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  1. Parker Owens

    Chapter 80

    It makes me unbearably sad to know Arad is dead. Like Roku, I will mourn him. I’m surprised Roku hasn’t succumbed to a broken heart, but perhaps the meds prevent that.
  2. I went out to a local pancake supper. I don’t think I will need any more carbs until June. 

    1. dughlas


      Should have had fasnachts instead ... still a lot of carbs.

  3. Great epilogue. You gave us a window into the future, but we can imagine them all very happy. Wonderful! Thank you both for writing this!
  4. So good to see the family reassemble, reconnect and begin to regain some of what was lost. They’re not going to settle into their memories, but are looking to do things that build new memories and new connections for new lives ahead. Excellent chapter!
  5. Parker Owens


    Oh, what a satisfying surprise for Gail to deliver to Halsten and the rest of that scheming board. Huzzah for her and Terrence. And more cheers for Ben and Frank. Your description of Ben’s insecurity was moving and touched me. Thanks for this chapter.
  6. @AC Benus I loved this poem. It reminds me of something my family might recite.
  7. This was on my daily calendar today, and I thought you'd appreciate it.  :rofl:  

    "The best time on a clock is 6:30--hands down."


  8. Parker Owens

    Growing Pains

    The Quad Squad just had to know definitively; and now they do. Really, Georgette wasn’t so brash as she might have been, just kinda obvious. That was well written. You left the rest of us hanging, not knowing if Grant can deal with it, or go spinning off into his own void. And I wonder what Troy is saying to his friends in the meantime? I’m only hoping that Grant can recover. Troy is so good for him.
  9. Parker Owens

    Prime Premiere

    I enjoyed reading this. I liked getting to know these characters.
  10. Parker Owens

    Coming to Grips

    The Gang of Four seem intent on caring for Troy and testing poor Grant; will their expectations and preconceptions completely derail things? That is, if they don’t let on about what they know, first. All this sounds like a trainwreck (oops, sorry) waiting to happen.
  11. Interesting word. I knew a person with that surname.
  12. BONES Bigger ones necessarily expect something. FEMUR
  13. Parker Owens

    Chapter 79

    I cannot agree more. She was gone much too easily and quickly. But Arad loves Roku, and he is still there. I surely hope I can survive another week. If I can, Arad can.
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