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  1. ancientrichard

    The Winner

    I read the story about six months after you l finished it, so the cliffhanger won't keep me hanging for very long.
  2. I've posted a few more pictures from the garden

    1. Mikiesboy


      They're great!  Love the front 'yard'!

  3. Various potted plants
  4. ancientrichard

    The Tale

    I liked the Maths. Would Vlad have disintegrated into his eigenvectors if someone had computed his eigenvalues?
  5. I looked through old photographs this afternoon and have added some rather old ones taken in 2013 at the Tramway Museum in Crich, Derbyshire.

    1. Lyssa


      Those are awesome pictures. Thank you for sharing. 🙂

  6. Another Wood carving in the Tramway Museum at Crich
  7. Two bleeding heart plants now in their second year have almost taken over this bed.
  8. ancientrichard


    you'll have millions of aquilegias in a year or two if these seed themselves :-)
  9. I recently changed my electricity supplier. The new one gets all its energy from renewable sources and signs its emails 'Love and Power' which sounds enticingly butch.

    No utility company has ever loved me before :2thumbs:

  10. I've put more pictures of the garden in my album

    1. Mikiesboy


      They are wonderful!!  Makes me hope our weather will get a bit warmer.

  11. Hi, Richard,

    Thanks for reading and reacting to Dancing Bare, your opinion is very appreciated.


    1. ancientrichard


      I like all your stories:-) Thank you for posting them.

  12. ancientrichard

    Chapter 14

    I enjoyed the story very much. I notice you haven't visited this site for some years so you may never see this comment, but I'm making it all the same. I'm surprised to few people seem to have found this story. I'm certainly recommending it. You made the characters sound like real people, and you gave them a realistic mixture of good and bad luck. I enjoyed following Mark's progress.
  13. I've just discovered the recommendations option and have been spending so much time recommending old favourites that I haven't had much time to read anything.

    I've decided to save time when dealing with a series by just recommending the first story. People who like the first in a series are likely to continue with the others whether they are recommended or not.

    Even so there's a dauntingly large number of worthy stories that need recommending.

    1. dez421


      Hi. I was wondering how to recommend a story?

    2. ancientrichard




      Hi. I was wondering how to recommend a story?

      Follow the link to the story, and scroll down the introductory page. The option to recommend comes just after the introductory material and just before the list of chapters.

    3. dez421


      Thank you 

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