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  1. Thanks, Richard for reacting and  'loving' DB.

    1. ancientrichard


      It's a delightful tale, with intriguing reminders of the strange world I grew up in.

  2. I wish everyone here a very happy Christmas and a happy and prosperous New Year, and also wish all of our authors an inspired New Year.

  3. There are now 45 out LGBTQ members in the British House of Commons, for details follow this link

    1. ancientrichard


      I notice that the number has now risen to 52 :2thumbs:

  4. I'm very bad at guessing so I abstain 🙂
  5. ancientrichard

    Chapter 20

    Congratulations on a remarkable achievement. You told a gripping story, both compulsive reading and thought provoking.
  6. of course your readers are hoping it will 🙂
  7. My age is now the fourth power of a whole number, something I'm unlikely to manage again :-)

    1. Valkyrie
    2. Daddydavek


      happy birthday disney GIF 

      If you can still smile and have a good time, then it's just a number!

    3. CassieQ


      Happy birthday!!!

  8. Thank you for reading the first part of Eric's story. I hope you've enjoyed it. :) 

    1. ancientrichard


      Thank you for writing the story. I'm enjoying the second part now.

      I'm roughly in Eric's age group but can manage computers. The first one I encountered was the valve machine EDSACII in Cambridge in 1962, but very few people had encountered a computer in those days. Turing had died several years before, but one of his associates, Norman Routledge, was one of my Directors of Studies.

    2. northie


      Wow, that sounds fascinating. You were in at, if not the beginning of computers, then very soon thereafter. It must have been quite something to be involved such radical work. 

      The number of people who still lack computer literacy is startling and this despite the push to do everything online.

  9. ancientrichard

    Chapter 51

    " a few surprises coming that I've saved until last. " I expect some people will start to lay bets 🙂
  10. I saw a gas powered radio when I visited the National Gas Museum yesterday. Perhaps the thought will inspire someone to write a story about an alternative reality in which civilisation depends on gas.

    There's more on my blog at:


    1. Mikiesboy


      OH .. that is very interesting !

  11. :hug::hug:

    1. ancientrichard


      I didn't intend that to be here, but you all deserve a hug anyway :-)

    2. Slytherin
    3. Valkyrie


      Nothing wrong with random hugs :hug: 

  12. Excellent pictures; thank you for posting them.
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