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Party Monster

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hmm... he was cute as hell as a boy... had lots of potential... but I woun't have defined him as hot.


In Party Monster he's shaking his stuff with another guy. heh

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Although I agree Mac is really hot now (and bears a creepy resemblance to my ex), I would advise anyone contemplating watching Party Monster to check their sanity at the door ahead of time. Maybe I'm biased because I just finished watching Party Monster ten minutes ago, and I'm still reeling from the massive loss of respect for Macauley Culkin and Seth Green I suffered while watching it.


As a film, I've never seen such shoddy direction work (although there were 2 interesting shots that I can recall), and the acting in the first 2/3 of the movie is cringe-worthy at best. Both MC and SG are forced into playing really, REALLY stereotypical gay guys, with dialogue so bad that a paper shredder would be ashamed to swallow it. Not that I entirely blame the bad acting on the actors. They have to pay rent, too. Unfortunately, this seems to actually be the attitude the actors had while performing some of the more poorly written scenes. Much of the dialogue is delivered in such a way that would suggest that the actors' interior monologue is saying something like, "Oh, the things I put up with to pay rent...". :wacko:


The plot, while based on a true story, comes across jumbled and weird. The movie actually begins toward the end of the sequence of events, and the bizarre tendency for SG and MC to speak directly to the viewer as though they are in the room with them crosses the line from interesting and quirky into a real "WTF?" level of obsurdity. The story jumps time rather often, and major relationships between characters materialize with little or no real lead-up or explanation. While I realize that the (80's?) club scene is really shallow, it borders on making the audience entirely apathetic, if not outright hostile to the Club Kids throughout the film. :thumbdown:


The plot and acting really picks up during the last 1/3 of the film, when the focus suddenly shifts from "free expression" and an apparently inexhaustible supply of costumes (which I fear may be the only actual motivation for making this movie) to a rather standard story about drug abuse. This is probably the strongest part of the film, in that the actors seem to actually care enough about the movie to put 3/5 of their asses into it (as opposed to the 1/32 ass they put into the rest of the film). At this point, the movie becomes bearable, which is good, because you get to see a lot fewer clothes on MC. :wub:


Yes, I'm being hard on the movie. Just make sure that when you see Party Monster, you're in the same state of mind you would be in to watch a porno movie. Don't expect anything noteworthy, just enjoy the visuals.


--I'm Taima Matsumushi, and that's my opinion.

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I haven't watched it yet... when I do, it will be for eye candy reasons only. lol

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I didn't get this movie to rent at my store for some of the reasons above


But i did get and watch one title Saved


it was funny crazy and good


he is in a wheelchair in this one, and play a good role

it a comedy and was release after Party Monster

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I agree with Tai. That movie does alot to take gays back to where wesure don't want to go to again. It is so flaming I will not ever see it again. Once, I'm sad to say, was too much for me.


Mike S. :sword:


I do think however that Mac is still hot.


Amen, Mike. My greatest fear with Party Monster is that some of my more flaming friends will actually like it... I think it does a hell of a lot more to harm gays than it does to help; if we went back to an era like that, I would probably lose my sanity.


To be honest, I think that anyone without an immediate opinion on homosexuals who sees Party Monster is going to have a difficult time forming a positive opinion about them, to speak extremely politely. More often than not, I can see this movie used by Freddy Phelps or Jerry Folwell (probably spelled both of those names wrong) before Elton John or Rosie O'Donnell (man, I can't spell today). Despite being gay myself, that film almost made me ashamed to have something in common with the characters depicted.


Sorry about the rant, I had nightmares for two nights straight after seeing that movie. Both of them involved me trapped in a Club Kid party; once inside a huge, two-story boat, and the other in an old warehouse. I think I've been traumatized... :blink:

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