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My fairy godmother bopped me in the head with her wand last month. I think mostly to get my attention. He (well, it's certainly obvious to me) doesn't flit by all that often so I'm never ready to get that little stick upside my head.


And, then, lo and behold I get a PM advising me I'm going to become a Hosted Author here at GA.


Well, what could I say?


Of course I said, "Oh thank you, thank you, thank you, you can have my first born male child." (I could've promised a female child, but I don't have any of those.)


Needless to say, good ol' fairy godmother must have gone to Key West for the season because the omnipotent techies here at GA were busier than maggots on a festering wound. Nothing happened.


I got the silly idea I could make things happen on my own. After all, I was the one who was hit with the wand.


I came up with some ideas, but I am severely graphically challenged. Art eludes me. I can do type styles. I have no problem with type, but colors and all those other graphic elements just don't make any sense.


Then along comes Joe and he's got my fairy godmother by the balls. Magic is flying all over the place. In no time at all, there I am on the Hosted Authors page with an ugly button leading to my site, such as it is.


If you haven't been there, it's just a click away.




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For a story site, less is more. Just my opinion. What's important is the font and the margins (I'm not too fond of the text stuck to the frame, though I read stories hence formatted)

So this looks really nice, though the font size's a bit small for me. But in FF, ctrl + solves this issue.


By the way, why Lars Neuffelt? I've wondered before, now I ask.

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By the way, why Lars Neuffelt? I've wondered before, now I ask.


Well ...


Back in '97, '98, or was it '99, I was working on a story that involved an international assassin. Now, you've read enough of my stories to know I have a slightly off-center view of things. The assassin didn't work for any government, mega-national corporation, or himself. He worked for Death, Inc., or is it Death, Ltd. I can never keep that stuff straight.


Anyway, the guy is working for an angel of Death, namely Lars Neuffeldt.


I like the name Lars. It reminds me of the Lares of Roman. It also reminds me of the Bob Newhart TV series where there were these three brothers, "Hi, my name is Larry and this is my brother Darrell, and this is my other brother Darrell." And, on the Mary Tyler Moore tv series, Phyllis' husband was named Lars. Plus, I've half-Swedish, so anything Scandinavian interests me, even names.


Lars is foreign sounding without being too pompous. To me it implies someone tall, Nordic, with an acidic sense of humor.


Now, Neuffeldt is simply contrived. I think Neu is French for New. Feldt is, I believe, Afrikans for field, probably out of the Dutch word, I guess. It sounded good.


In a story on my www.larsneuffeldt.com site there is a short story titled, "The Company Man." It shows Lars in action.


Does that answer your question?


As far as the new site goes, if I had time it would be a thousand times more complex. There would be suggestive little trails leading to dead ends. There would be elephants, corsairs, evil wizards, and all sort of fun games, but I guess you'll have to settle for the stories.



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