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  1. That's great news. Good for her and good for the neighbours. While we cannot be close, we can still support each other even in the smallest of ways.
  2. Good... sue the pricks for at least the hospital bills. Thank you for the update, Kitt.
  3. I hope the police were called. They should not get away with that. I am sorry to hear this, Kitt. Most people cannot control themselves. I am sick of their whining about having to stay home and do the necessary thing, right now. You'd think people were told they were going to put in a concentration camp at hard labour, rather than stay in their own homes with all the benefits they have there. Personally, I am ready for the Government to take next steps, enforce lock down, and curfews. People need slapping and Big Brother right now. They cannot do what is necessary themselves, for the m
  4. I hope you all have had a good Christmas and New Year's. The Day is pleasant so far ... lamb is cooking, husband is knitting and seems happy enough. I wish you all the best during this new year.
  5. You are just like anyone else. WE all are. This pisses me off, this thing too many straight people do .. like pat Gay bros or sisters on the head, like they need to be indulged. That we have disappointed them.. well, maybe we should tell them how they disappointed US! Sorry.. Merry Christmas all. Live your life.. fk the rest of em.
  6. I'm a very lucky man! You're a very sweet lady.
  7. You're welcome to stalk me ... I'm easy to see at 6'11" though tim seems to lose me in stores often.
  8. MichaelS36


    Thank you. I doubt very much they would hear me.
  9. I'm sure you have tim's best interest at heart. As do I. I have always looked after him and always will.
  10. They are cute. And yes, no litter and no reactions as I am very allergic to the real thing, sadly. They make good pets. I hope your Friday is a pleasant one, molly.
  11. I'll do my best. I don't think we'll bother going out there today.
  12. I hope everyone is doing well. Other than foolish barn owners and not getting your new mattresses. Our household is growing, first with a new hippo and now a multicoloured cat and and yellow kitten. I'm not sure what may come next. Possibly a pair of wool socks....
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