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I'm spending the night in Troy, IL, when I should be further down the road. I had to stop at the T/A to get fuel and going on would've meant logging another 15 minutes for a post-trip inspection. By stopping here, I was able to combine the required 15 minutes for fuel and do a post-trip at the same time.


I finished Chapter 6 this morning. It deals with six different characters in three difference situations. Right now, it appears the character Six is taking over the story. I strongly suspected he was going to do this as he is very likeable. Casey is difficult. Well, he's obese; and, how many good things do you know about any eighteen-year-old who can't walk normal because their thighs are too big, can't swing their arms normal because there's too much flesh between their biceps and chests, and has breasts?


Oh, by the by, Casey's breasts appear in Chapter 6. They may appear again in a later chapter.


I'll probably start Chapter 7 tomorrow morning or tomorrow when I stop for the night. I know how the chapter goes; well, pretty much most of it. Most of this is Six's chapter, but I'm seeing two other characters popping up for a brief appearance.


Further on, I can see some timing issues developing with the different story lines. There will be a lot of tragedy occurring and I'll have to keep each of them organized so they don't conflict with the others. Plus, since all the characters interact on a fairly regular basis, there is the chance that one character who may be going through a difficult time may have a cameo appearance in another character's story line. If that is is case, I'll have to make sure the character is out of the hospital, up and walking, or not yet in the morgue, etc.


Yeah, I said morgue. One minor character is definitely going to die soon. Plus, two major characters have good chances of not surving very much longer, either.


Such is life.


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