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Hedley, TX



If you're ever travelling US-287 between Amarillo and Witchita Falls, Texas, be sure to stop at one of these rest areas. Not only do they give you a really nice place to relieve those uncomfortable physiological urges, they're kind of interesting, too.


I could've written about Hedley, but with 379 people, there isn't a whole lot to say. It had it's heyday, but decline set in back in the 1950s and much of the focus in the area has been toward the larger cities in the area; Memphis to the east and Clarendon to the west. Oh, they have one school that serves students from pre-school through grade twelve. They're the Owls, by the way. It's a mean, dangerous bird known to attack and kill nasty vermin. You could say the owl is a friend of the farmer because if it weren't for those wicked owls, you know who has to go out and do his best to find, attack and kill those nasty vermins, most of which are damned difficult to see in the daylight let alone at night.


I could've said something about the high school, but their website hasn't been updated in a few years. There were thirteen graduating seniors in 2005.


Once again, I should be getting ready or eating my breakfast rather than doing this entry. I need to be in Denver tonight so I can do Wyoming in the daylight on Saturday. I just hope Mother Nature is on her good side because I do not want a Wyoming size blizzard to contend with. It's going to be bad enough once I get up to Oregon and Washington.


No, I did not work on Chapter 18. I most I can say is that I thought about it. This isn't a block. It's being very tired at the end of the day and only wanting to sleep and then getting about seven to eight hours of sleep.




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