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  1. CarlHoliday

    Chapter 1

    Thank you for your comment. I'll if I can fit at least one short story into my busy schedule.
  2. To those who might be interested, I've begun the work-up for a follow-up to Flight of the Dodo. Ed's in his 50's, a Professor at McClellan College in Lima (Kit Carson), Colorado, and various and sundry undergraduate members of the LGBTQ+ community seem to think he's a safe sounding board.

  3. CarlHoliday

    Chapter 1

    Thank you for your comment. It was interesting putting this story together drawing on people I've known who were debilitated by dementia, my own experience in being homeless in a big city, and the people who are there to help.
  4. CarlHoliday

    Chapter 27

    Thank you for your comment. Mental illness is something that can be very difficult to handle for children. You don't have a temperature, a Band-Aid won't cover the hurt, and other people sometimes come up with excuses for why you're not acting right. I felt it necessary to give Ed the awareness that he was mentally ill and if he was to progress in life, he needed to acquire the skills to do so.
  5. Thirty-three days later, Uncle Ted was at the door to my room and said, “Hey, Ed! Ready to go home?” “Yes, I’m all packed, too,” I said. “You’re not wearing your brace. What’s with that?” “I can walk normal without it, so I don’t need it anymore. That is good, yes?” “That’s great. Need help with your bag?” “No, I’m okay.” We walked out of the room and Uncle Ted stayed with me as we walked through the rehab facility. We came to the lobby and I thought we were going t
  6. CarlHoliday

    Chapter 26

    Thanks for the comment. Yeah, Ed has been fun. I'm thinking of bringing him back at some point in his future.
  7. CarlHoliday

    Chapter 26

    Thanks for the comment, such as it was.
  8. I opened my eyes, but it was as if I hadn’t done that. There was no light to perceive. I couldn’t tell whether I was alive or dead. Then I heard something familiar, something I had heard before. There was a periodic beep, an unvarying, steady beep. “Sir, you should go back to your room,” a voice said. “There is nothing you can do to help. Only time will tell whether what the surgeons did was enough.” “You don’t understand, Ed is so alone in the world, I’m all he’s got,” Uncle Ted said.
  9. CarlHoliday

    Chapter 25

    Thanks for the comment. Yes, I have to agree with you. Ed hasn't had an easy life so far. It's as if he was dealt from the bottom of the deck.
  10. CarlHoliday

    Chapter 25

    Thanks for the comment. A bit of clarification is in order. The cook is standing at the kitchen door. Mr. Streeter is a customer sitting at the counter. In fact, considering his history, Mr. Streeter is probably one of those customers who spends a majority of his days sitting at the counter of a restaurant known for serving questionable meals.
  11. CarlHoliday

    Chapter 25

    Thanks for the comment. Since I have a penchant for killing characters, we can only hope no one leaves the scene of the accident arm in arm with Death.
  12. We had breakfast at that restaurant next to the motel and I took my morning medications. I made certain that my anti-panic pills were with me before we left Caldwell, Idaho. Today was going to be exciting because the plan was whatever time it was at night we were going to stop only at the ranch. On the other hand, most of the trip was going to be boring, too. When I looked at the map of Idaho to memorize it, I realized I only needed to remember the southern part, which supposedly was the flat pa
  13. CarlHoliday

    Chapter 24

    Thanks for the comment. The man in the bookstore will return in the last chapter. As far as Uncle Ted being gay? In his backstory, Ted did drop out of a New England prep school in his senior year, and then ended up in New York City where he worked as a hustler in the Village. But that was more about survival, than being outright gay. As far as the time issue, you have to remember Ed's frame of mind within his mental illness. The world is out to get him. If things are out of ordinary just a little bit, he's immediately thinking about having to take an anti-panic pill. Why is Uncle Ted staying so long in the bookstore? He's talking to the man in the bookstore who is from Wyoming. Uncle Ted is from Wyoming. Maybe they have a mutual friend.
  14. CarlHoliday

    Chapter 24

    Thanks for the comment. Glad to be of service in your remembrances of home. As far as Uncle Ted's place in the story, he'll play a prominent role in Ed's life in the future.
  15. I think it was because of my excitement in going to Wyoming that caused me to keep waking up through the night. Finally, the call to get up for the morning came and my excitement had not abated, but I was very tired from being awake so much. Time dragged as I showered, shaved, brushed my teeth, dressed in clothes that I thought might be appropriate for wearing while going to Wyoming. I went out to the dayroom and most of the other patients were already in line for breakfast. I went over and
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