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  1. Parker Owens


    I’m not sure who is scarier, Brett or Cesar. Fernando screwed up hugely. At first, I thought the man was missing as a ploy to hang onto the artwork somehow. But if he really just blew the Dads off, that’s inexcusable. I’m surprised that his contract would be so tightly written as to preclude getting fired for such gross negligence resulting in harm or disrepute to the institution. Aunt Meryl is a hoot!
  2. Parker Owens


    I loved catching up with this chapter. Meeting a celebrity must be a real art - and you show how these celebs and near-celebs meet and become neighbors. Loved how Zion and Bryce are as well known as Chipper and Brock.
  3. Parker Owens


    It continues to make me sad, too.
  4. Parker Owens


    Thanks. It’s so hard to write about.
  5. Parker Owens


    Thank you very much for reading it.
  6. Parker Owens


    I’m grateful you read this. xo P
  7. Parker Owens


    I’m grateful you took the time to consider this.
  8. So, I'm thinking of breaking my own rule - the one that says I shouldn't begin posting a story until it's done. Perhaps that's what I need to get my brain working again on finishing it up.

    1. Carlos Hazday

      Carlos Hazday

      Whatever it takes, bubba. I've considered the same thing. Desperate times call for innovative action.

    2. Valkyrie


      We'll read it, whenever you choose to start posting.  

  9. Crisis There’s much I cannot understand; how hearty bumblebees contrive to fly, why albatrosses rarely come to land, yet meteors transcend the sky, and how upon an uneventful day while eight whole minutes spanned again an innocent died where he lay. No genius can this mortal brain make any claim in nature to possess, but surely to the simplest mind it’s plain subjecting some to great distress, protecting and enforcing as one must, yet with others refrain, an issue will arise that could combust. What canny leader could not see that unjust apprehension would ignite resentment and its tinder-dry debris, across the land to blaze so bright to turn outdated notions into ash perchance to truly free men born beneath the shadow of the lash.
  10. Parker Owens

    Chapter 8

    Sawyer at least got his formidable mother to hold off arguments and scheming for a little while. You tell us a great deal about the woman and their relationship in this chapter.
  11. I like your metaphor in Sea of Candles. It really works for me. Perhaps there are fewer candles now; but maybe the ones we carry burn brighter, enough to be part of another’s sea. Thank you.
  12. Depression is a featherless thing ... that line will long echo in my head and heart. I’m grateful you write this, thank you. Hugs.
  13. You hear a loud Amen from this corner. Would that your words move thousands to vote and work for change.
  14. Parker Owens


    I’m looking forward to learning more about the farmhouse and what it might have meant to Leonard’s father. I’m also interested in why Aunt Millicent thinks the place ought to be hers. What kind of hold might she imagine to have over Leonard, or over the farmhouse? Something tells me Leonard will have plenty to do there.
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