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  1. MichaelS36

    I Love You

    Sums it up nicely … boiling sleet, though? That said, sometimes it does mean forever, were that it were more often, than not. Very nice, Thorn.
  2. Bravely written piece which challenges the reader's thinking about God, Jesus and the Devil. I found it interesting and well done. Nothing to be afraid of here.
  3. MichaelS36

    Of God and Angels

    Thought provoking. What I find interesting is the excellent treatment of this subject considering you are not a believer, how wonderfully open and brave as well. Bravo.
  4. MichaelS36

    Springtime in Colorado

    Wow, that is beautiful, snow or not. It is like looking at forever. Just amazing.
  5. I know that writing has been a bit of a struggle recently for you, but as AC says be gentle with yourself. While she's been no trouble, we do have a houseguest. We have been busy and on different schedules. Enjoy the time off from work … relax. Soon enough real life will intervene for us both.
  6. Very touching and frankly, beautiful. I find this to be such wonderful and generous advice he chose to share. Thanks for sharing.
  7. MichaelS36


    Glad you're fine. I like your poetry.
  8. MichaelS36

    Don't Go There

    As tim said, it's sad, but you made it very clear how you feel. Thanks, Kitt.
  9. MichaelS36

    Lyrics for K.

    There is love and respect here.. and pain from whatever this guy did to you. It makes me sad for you and angry with him. I'd tell him so too if it were possible. These are beautifully written.
  10. You are a talented, generous and gentle teacher. Thanks for this wonderful information.
  11. MichaelS36


    Scheisse!!! Not a great beginning ...LOL.. Did you end up winning?
  12. MichaelS36

    Instant Pot

    The food is good. Even I can make good food in that!
  13. MichaelS36


    I have not played scrabble forever! Did you play it, or take the hit and redraw?
  14. I was raised in the Catholic faith but I no longer practice. So much is said against us, against our unions, our love, how could I continue with a faith that feels we are so unworthy and wrong. I knew from a young age I was different. I spoke to the priest once, telling him what I felt. He was kind, but said loving a man this way was wrong and no marriage would be accepted in God's eyes. I didn't feel good afterwards and I think that day ended my relationship with the Church. I wondered, how loving someone...man or woman could be wrong in anyone's eyes. Thanks for this AC … it touched me in a number of ways.
  15. MichaelS36

    Weasel Dance

    Indeed. I am happy he has not posted his.
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