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  1. ancientrichard

    GA's Newest Classic Author: Mike Arram

    Welcome Mike. I've been a keen reader of your stories for quite a number of years and have read almost all of them twice and enjoyed them all immensely. Your creation of the character of Henry Atwood seemed particularly brilliant. At times I almost believed in him!
  2. ancientrichard


    I envy you. I knew of the train, but hadn't realised how long it was. In some of the old steam railways in England a train of that length would have arrived at the next station before it left the one before :-)
  3. ancientrichard

    Foxy & cool

    Thank you for posting that. I'd heard references to that breeding programme, but had never before seen any details.
  4. ancientrichard


    Tomorrow morning I'll have a hard look at that little gargoyle next to the daffodils in my garden ! Now I think about it I realise that the cat never goes near it though she pokes her nose into most things.
  5. I've just noticed that my community reputation is precisely 666 !!!


    Does this qualify me to be the villain in someone's story ?

    1. Palantir


      Lol - Evil personified!

    2. Slytherin


      Yes ! :lol: 

  6. ancientrichard


    Which was the last anthology story? I'm not sure which story you mean though I have several of yours bookmarked for reading soon.
  7. ancientrichard

    ancientrichard's pictures

    Miscellaneous pictures mainly of my garden
  8. Spring flowers are very early this year. I've uploaded a couple of pictures, but fear they may be in the wrong place.

    1. ancientrichard


      I've now created an album , reduced the file size and renamed the pictures of which there are now three, so I hope it's all right.

    2. Puppilull


      Lovely to see a bit of spring!

  9. ancientrichard

    The Best Laid Plans.....

    A brilliant story with a happy ending. I love happy endings :-)
  10. Despite the apology with which you prefaced this chapter, I was fascinated by the details, and look forward to learning more when I read the next chapter. I expect that eventually most of those mages will come to a sticky end. I look forward to enjoying that too :-)
  11. An excellent analysis of our situation, and a wonderful fate for the fat priest. Quite inspirational :-)
  12. My first daffodil of the year is blooming and my hydrangea is in bud, so Spring seems to be on its way !!

    1. Daddydavek


      I have some bulbs just poking some tips out of the ground, but I'm afraid they're getting their nips frozen off....

  13. ancientrichard

    Chapter 11

    I notice Ethan doesn't like anchovies on his pizza. I've noticed that in lots of stories people dislike anchovies. Is that because anchovies are generally unpopular, or it it a convention that gay people are supposed to dislike them? I'm rather fond of them!
  14. No snow so far this Winter in The East Midlands. That suits me. I've decided I'm too old to make a snowman, and If I tried to make a snow angel I might turn into an icicle while trying to get up afterwards :-)


    1. Mikiesboy


      Not too much here in Toronto, Ontario Canada either.  Which i'm happy about ... warm today but tomorrow will be cold. But that's how it is.. and why i have a nice parka. 

    2. Valkyrie


      We're significantly below average for snowfall this season.  And I'm not complaining in the slightest :) 

  15. I wish everyone here a wonderful new year, and renewed inspiration to all the authors who work so hard to keep the rest of us amused.

    1. Mikiesboy


      thank you! something new is on the way ... we appreciate that you keep reading xo     Happy New Year!

    2. Valkyrie


      Happy New Year to you too!  :hug:  


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