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  1. Happy Birthday!

  2. I'm definitely Team Sony. I had a PSOne, PS2, PS3, and I'm now the proud owner of a PS4. That said, I had an original Xbox and my mates and I chipped in together to get a 360. I even went into PC gaming for a brief but glorious instant, mostly playing EA titles like Mass Effect, Dragon Age, or SimCity. The reason that I'm loyal to my console is because it has pretty much consistently delivered a wide array of stories and characters that I love. Those adventures play in my mind like songs or the best parts of one's favorite movies. If I get to be the deciding authority, I'm a gamer. I can also see how I might fall into the other category though.
  3. I never really grew up and the world moved on without me

  4. A lot of people have been coming up to me and telling me that they know my soul. I'm starting to feel like my soul is a whore.

  5. The man that I love is deteriorating before my eyes, but his lucid moments are worth a thousand of anyone else's best. And I live for those moments.

  6. Gregoire

    The Real Me

    I'm an eclectic mess...did I use that word right? Well, basically...I'm a goob. And I wanted to show that side of me.
  7. Sometimes you wake up feeling like you're awesome and you're going to blow the pants off this mother, and then life conspires to bring you back to reality.

    1. Luc Rosen
    2. Gregoire


      Exactly like that. See, you get it.

    3. Luc Rosen

      Luc Rosen

      Life can be good. Other times it's a menstruating psychotic motherfucker D:

  8. Happy Monday, what did you trade off for the seconds spent reading this?

  9. I lost myself and I can't be found.

    1. Ashi


      I usually found myself in the mirror.

    2. Gregoire


      ...I think I'm a vampire... :/

    3. Ashi


      Are you going to be a movie star?

  10. Six months of hopes and dreams are on the floor and I can't stop crying.

  11. There's nothing more beautiful than a soul laid bare before you.

  12. Someone said that I've adopted a cheerleaders personality...personally, I blame my boyfriend. I can no longer go through life as brooding and mysterious. Curse you, Nicholas.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Daddydavek


      Are braggin' or complainin'?

    3. Toast


      lol I posted my comment in the wrong place. So here is a copy. You have always had the best of smiles. So you should be a natural. :P

    4. Gregoire


      Definitely complaining. Nobody takes happy people seriously.

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