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  1. of course, mollypop. I know tim's been sort of absent so I thought it best I drop in and make sure you lot were behaving. LOL .. I needn't have worried.
  2. I am waiting for tim .. .we're at the doctor's .. then off to shop. I hope you all have a nice Friday. It's been gray here all week but today looks a little brighter.
  3. It's very good to hear you're doing well, rick. Happy Birthday. tim sends his best also. Continue looking after yourself as you have been. you deserve only the best.
  4. Mmmm .. most people get surgery asap. But things do happen from time to time.
  5. Send the invites. The most important things are your family and friends ... other things will be there or they wont. I recommend feeding them and wine. Cheers!!
  6. MichaelS36

    Sunday Poems

    There is anguish, longing and love here. That I feel. What drove you to write these, I don't know, but that doesn't matter. You painted the picture, and now it's mine to see. Thank you for sharing them. xo
  7. Thanks, molly I'll let tim know. he's not too well, atm. you take care and stay well.
  8. @wildone tim, aka @Mikiesboy looks after my snacks. I'm a diabetic also. These he makes for me. If you need hints ask him. But I know he makes us a number of things from this website. I can recommend the Pumpkin Loaf and Macaroons, the Strawberry Bars as well.
  9. Congratulations to Phil and yourself. Thirty-four years together is certainly a milestone worth celebrating. I hope you've had a celebration of some sort and that any tears were joyful ones. Congratulations again. xo
  10. Without a doubt. I guess rights and personal privacy don't mean much to some.
  11. Just a little. I've other choice words however...I won't bother.
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