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It's War



It's War, I tell ya, it's war. :2hands:


I live in the upstairs apartment of an older house. A couple of years ago, an older woman moved in to the downstairs apartment. She has a bad habit of turning on the water, or flushing the toilet when I'm trying to use the water for doing the dishes or taking a shower. I would usually start stomping on the floor to get her attention to turn off the water. One day, when I got home from work, she was waiting on me. She asked me if I was mad at her. So we had a talk. I told her, the stomping was usually due to her turning on the water while I was in the shower or trying to run water to do the dishes.


Things got better for awhile.


Here lately, she's back to doing it again. Usually, Sunday morning is the one day I can count on getting a decent shower. NOT today! She didn't go to church. Here I am about to stick my head under the shower head to rinse off the shampoo when I find the water is getting cold. I start stomping. Shortly there after, the water gets warmer. But that's not the end of it. A short time later, she does it again, and so do I.


So why don't I shower in the morning then, you might ask. I don't think it would make any difference. She's up and about while I'm getting ready for work. I don't think she would pay any attention to hearing running water above her and flush her toilet anyway.


Back on December 30th, when I got home from an all day drive that started at 6 in the morning, I decide to get something to eat and then take a shower. It's a good thing I did. On Sunday morning, the next day, she went to church and left her toilet running. I know, I could hear it in my bathroom, which is right above hers. It made me glad I showered the night before.


Something that I want to do is talk to the landlord. I think the tenant next door has moved out. The landlord owns a car lot next door. He uses a small portion of the house as an office, so I'd like to see what the place looks like and what the rent would be.


I do get some measure of revenge tho. When I shower now, I turn the stereo and crank it up so I can here it.


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Back in the late Eighties, we lived for a year in a house that had been divided into four apartments, but only had one plumbing system with one hot water heater. I always took my shower at about five in the morning, long before anyone in the house took theirs or was awake enough to flush. My wife, on the other hand, took hers at night, usually around ten or eleven. She screamed bloody murder every time the water went from hot to icicles then back to scorching hot, but it did little good because whenever I heard the distinct sound of a shower going I figured it was time to test the flush mechanism on the toilet. You can't be too prepared and you never know when the silly thing isn't going to flush. 0:)


Hope it works out for you on that other apartment because there's nothing worse than a cold water rinse.


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Of course, she's probably thinking, "why does that guy have to take a shower every time I need to pee?!" :devil:





I do get some measure of revenge tho. When I shower now, I turn the stereo and crank it up so I can here it.


Kids!!! :D

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Of course, she's probably thinking, "why does that guy have to take a shower every time I need to pee?!" :devil:



Kids!!! :D




Something that I forgot to mention. The hot water is an on demand system and was set a little high. Lets just say it was hot enough to make a cup of coffee. The landlord had to turn it down. She burned herself. And since the heating system for the house is a boiler, for steam heat, it also heats the water. She has to hear this boiler running as it is located under her living room. I know, I had access to that apartment the winter before she moved in. The heat for the whole house is controlled by the thermostat in that apartment.

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