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  1. Good afternoon, all. I enjoyed the lab results. Sorry about the dentist, rick. Hang in there. Hope it is Friday soon. Take care all.
  2. I hope you're right. But I still have no desire to send tim back out into the world. There is still too much unknown, still too many could be and maybes.
  3. That is brilliant and sweet. Make spider cupcakes. That is from tim, who is reading over my shoulder!
  4. Thank you. It is time to stop pretending life is normal. Have Halloween at home. Watch a film, make scary food, buy a case of candy! Stay home.
  5. You are such a talented poet. There is so much in this piece that stunned me, stopped me and made me consider exactly what the words mean. And those who love you (so they said) and then turn their backs are not worth a moment of your time. A wonderful poem.
  6. Oh, that needs pointed out. That is wrong. I asked timmy as well. he said, wow, that's terrible service. Call the manager.
  7. Tomorrow tim is making me stuffed squash. THAT I am looking forward to.
  8. I will be using it later, does that make you feel better?
  9. Pumpkin spice Kraft dinner? Disgusting. What is pumpkin spice? Never seen it. tim adds spices but not 'pumpkin spice'. This will be wanted by millennials in Ugg boots. BTW.. Delicata squash are bloody amazing. tim is making them again this week at my request. We roasted some and wow, what a flavour. That's my food news for this week.
  10. Thank you. And thank you for your support. I'll let tim know. Length of time served in the DiC means little. It's you and your actions that are key. And the folks in here are solid. tim is working at his job, but he isn't writing. I'm not pushing him. Just letting him be.
  11. I hope you all choose to stay here. Right now, and it pains me to say it, I am not sure if, or when tim will be back. he is ... in a place I can't really describe. I will be around. Take care of yourselves.
  12. I am sorry to hear this. We are facing a difficult time. It affects our lives, health, and ability to cope. Sometimes we have to make difficult choices. Sometimes we need to remain silent for awhile, while we come to terms with our pain and thoughts. And that's normal and okay. It's good you have chosen to share. This group of people are always here and willing to listen and support. It's a wonderful thing and a wonderful place. You need to do what is right for you, to keep yourself sane and healthy. I wish you peace and strength, rick.
  13. This new dentist is quite good. I'm frankly surprised about this. I'll go with tim next time. This mess has upset his day, and I'm not happy about what he had to go through. Thanks for you kind words of support. It will be different next time, or it will be our final visit there.
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