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  1. asamvav111

    Three Unpartnered Skyscrapers

    it is enough to be a cipher, so easily erased and forgot A life-worth of wisdom there. Beautiful.
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    2. AC Benus

      AC Benus

      YAY!!!! What a relief for all LGBT folks there :yes:

    3. asamvav111


      Next stop: Social recognition and Marriage equality!

    4. BDANR


      This is amazing news! Thank you for sharing this :)

  2. asamvav111

    Chapter 14

    Kintsugi Not all breaks are bad All the untruths and hurting is the transformation that takes place inside the coccon and sometimes a butterfly comes out, sometimes a moth But who is to say that the butterfly is superior to the moth Denying the break is to deny the transformation To stop healing To stop learning Capricious-arrogant-dissolute-dysfunctional whatever the code word had been, you can not throw away the system Break your heart into million pieces then suture it up with the precision of a surgeon and passion of an artist Fill in the gaps with gold Impermanence is the law of existence 02/09/2018
  3. asamvav111

    Two Summer Sonnets

    your dawn on the horizon growing strong you possess my body sans remorse to drown contented in your liquid grace Amazing. Such grace and poise in eloquence is expected whenever one reads your poem, yet they reach surprising new heights every time. Thank you for sharing this.
  4. asamvav111

    Poems in different languages

    For me this "doubt" is the illusory nature of the world (maya) that encumbers and deludes us, taking us away from the truth of existence. Very traditional poetry btw classical metaphors. Loved it.
  5. asamvav111

    Happy 20th Anniversary Comicality!

    Even though I am late to the party, I can't resist wishing one of my most favourite authors here, especially one who is so talented such as dear old Comicality! Happy Anniversary Comsie! Can't believe it has been one fifth of a century, that you have been providing us such amazing literature, setting benchmark in process. GA is definitely richer for it. Thank you for the all the magic that you do. Hugs and chocolates.
  6. Take a bite... https://www.gayauthors.org/story/asamvav111/euphoria-and-other-poems/13
  7. asamvav111

    Chapter 13

    Submission There is a face I cannot forget There is a smile I cannot ignore There are lips that soften the pain I felt them once as I swore I touched the doors of divine breath Too meek to even bar the approach They parted at my slight askance As if to only pray my reproach Yet I dare not tread within Where angel sighs lie in galore Afraid I will be lost in hence A melody of earth on heaven's door So thus I waited in baited breath In sweet suspense yet in terrible fain I knew my salvation stood afar And in bowed head awaited it's rein 19/06/2018
  8. asamvav111

    Two Floral Odes

    Can't comment on that since I haven't seen that version, but this is much restrained and eloquent, especially the use of "Quetzalcoatl".
  9. asamvav111

    Two Floral Odes

    Quetzalcoatl's gift, now flowing, Burnishing over all Fabulous!
  10. asamvav111

    Chapter 12

    Les Chansons D'amour Burn, burn the boats Through the blue nights of Paris Your dissonant laughter Cursing to the heart's worms Eating their way through the linked chains that bind your memory to my flesh Through and through Burn and bring the laughter And alas, the phases of the blue moon And the streets of Paris That snake through the innumerable fractions of deaths petit You see me through and through Melancholy 16/05/18
  11. crept between open curtains did, slithered ‘round my rug and in bed slid with passionate thought of a lurid kiss, low-seducing lips uncoiling a hiss – my sleeping tongue aroused by hers might abandon me when her favor lures. When the first light of night broke through my window and fell upon my floor, it found me there with pen in hand, and you in heart. And in that light I faded near away to another shady sight of a place so far afield, that time seemed its equal, and I but cast adrift. On another floor was I – at a different light did look – through the windowpane shone the full face of torment caused now as then by a wilding moon. Underneath me was a floor of a different kind, support from other regions which vanish only when names get tagged to them; when hopes from them are craved. Rang true the voice asking me what I want; sincere the look that said I didn’t know; for the spirit of the desire is yet beyond me now. Calm were the eyes which asked me for my hand; quaking was the heart that handed it there, softly delivered unto your waiting touch. Adrift the waves of night midway ‘tween dream and world – as the sleepy specter ever crept her gain – I never had the fear I fight with now. The thought to worry, though drowsy were my eyes and inactive were my limbs, never before on a countless level could I make claim to ever be more awake. So how can I, at once adrift in two lights, perceive which is true: the hand that touched me there with the greatest wonder known, or the drifting sight upon my eyes? I loved you then as I love you now; sweet wonder that it can live astride the crater of time in hopeless lapse of another chance for what never was. And if while I slept the while some day, a Muse came to steal my tongue away, she would turn a very startled head at the odd things her new tongue said, and woe behold that muse of mine, for that wagging thing by rights is thine; it can speak of no other heart but yours, and with words alone your memory endures. _ How much do you really need to love a person for such a verse to reveal itself to you?
  12. Happy Birthday! 

    1. asamvav111


      Thank you. :)

  13. Happy birthday, to you!! 

    1. asamvav111


      Thank you! Lots of warm hugs. God bless. 


    1. asamvav111


      Thank you! Hugs. 


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