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  1. Someone here should be able to make a story out of this:


    1. CassieQ


      Sounds like you are volunteering.   :P

    2. Zombie


      Consensual fun and games is one thing, controlling behaviour in an abusive relationship is another - a criminal offence in fact.

      So why has Amazon being selling this product??

  2. ancientrichard

    Chapter 3

    What happened to the young boy Karl was supposed to be warning about going too far out?
  3. I look forward to spectacular vengeance in a while
  4. ancientrichard

    Chapter 3

    I loved the account of Mandy's catastrophic morning :-)
  5. ancientrichard

    Chapter 1

    'The Lady Benefactor' is a delightful euphemism
  6. ancientrichard

    Chapter 24

    I was intrigued by this passage: "‘Hang on, Henry. Do you mean you don’t think God is all-powerful and can do anything?’ ‘As it happens, no, I don’t think He’s all-powerful." Henry the heretic is my favourite character !
  7. ancientrichard

    Chapter 12

    I notice that 'Rothenia' became 'Ruritania' in the course of Oskar's story. I enjoyed reading 'The Prisoner of Zenda' when a youngster.
  8. ancientrichard

    Chapter 19

    It's strange that, although this story was posted on the site in 2011, all the 'likes' for this chapter were posted in 2018 or later. I'm finding it quite exciting and am surprised it seems to have been neglected for so long.
  9. This is the first in a series of linked one chapter stories about the adventures of Charlie Boon and his three friends. Gradually, as the series progresses, others are drawn into the tale. Elves make frequent appearances and quite a few aliens are encountered. These highly imaginative stories are very exciting, and each story offers something new. What makes the series most attractive for me is that Charlie is always kind, his first reaction to a strange creature with an unusual problem is to befriend them and help to solve the problem. These are stories to be read when you want to feel happy. I recommend them without reservation, but it's important to read them in the order in which they were written.
  10. ancientrichard

    Chapter 52

    One sign of a good story is that one feels sad when it ends, and that story is brilliant.
  11. Our cat died today. She was twenty years old and had several   ailments so we'd realised she wouldn't be with us much longer, but we are all very sad.

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Headstall
    3. ancientrichard


      Thank you for all the kind thoughts.


    4. Slytherin


      So sorry :hug: 

  12. That looks rather like a lily beetle, but it's not on a lily plant. Perhaps it got lost
  13. ancientrichard


    I love clematis
  14. ancientrichard

    The Winner

    I read the story about six months after you l finished it, so the cliffhanger won't keep me hanging for very long.
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