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  1. CarlHoliday

    Two Lives

    I think it was high school English where me and poetry parted ways. But I'm always willing to give poetry a chance. It's nice not having to find the kangaroo hiding among the lambs. It's nice to read a poem that could almost be your story. Good job.
  2. CarlHoliday

    The story

    Interesting story with a lot going on, but in many ways unspoken. The older man looking for companionship. The younger man looking for extra money to have extra money. Looking at the story from Harold's POV I see a man who isn't ready to go out to pasture, but is wary of who's in the barn. Good writing.
  3. CarlHoliday

    Chapter 1

    Thank you for your comment. I'll try harder next time to satisfy your needs. Maybe I'll murder the lot, at the hands of the well-liked lead character, in the end.
  4. CarlHoliday

    Chapter 1

    Thank you for your comment. Yes, it did turn out to be one of those out of the frying pan only to land in the fire.
  5. The binary stars above Moresby’s Planet brightly glared down on the scrub land west of Water Station 37G3. The search party was four days out of Village 31K2.6. They were afoot because the natural sandstone bridges across Langley’s Chasm weren’t wide enough for personal terrestrial transport units, wheeled or living. The widest bridges were, in fact, barely wide enough for a person to walk across. Most weren’t even that wide. At least they had been charted, and the party had the latest maps of the chasm, but that didn’t guarantee all of the bridges were still intact. The old-timers who first c
  6. The Moresby Collective Association controls life for Terrans living on Moresby’s Planet in the Andromeda galaxy. Twenty-one teens are running away from Village 31K2.6 because of unspoken horrors afflicting young people. There goal is the land on the other side of the Great Western Sea where legend says they will live free for the rest of their lives. Chasing them are thirty-one adults who will kill every teen, except for their leader Edgar Christiansson. He will be returned to the village to be executed in a way only humans can imagine.
  7. I like the pace of the story. At first I thought this battle was taking place during WWI, but it quickly evolved into another time and place. Tactics were played out to achieve the strategic goal. Good story.
  8. A nice well written story. I enjoyed the continued suspense leading up the final solution. I also enjoyed reading about Teddy's forever being a princess. I suppose the ending was inevitable considering there had to be a funeral.
  9. This is how life goes wrong when you're crazy. I thought I was delusional. I went to a psychologist. I start feeling okie-dokie. I asked my psych med provider to go off my mood stabilizer. She said she liked patients who were able to go off medications. I stopped taking mood stabilizer. A lot of shit went south. I went south. I'm now living in Texas. I restarted mood stabilizer last night.

  10. Everyone has limits. Some limits are fairly loose, some are fairly strict. I encountered a limit today. As far as I'm concerned, the glorification of murder for whatever societal reason is never justified.

  11. Here's mine. https://gayauthors.org/story/carlholiday/the-keys-to-the-far-castle/
  12. It's been a fun two weeks so far in my new hometown of Plano, Texas. My old faults have come back and are having a blast messing with my attempt at independence in the sunset years of my life. First, I suffer from chronic procrastination. What can be put off until tomorrow will enable me to do fun things, like write a story or read an article in The New Yorker, today. I have tons of broken down cardboard boxes that can't be put in the trash. They're supposed to be taken down to special dumpsters in the parking garage to be recycled. I have an extra IKEA bookcase to put together. I have al
  13. I just finished a scifi-ish story, The Keys to the Far Castle, about a group of teenagers running away from their farming village on terraformed Moresby's Planet in the Andromeda galaxy. They are led by Edgar Christiansson and his twin, Chad, who have in their engineered DNA/RNA genome construct something that could mean the death to at least 343 billion Terrans within 750 thousand light-years. They are being chased by a 28-member search party that is supporting a catch team bent on the death of all the teens, except Edgar who will be returned to the village for a special execution. All the te
  14. The biggest problem with the Garland Medical Center is that the VA doesn't show a phone number or website for them, so in reality there's no way to make an appointment or to see what services are available there and per VA reaction to COVID-19 you can't just show up and expect to see anyone. Maybe the VA will eventually get over this COVID-19 issue and start providing medical service again.
  15. I've moved on. Back in 2011 I came to the end of my residence in the VA Homeless Shelter at the Salvation Army facility in Dallas, TX. My original plan was to get an apartment somewhere in the north end of Dallas, but my son said, "Hey, come on up here an live with me." His intention was for him to be my caretaker/caregiver in the sunset years of my life. Unfortunately, I get all my health care from the VA. Where he lives it's nearly 40 miles to the nearest VA clinic and nearly 60 miles to the nearest VA medical center. It got to the point where doing either drive was something I no longer wan
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