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  1. Thank you for reading the first part of Eric's story. I hope you've enjoyed it. :) 

    1. ancientrichard


      Thank you for writing the story. I'm enjoying the second part now.

      I'm roughly in Eric's age group but can manage computers. The first one I encountered was the valve machine EDSACII in Cambridge in 1962, but very few people had encountered a computer in those days. Turing had died several years before, but one of his associates, Norman Routledge, was one of my Directors of Studies.

    2. northie


      Wow, that sounds fascinating. You were in at, if not the beginning of computers, then very soon thereafter. It must have been quite something to be involved such radical work. 

      The number of people who still lack computer literacy is startling and this despite the push to do everything online.

  2. ancientrichard

    Chapter 51

    " a few surprises coming that I've saved until last. " I expect some people will start to lay bets 🙂
  3. I saw a gas powered radio when I visited the National Gas Museum yesterday. Perhaps the thought will inspire someone to write a story about an alternative reality in which civilisation depends on gas.

    There's more on my blog at:


    1. Mikiesboy


      OH .. that is very interesting !

  4. :hug::hug:

    1. ancientrichard


      I didn't intend that to be here, but you all deserve a hug anyway :-)

    2. Slytherin


      :hug:  :) 

    3. Valkyrie


      Nothing wrong with random hugs :hug: 

  5. Excellent pictures; thank you for posting them.
  6. ancientrichard


    Well Done!! I was very surprised that you've never written before. All the stories are coherent, interesting and easy to follow with characters one can believe in. I'm delighted that you intend to go on writing.
  7. I've just added another picture of the garden to my album.

  8. Miscellaneous pictures mainly of my garden
  9. I added more pictures of the garden on 10 April 2019
  10. Welcome Mike. I've been a keen reader of your stories for quite a number of years and have read almost all of them twice and enjoyed them all immensely. Your creation of the character of Henry Atwood seemed particularly brilliant. At times I almost believed in him!
  11. ancientrichard


    I envy you. I knew of the train, but hadn't realised how long it was. In some of the old steam railways in England a train of that length would have arrived at the next station before it left the one before :-)
  12. Thank you for posting that. I'd heard references to that breeding programme, but had never before seen any details.
  13. ancientrichard


    Tomorrow morning I'll have a hard look at that little gargoyle next to the daffodils in my garden ! Now I think about it I realise that the cat never goes near it though she pokes her nose into most things.
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