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  1. Parker Owens

    Chapter 18

    Well done, Alice. Excellent work, Shayna. These women showed just how weak and vulnerable Fergus can be. Soon, perhaps the pack will send Fergus packing.
  2. You are very kind to read and comment on this. I’m glad it made your world brighter.
  3. Thanks very much for reading this one. It’s short, but I hope the light shines in it.
  4. The sun in its arc gives light to love and life. I’m glad this came through here, and that you enjoyed this. Thanks for reading!
  5. If you can hear these things, then I am also content. I’m very glad you took time to read this. Thank you.
  6. Thank you so very much for having a look at this. I’m grateful for your thoughts.
  7. That lilt, that song-like feel is exactly what the mark at which I aimed. Thank you for saying that. And many thanks for reading!
  8. I will come to you at morning, your light playing on my frame; your warmth undressing, bright smile caressing, and no color is the same when I come to you at morning. You will follow me at midday to a soft, sweet gasped surprise; my body burning, full hearted yearning for what you ask with your eyes when you follow me at midday. I will kiss you in the evening, reawaken what is still; yet re-inviting our blest uniting so that I might have my fill when I kiss you in the evening.
  9. I continue to enjoy this tale. It’s sad to see what’s happened to Boone, and to the people who had the misfortune to come in contact with Will. Coy can’t or won’t see things as Boone does. It’s good to see Boone having hope for a new start. I hope his farewells to Coy are easy, so he can get started before winter.
  10. Parker Owens


    Rick has tried to recover from the damage Willy Kohler did to him that summer. The scars are still there. I love your comment about how powerful families and their kids seem to feel entitled to change the rules when it suits them. You're quite right, too: I hope that everyone is in Rick's corner now. Thank you so very much for your comments, and for the support you have given this story.
  11. @AC Benus: Cheryl and Jerry must have been the hometown sweethearts Rick could only dream of. Now that his wife has turned a corner, they can have a future. Rita is Rick’s uncomfortable present. You’re very kind in your comments, and I’m so grateful for your reading!

    I woke

    to woeful news,
    the loss of an icon
    and sheet anchor in the current
    wild storms;
    may she
    repose in her well deserved peace,
    while we wrestle on earth
    to bring about
    1. Headstall


      The political hand rubbing at her passing makes me ill. 

  13. Parker Owens

    Grand Opening

    Where do I sign up?
  14. Parker Owens

    Grand Opening

    And can I get the big discount on membership?
  15. Parker Owens

    La Calunna

    Willy comes from a wealthy and powerful clan. Rick, alas, comes from Heinrich Sr. Rick couldn’t possibly have told his father about what happened in the basement. Admitting it to himself was bad enough.Thank you so much for reading this chapter and for your comments.
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