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It's 2:30 a.m. and I'm awake.


I suppose I should be asleep, but I'm not.


Insomnia is one of the many side effects of the mood stabilizer I'm taking. It also causes drowsiness. So you end up being sleepy when you're suppose to be awake and doggedly awake when you're suppose to be asleep.


So, I worked on the new book. I'm probably on the last section of the second chapter. I can't see adding much more to this chapter once I finish with Euphorbia and Casey.


The third chapter will cover the picnic and the fourth chapter will be later that night.


I finished with Tim and, as expected, the final reviews are non-existent.


Not much else is going on as I can't go back to work until I see the shrink on April 7. I did find out bipolar isn't a disqualifier on a CDL physical, but mood stabilizers are if you're having trouble with drowsiness and sleeplessness. Yesterday, I wasn't drowsy at all, so a bit of sleeplessness should be expected. We also went to the Mexican restaurant, and while I didn't drink too much, I did drink and shouldn't have. Basically, I have to stop drinking if I'm going to take mood stabilizers. Alcohol messes up the chemical reactions in the medicine.


I've been drinking for forty years. I smoked cigarettes for thirty years and quit, so I do know about the agony of quitting. Since I don't drink when driving trucks, it shouldn't be too difficult, but I may have to stop going to the Mexican restaurant for awhile. After all, what's more important?


Well, I've been up for over two hours and I think I've worn myself down enough to get a few more hours of dreamtime. Have to get up before six-thirty so I can take my mood stabilizer at seven-thirty.



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