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  1. MichaelS36

    Changes by Mikiesboy

    tim said; not to worry, he will get up to post the chapter .. I think he said chapter 10.
  2. MichaelS36

    Chapter 26 - Getting unstuck

    This is interesting. Thanks for sharing it. My husband is suffering similarly and is currently in the hospital as they try to get this latest episode under control. I will share some of your suggestions with him. I wish you peace and continued success as you move forward.
  3. MichaelS36

    Blank Paper

    This makes me sad. Both of you are so talented. ... you are so good together here...elsewhere perhaps?
  4. MichaelS36

    Photographs and Chocolate Cake

    A wonderful chapter, tim. The pacing in this is perfect. Yes, we want to see the outcome, see Max moved in and happy. I'm sure we will. Can't wait until next week!
  5. @AC Benus hope you are well. I have scribbled out a lyric poem. I'll try for a couple...I'm busy, but I can get a couple done.
  6. Nothing worthwhile is easy. Poetry is a way to better know yourself and the world. I'm not much of a poet, not like tim, Mac or AC...but I find it worth the effort.
  7. MichaelS36

    Sweet and Sour

    Excellent chapter, tim. You know the government. ..every box must be checked. I'm looking forward to more! That young man needs a home! But I know these things take time.
  8. MichaelS36

    Poetry Prompt 3 – Lyrics

    AC ...I have a feeling we would enjoy a beer, and a lot of laughs! Perfect...lol!
  9. MichaelS36

    Inadequate Joy

    This is beautiful. I feel for both these wandering souls. They should fully embrace what they have. Because it's a good thing.
  10. MichaelS36

    Traitorous Mind and Shards

    You're doing the right thing, boy. Better this way. And the rest .... you'd get through it.
  11. MichaelS36

    Poetry Prompt 3 – Lyrics

    Oh boy. 😨 <----- fear
  12. MichaelS36

    A submissive's journey ... Gratitude

    We are the Waltons of GA. LOL
  13. MichaelS36

    A submissive's journey ... Gratitude

    We cannot ask for more than effort. I am pleased to hear that. In fact, it's made my day.

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