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Adult Comic Books... *edit* Poster now banned

Guest Kayila Kane

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Guest Kayila Kane

Just waned to tell you about the cool stuff I found at

"Murki's Doujinshi Delight"!!!!!!!and what I think is a better Search engine

than yahoo. VIVISIMO.COM

So put it in Vivisimo as your search engine at the top of your screen in the adders bar. when Vivisimo.com comes up type in "Yaoi Doujinshi Manga"

then search. Stroll down to Murki's Doujinshi Delight and see if you like

what you see!!!! post and tell me what you think of the site!! and the search engine!!!!!!!!!

But if your looking for girl on girl Action look up Yuri Doujinshi Manga!!!!!!


*edit* Changed topic title.

Edited by Kayila Kane
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Guest Kayila Kane

Forgot the best part!!!!!!!!

Authors you'll find that there is a big demand for English Yaoi Manga. Most of it is in the Japanese and Chinese languish but there is a growing English market for this. If you are an author and you can

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I asked this girl not to spam this information in topics that had nothing to do with what she was talking about.


This was the response:

f**K OFF!!!!!!!!!!!

I will post what I like, when I like, If I like!!!!

I'm a rember it was not spam!!

f**K YOURSELF and stop sending me junk mail!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Sincerely  Kayila Kane


Needless to say, she is permanently banned. This is the shit I put up with.

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