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Boycott Realplayer

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You know, I've never been a big fan of Microsoft dominating every aspect of computing life, but at Media Player works! I've never had a problem with Media player working. Realplayer, on the other hand, truly sucks. The stupid thing won't download. Then it won't install becuase it's "missing uninstall components".

I was really desparate to play a streaming realplayer file at the time this trouble all started, and I decided to spend $20 on the Realplayer Plus. Low and behold, same shit, different package.


Since I can't get my money back from those stupid motherf'ckers, I'm going to use my soapbox to badmouth their shitty little company.


I hope Microsoft stamps their stupid asses like the trashing they gave Netscape when AOHell took it over.

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Augh - I love my Rhapsody! (It's a Real product.)


You know, if you own Realplayer Plus, you should get free tech support on it. They'll have you go into the registry and remove the crud that's breaking it.


This is their help page, and they have their customer service number as a link off of that page. Since you've bought RealPlayer Plus, you get that for free.


I wasn't a fan of theirs for years, but their new player usually works pretty well, and they don't do the obnoxious stuff they used to.

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I dont use it but then again my winamp does everything.




I've only seen heartache and pain from any winamp player since the 2 series. 3 Was a travesty and 5 still crashes too much for my taste. *shrug*


And Video almost never works on winamp for me.


I'm a fan of ZINF for audio, myself. (Open source for the win!)

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