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Liam Fox - resigned UK Defence minister - gay/bisexual?


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It's been funny watching the weeks news - and thinking how the hell are you still in office. What he has done smacks of corruption - or the very least very very bad judgement.

But someone also suggested to me today that this is not all that is going on - and that the media are being cautious of reporting apart from on the side. Liam Fox is gay and having a relationship with Werrity - another reason the guy, his best friend, has accompanied him to all these countries and sat in on these meetings. Not that it matters - the first bit is far more important - why the hell was Werrity in these meetings, coming across as part of the government and I presume selling defense contracts of kinds.


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How the blazes the man thought he was going to weather this storm baffles me. I've been saying since Sunday he was finished.


As for him being gay? Well, not sure on that score. There have been strenuous denials over a long period, a marriage ( Werrity was best man, btw), and kids I believe. However, there seems to be an awful lot of snuggling going on too. Personally, I suspect he is bisexual.


Oddly enough this is possibly the last sexual taboo in politics (leaving underagers aside). The problem with bisexuality in a married MP is that it automatically shouts infidelity. And yes, I know that sounds stupid, but if someone claims to be bisexual in this way, but remains faithful to their partner, then there is little point in declaring it, they are, to all intents and purposes, dead straight or dead gay. Who a person masturbates over is immaterial to the public. Any declaration of bisexuality more or less implies infidelity.


A few MPs have admitted to gay relationships earlier in their lives. Michael Portillo was able to carry on, cos it was over a long time ago. But the last LibDem MP caught sucking cock while married with kids stood down at the next election.

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Yeah the rumour does seem to be quite out there - I wondered whether could be one of those 'open secrets' they have around parliament.

This seems to suggest that he doesn't have kids - and he married not that many years ago. He's also certainly an odd Tory - came from a council estate.


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and if he is this certainly wouldn't make him popular with the community, the 2nd bit anyway.

"In an Evening Standard interview he suggested that his impending marriage to Jesme Baird should end any gossip about his private life. However, he refused to deny that he might have had a gay relationship and said "If someone accused me of doing something against the law I might feel bound to answer it. Otherwise I would have no comment to make".

Dr Fox voted against proposals to allow gay couples to adopt children and against the equalling of the age of consent. He did not vote on the Civil Partnerships Bill.[2]"

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