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  1. MichaelS36


    you are my soulmate. There is no simpler truth than that. And I agree, we are so much closer now than at the first bloom of our relationship. Beautiful. xo
  2. I believe Stephen King said it best ... you write a story one word at a time. If you need help, perhaps you should read people's responses to you. You can also click on HELP which is located at the top if every page.
  3. Yes, you're right of course. Nothing much may happen to him. The hard part is he's seen covid patients in hospital. Sees them coming in younger and younger. And so he's scared to some extent. His appointment is early tomorrow, then more waiting for the results.
  4. I'm not feeling too bad today, bit of a headache. Poor tim. Nothing happens to him in half measures. Bit of a fever, body aches ... poor guy. Those are positive things of course, vaccine wise. I put a loaf of bread on, sent him for a nap, promising to wake him when it was time to shape it for the pan. he is so much better at those things than I am with my huge paws. Well, I went and looked at him about that time and he was sleeping. I left him. It isn't a perfect loaf, but like my boy said, it's bread, it'll be good. Hope you're all doing okay.
  5. Peter called. Bf has tested positive. Peter goes Friday for a test. tim is a wreck and I am pretending I'm fine.
  6. First vaccination complete. Hope you're all doing well.
  7. And some amazing and welcome news. I'd registered us both as we are both in the at risk groups. We'll get our first vaccinations this week. What a relief.
  8. Thanks, Mac. Glad to see you've received your first vaccine. Hope you are are keeping well.
  9. Belated greetings to @Reader1810 and @mollyhousemouse (mollypop) from the both of us. I am sorry we are late. I hope you both had a lovely day. One of us is not in the best of places and I am tasked to monitor him. So please forgive us both. Take care and Happy Birthday.
  10. I am beyond tired of our Provincial government and their weak answer to Covid. Now we are on an "emergency break". It means very little is going to change. They know it's illness of our essential workers driving this latest spike, yet, we do nothing to help them. No paid sick time, no vaccines. Frankly, I used to be a proud Canadian. Now? Not so much. Our true colours are showing.
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