out for a short while, aren’t they? Excellent chapter.
  7. The early hours of mist and night / my grading labors put to flight / and now by rays of early dawn / the mighty stack’s completely gone. 

    1. Headstall


      Such commendable work

      To guide the young

      Assisting their gaining

      Of the next rung


      And for selfless, underpaid work

      Said teacher's name will be sung

      When tasseled caps are tossed high

      I trust Mr. Owens will be on their tongue


      Sorry... kind of lame but... teachers are awesome! :hug: 






    2. Emi GS

      Emi GS

      But, take care of yourself too, Parker... :)

    3. ancientrichard


      I had a colleague who solved the problem by awarding the same grade to every assignment :-)

  8. What fabled tower meets the eye? My math exams stacked nine yards high...

    1. northie


      Well, you did set them...  :funny:

    2. MacGreg


      You made your bed... 

    3. jamessavik


      A wizard's work is never done,

      Turn them into toads, every one.

  9. Parker Owens

    Round Two

    This has the makings of an abusive relationship, and one that will make both Chris and Will unhappy. I wish for happy endings, but I know that these don’t always happen, not in real life.
  10. Parker Owens


    What is so scary and sad about this chapter is that it is so true. Not every gay person in a fundamentalist church is outed, but we live with some form of exile, whether it’s within ourselves or with the world we were taught to believe in, or from the idea of benevolent providence. Exile is difficult for anyone; it’s not surprising that suicide is a common path people try to alleviate the pain. This was too well done.
  11. Parker Owens

    Bone Deep

    Isn’t it, though? I think this piece is brilliant. May I use it as an example for my students next year?
  12. Parker Owens

    Bone Deep

    Difficult you may have found it, but I think you carried it off very, very well. It's a great challenge. I like the conversation you built into so very little space.
  13. Parker Owens

    gilded in grime

    I reacted with 'love,' even though these poems move me to sadness. For while I feel the weight of unhappiness in each of these, I also find traces of love, too. In Number 30, there is the hurt and inexpressible yearning for the beloved. In Number 31, I want to reach out and ease the pain you must have borne, for the strength needed to force the sun to rise must have been enormous. In Number 32, I sit with you, having known something of what you wrote: pretending the world knows not the difference / between who I am and the possibilities taken struck a deep minor chord with me. The world is often unable to attune itself to love, in any of its forms, and this is a tragedy. For a poem so short, Number 33 speaks a world of truth. Thank you for sharing this collection with us.
  14. Love it: if you let a guy undress you... Thank you for another great prompt snapshot.
  15. Parker Owens


    Oh, hell yes. They make a great pair, as you’ve written them. It may be fiction, but you give light and hope with it. Thanks.
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