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  1. I did enjoy it. But thinking about it I have a bit more to say .. this story is nuts, but it also has a beautiful current running through it, which I failed to mention. Ike and Frank. Their feelings for each other still, are deeply touching. I wanted to mention it. And the fact you guys can take us from to laughter to tears, well, it's impressive.
  2. "What? Lupe is doing what?" "Fucking Tom. He can’t live without sex, and I needed a rest." "Well, isn’t that nice of my boyfriend to be such a selfless bastard," Weatherby grumbles. "How long has he been in there?" "Oh, two, three hours now. He’s a machine!" I loved these lines … made me laugh out loud. You two are mad men!
  3. MichaelS36

    The Kiss of Wine

    Good … we should kiss our husbands, lovers … nicely … in public. They do.
  4. It is damn good. tim finds the best things that I can eat. Every diabetic needs a tim in their life. Damn. I thought my future was bleak, but I eat better than ever. Yeah, I had to give up a few things, but wow, I am certainly not missing those few things. And this baked oatmeal is just another wonderful I can have.
  5. You're going to do it again? Will this one be as mad as Trainwreck?
  6. Thanks to all of you. I needed to moan, this is an annual thing and well, we always get through it. tim is doing better today and made me a wonderful breakfast. Thanks all of you for your support.
  7. MichaelS36


    I cannot wait to try that. Low carb and okay for diabetics.
  8. And I am … weary that is. There are times I just want peace, selfishly for myself. Fighting tim's depression, mood swings and self-loathing, wears me out, it tires me and breaks my heart. And today when I bent to pick up his ART meds, he no longer wants to take … today I wondered why I continue. That scared me, that question, because never before have I asked it. Valentine's Day is the worst day of the year, for him and so for me. It brings memories to my sweet husband, things, time and people that are lost to him. The lack, leaves holes and dark empty spaces no one and nothing can fill. I beg him to take his meds, remind him today is only one day and it will pass … that tomorrow will be a better day. he takes them, but I can see the disappointment in his eyes as that lie passes my lips. And I wonder for how much longer I can do this? How much longer will he bear what he does before he chooses to stop his meds? And I give myself a shake and go to shower. It's Friday and we have an appointment to keep.
  9. Love you , boy. And this too shall pass, though never from your heart. I wish for only the sweet memories for you to keep.
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