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We'll get a dusting of snow, if we're lucky, in December and January. It even sticks for a few days at the highest elevations. Not high elevations for someone from Colorado, but we get up past 3000 feet within ten miles of the coast (which is, necessarily. at sea level). Which makes for some pretty radical changes in microclimate and habitat.


But snowing. Before Halloween. I am so sorry. We don't even get much rain before that.


I'm glad you've figured out a way to deal with the chapter that works for you.

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Yep, we usually get our first good storm somewhere in October, so by the time Halloween rolls around everyone looks like they

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I didn't like living with snow when I lived in Philadelphia. It was beautiful coming down, all quiet and delicate and lovely, but a day or two later it would have this nasty icy crust on it and it would get into my shoes. The icy part could cut my ankles and got black with soot after a couple days. And if you ever got wet with it when you were outside you'de have to go inside because it would burn.


Here, if we're going to look at snow or play in it, we have to go to where it is. I like that. The nearest snow is about fifteen miles away, for about three days at a time, one to three times a year (and sometimes none). The nearest reliable snow is four or five hours' drive, in the beautiful mountains. But I like the mountains better in early summer, when they're still doing the spring wildflowers and it's safe to drive up there. And you can get to the bristlecone pines, which are a deep spiritual experience like the Grand Canyon is.

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