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Shopping Portland



Thanks to my niece Kristin and her boyfriend Konner, I got to make an epic shopping trip to Portland. They went and chased rare pokemons that hang out in the city.


One thing you have to understand about Portland- it's crowded and traffic is shocking.


Kristin navigated to my first objective: Powell's Books


I'm not sure if Powell's is the largest independent bookstore in the US but, it takes up a city block. It's so big, they give away maps of the store so you can find your way around. Pro Tip: wear your hiking boots and carry a canteen and a compass.




Yes. I went a little bonkers.




I bought this little gem used. I've had my eye on it for a while. It's got lots of the geeky stats formulas and such in a useful format. Useful for a gradual student that will have to use stats to escape with a degree.


My next stop was Everyday Music, Portland.




Where I bought Radiohead, Jeff Beck and this gem on vinyl:


Finally I made it to Chrome Industries Store where I bought this handy camera bag.


This little gem will replace my *TOO BIG* camera bag with a smaller bag that will be acceptable as carry on luggage.


More later.

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Powell's Books looks wonderful. There aren't any impressive bookshops near to me, so I'm envious.


Enjoy the statistics :-)

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