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  1. This story has it all frankly. I am waiting for the next chapter!!
  2. MichaelS36

    Into The Valley

    He is very skilled non-answerer … it is his job. don't answer and can say 'no' in a large variety of ways …
  3. We don't have a great history of being good caretakers sadly.
  4. Okay… A Lobster Pot A lobster pot tossed by the sea onto the rocks wedged in the jetty between the boulders of the breakwater pristine, but barnacled, seaweeded, lost, adrift crashed where we found it in the jagged wet rocks, on the Maine coast that long ago summer climbing down among the stones to bring it up, into the light no minor feat Lug the dead weight down the jetty, to the beach abandon our find, our catch to true owners claiming their rights as we left the rocks and touched the sand Copyright by Raymond A. Foss,
  5. MichaelS36

    Into The Valley

    Some action and adventure to broken hearts. Excellent chapter, tim xo
  6. He writes with such detail … like someone sure he will not be able to tell us his story in person … like he knows he will not live. Sad but beautiful.
  7. Some of these are simply overwhelming. They battle each other.. while all around the world continues.. the sun and moon rise and set.. the stars watch from over head... while we slaughter each other. And do we even know why? Thanks for these AC.
  8. More here about the cruel destruction of war. That foreign soil is dear because your brothers lay out there is very touching. A wonderful poem.
  9. This tells us about men who have been through the unthinkable, seen horrors few can imagine. He describes the rape of the earth and it's beauty. Amazing work, AC.
  10. MichaelS36


    I've spent a couple of days reading this... I enjoyed it, thank you.
  11. I often wish I could make you happy. I know sometimes you are. But then your poet's voice, vision, whatever it is pulls the truth from your gut, and you spill it out. And I know in that moment you never truly will be.
  12. I have no doubt Phil would be there with you, if there was anyway for him to be.
  13. Nineteen. Dear god. tim was upset the night you told him .. so I know of this also. I know what is coming this week. You will get through this, girl. For your family's sake and yours. I also know your eldest will be with you. Count on him as he does you. All our love is with you at this sad time.
  14. Happy Birthday!

    1. MichaelS36


      Thank you very much!

  15. still, it would be fun hear about, Reader … right or not... and you never know it maybe useful at another time
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