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Of Pride and Power Chapter 24 is live



Chapter 24

The battle has been won and there's a lot of revelations. I want readers to remember that Eli/Eric and Robert/Jack's backstory for how they're integrated into this alternate timeline is just as important as the big players. Reginald Pole died on November 17th, 1558 historically, so this death is only a few months earlier, coincidentally Mary Tudor also died on November 17th 1558, 12 hours before Reginald Pole. However, history would not play out as it once did as Mary is going to live longer than Reginald. Here are a few key reveals in the conversation:

1. The orbs/cores possess many extreme properties from energy manipulation, computing capacity, scan/analtical sensors, and even applications to genetic sequencing.

2. Jack engaged in genetic experiments with the cores on transgender individuals seeking to transition. The cores have advanced analytical and energy manipulation abilities, hinting at the application of bioelectrical manipulation and gene editing.

3. Reginald Pole, Peter II, and by extension, much of the Papal/Catholic high office holders are members of the Corporate Consortium, which Jack Humes, co-founded. However, they represent a splinter faction that worked with the Western Charter and had stolen assets of this faction.

4. Dozens of Sky Fortresses are being built, hinting at the improving industrial infrastructure of the European powers. Remember each of these Sky fortresses can produce firepower equivalent to nuclear weapons.

5. There are charging stations for cores disbursed between various powers, the majority of which are in the hands of the Western Charter.

As for historical concepts, the "two-bodies" concept is an interesting political-philosophical concept that existed in European mindsets around this era. It holds that the ruler can be both individual and political, essentially representing their interests and those of a nation. Two separate bodies with distinct needs and identities. Elizabeth I in history used the concept define herself as both a woman and a monarch, defining two identities into one person, meaning that she could transcend the "female" definition, which Mary I was unable to as a traditional Christian woman remaining subservient to males. I took the concept and went further with it as I found it provocative that Europeans didn't go further down this concept's path on identity as other cultures like Japan did to create "third-gender" LGBTQ principles.

This week's law of power is 47th, "Do not go past the mark you aimed for. In victory, know when to stop", this rule teaches victors to know when to stop after securng their goals. Overextension or overconfidence can lead to various mistakes. In this chapter, Eli made 2 major mistakes after nominally defeating Mary's forces in England and securing the throne: 1. Revealing his capabilities to Reginald Pole to counter his opponent's perceived superior position, and 2. Wanting to showcase Mary as the defeated monarch in order to demonstrate who is the stronger leader. Both created unplanned issues, including the death of Reginald Pole and Mary's extended lifespan.


1. Elizabeth I as a proponent of the Two-Bodies political philosophy concept was also part of the ascension speech when she took the throne in 1559, so I incorporated it here.

2. While it is not well known, Mary I actually could give strong speeches, like the speech she gave to rally troops during Wyatt's Rebellion in actual history. However, in this timeline without Wyatt's rebellion, Mary's oratory skills have not been displayed until now. 

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