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  1. @Valkyrie There's your answer. The only thing on the menu today to eat is Sugar Cookies. I hope there are some Old Fashion ones.
  2. Back to me again. Freezer Pop Day couldn't come at a better time. I'm afraid we won 't be having the Chocolate with Almonds today. The chocolate keeps melting.
  3. And back to the mighty raptor once again so early in the morning. It's Father Daughter Take a Walk to your local Dive Bar. There you will be tasting World Chocolates and Strawberry Sundae's. Just what the penguin needs, more fattening treats.
  4. @wildone That was my Canadian cousin Jean Luc. While the cat/bird goes for the Hand Roll, I'll go for the Fried Chicken.
  5. And back to the mighty raptor once again. I forgot to mention that on Friday, it was pure Candy Modium at Hershey when they opened the Parks tallest, longest, faster roller coaster, Candymodium. Hawaii will be serving Graham Crackers and Apple Turnovers today. The Workaholics won't be getting any as they are too busy. The Despot will be modeling his Bikini for us today.
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