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  1. I look best with a darker red, goes better with my colouring. I do like matte however and of course, make sure there is some protection from the sun. Thanks for this, but I don't think i'll put it on my calendar!!
  2. I like a feisty, molly. Glad you have a nice long weekend.
  3. MichaelS36

    Words of Prey

    It's great. What a world to try and survive. I'm allergic to cats they don't need to be bigger than they are. Seriously, I enjoyed this. Jon is a smart and capable man.
  4. I'd consider that a win, I think. If he's come up with the rest. That ain't bad. And you're a good mom. He's a lucky kid.
  5. When I do something unexpected, tim always asks where the pod is and what have I done with his real Husband. Such a lack of respect from that boy.
  6. I have to say, it was a wonderful story. Your first place is well-earned @kbois!
  7. You're absolutely right. They are rude. I understand if you're interested but the rest of the comment was not polite or warranted.
  8. As we are D/s, tim wears my 'collar' in his case it's a silver chain with solid silver flat ring with forever on it. he has worn it since we got married. How long is that, 12 years? It's only taken off for medical procedures. I don't that's weird at all. For instance many catholics wear the crucifix their whole life. That's not considered weird is it?
  9. Yes, I'm sure it's much the same in Canada. tim and I decided that we'd stop wasting food. It's made us look at what we buy and how we can use what we buy to avoid wasting it. We do pretty well but it does take effort on our part.
  10. We've watched a lot programs about food that is thrown away or plowed under because it doesn't fit what the stores want. One year we bought an absolutely huge cauliflower but it wasn't wanted because it was more yellow than white. It tasted the same. There is so much waste we really don't care if the stuff is fresh. For us it's the the right thing to do. We may get things we don't buy often. I'm looking forward to it.
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