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Well, I gone and done it this time.


I saw that Graeme was celebrating his 17th anniversary and, of course, I had to congratulate him. Seventeen years is quite an accomplishment. (I don't exactly remember number 17, but I'm sure we had fun. We'll be doing number 34 this year. Can you imagine living with the same person for 34 years?)


Well, that post put me over the hump.


I've been worried I wouldn't hit 100 posts before my 1st anniversary here, but Graeme did it to me. Now, I suppose I'll have to aim for doubling my total before my second annivesary. It's only logical.


I finished the stuff I was doing for the website and sent it off to the techies to do their magic wanding stuff. Personally, I think I did a fairly pathetic job of it. Well, I did the words okay, but the meager graphics aren't anything to write home about. The techie person who is helping me said he'd look at the mess I've made and try to sort things out into to some semblance of a presentable product. I think that's what he said. I guess.


So, that means I'm back on the Kevin project; and, I am working on it. Now that I know how I want Kevin to see the world through his disease damaged brain, I think everything will start to fall into place. I think I'm going to try very hard to make this story as poignant as possible without actually killing a lot of the characters, which is sort of the easy way to get a reader teary eyed, especially if you can do it in some horrendously bloody accident or something. A graphic decapitation has always been one of my favorites, but I remember reading somewhere about a kid who was severed in half at the waist. Now, that would be poignant as hell, but I'm not going to do that to my readers. Maybe a lost love or an impossible love, but no killing off characters just to draw a tear or two.


I finally had a volunteer step forward to look at my winter anthology story. The volunteer sort of came out of left field, but I'll take any opinion I can get.


I'm back to work tomorrow. I pick up a load in Tacoma tomorrow morning and I'll be heading for sunny California. I hope it's sunny. Last time the rain followed my down the valley.




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