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Hey Guys,


Some of you know me for sending jokes to the group, near the mark or even off the mark, other wise crude. :P:D But I have my serous side. I am attempting to write my first novel and all so some poetry. I am going to send my first two poems to the group There meant for guys who have partners and for the single guys your future b/f . Let me know what you think.




My Love


As I look upon your beautiful face.

I see your smile, I feel warm inside.

As I look in your eyes.

I see the love you have for me.


As you hold me in your arms.

I feel safe and secure.

When you kiss me.

I feel a thrill, beyond compare.


As the years go by.

I look in eyes.

I can still see the love.

The love you had for me.

So many years ago.


To you my darling, you are

My Partner in life.

My Lover..

And my Soul Mate.

Though out eternality. .



2. A Wish.



I wish every wish you make, will come true.

I wish every dream you dream is full filled.

I say all of these things.

Because I love you.


Every cross you have to bear I bear with you.

Every hurdle you have to cross I am beside you

I say all of these things.

Because I love you.


As I walk though life.

I want the one I love, beside me.

I say all of these things.

Because I love you.


Hope you like my amereurish attempt to write poetry. So be kind me. Please.


Rainbow :worship: :wacko:

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Hi Guys


I failed to mention my poems are copyrighted. Sorry for that.


My I say thank you to all the guys, who made such nice comment about them. It meant so mush to me that you enjoyed them. I have and am writting more, if any of you wish me to post them I will.


With all my love and best wishes to you all.



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Guest EdwDale



Those say so very much for all of us. Continue your good work.


Thank you for those, they mean an awful lot to me as you.



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