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  1. All this talk of snow reminded me of something Evo and the Snowman
  2. MichaelS36

    Real Friends

    Wonderful. The internet is both good and evil. It's given us much and has a lot to answer for. Well said, tim.
  3. tim forgets he has a free bank account, company pension, profit sharing plan as well. They have 2 weeks vacation but up to 5 weeks depending on time served. The benefits are good and he has lots of options to pick from. Different levels within medical, dental, vision, prescriptions and other things like ambulance, orthotics, physio therapy etc. My diabetes meds are $300+ every 3 months, we pay $30 out of pocket. They also pay for testing strips etc. There's an employee assistance plan as well, that helps with finding doctors, therapy, mental health and things.
  4. At the table. The Bank had told them at the beginning of Dec to prepare to go back to work on January 17, but as soon as omicron arrived they pivoted right away. I think the Bank would do a better job handling Covid .. our gov't took weeks to do anything. Long after the bank was saying no to returning.
  5. tim is back at work. Nothing seems to have changed at the bank. he yells at him computer very often. LOL. I believe he's still working on Sold from Freedom or Kidnapped or whatever its called. I'm just letting tim know he will not be free to come with me for groceries. Not with this new variant. I won't put him in harm's way. Otherwise I'm not up to much.
  6. I'm sorry to hear you two and your friend are ill. We are back in lockdown for a portion of January. Why it took 18,000 cases a day in the province to go there, I don't know. I'm tired of it all. Take care, Wayne.
  7. Glad to see you're still with us. I read about the fires and no, I've not seen Mac since yesterday. Hopefully, he's okay and will let us know as soon as possible how he is.
  8. I think you'll find it's not only you but anyone who works with /serves other human beings. And I use the term loosely.
  9. All the best of the season to you and yours. Happy Birthday, to the love of my life, xo. Merry Christmas, everyone.
  10. I'm never that far away. I never will be. xo
  11. It's nice. I put it up this early because it was delivered and it was easier than taking it down to the locker for 2 weeks. So, tim has fluffed it up and it's ready to hang things on. Usually, we'd wait to mid-December too. I think he'll wait a bit to finish it.
  12. You do what makes you happy. We all have our own ways to celebrate things. It was one like this but we didn't pay this much: NOMA Pre-Lit Colour-Changing Mariposa Christmas Tree with Garland, 6.5-ft Canadian Tire And we have the garland too.
  13. We bought a new Christmas Tree during the black Friday sales. I put that up. I suppose that means the same. It looks nice, tim has yet to decorate it. he'll do that when he's ready. So far it's lights only. Very fancy, comes with six or seven lighting choices. tim picked it. I just do the grunt work. 🎄
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