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I haven't started a topic in forever, and that's mostly my fault. But the rest of the blame falls to Nate ( :P ). I don't know why...it's just that way.

But...my special e-friend Eros ( :wub: )'s personal connection to the story Desert Dropping by DomLuka ( :wub: ), got me thinking about my first stories on GA and how they changed and affected me in real life.


To understand what I'm talking about, go here

(gosh, I hope he doesn't mind me outting him like this)


Two stories that had an especial effect on me when I first got here were Vampire Jared and DD. Why? I don't...know...



Now down to the question, which makes this topic acceptable for Q & A:


What stories on the site, if any, made you feel like this?


You can explain why or you can just name the story. I think it'd be a great way for us to relate to one another and share some of our favorite stories. But I could be wrong...


*And I know that this has probably been done...but I can't find the topic.

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Other than DD, there was also Are You Christian, and Something Unexpected. Except, DD was more strongly affecting to me. But those are the stories that really got to me, overall :)

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