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  1. MichaelS36

    Tattoos & Piercings

    Is there a prize, Carlos? Lol.
  2. MichaelS36

    Tattoos & Piercings

    I did say that, didn't I? And I was right. Not sure we are done ...
  3. MichaelS36

    Remembrance Day, November 11, 2018

    I am very late. A beautiful tribute, tim.
  4. MichaelS36


    Though you've been down this week, frankly it hasn't been as bad as in the past. I still think that it's the effect of the lower dose meds and the Natural Calm. And that you've managed to pull yourself out of it somewhat today, is wonderful. These two poems are also not as hopeless as some previous ones have been. They tell me how you feel, but they do not frighten and are not so filled with hopelessness.
  5. MichaelS36

    A Lethargy

    Trust me Mike does NOT always have a good grasp. Mike often is flying by the seat of his pants. I don't always handle things well, but for tim to leave as he did, I knew it was not the time to over react. he needed support, not a lecture, and that's what I gave. Thanks Reader .. you are a wonderful and dear friend to us both. I have much respect and love for you. xo
  6. AC this is just plain terrific! Brilliant satire. .. Truly enjoyed it!
  7. Brilliant .... love it! They always make me smile!
  8. MichaelS36

    Dom Does Halloween

    Quite the mix...angels, devils, brownies, crows, and pumpkins ... who do you trust? Lots of fun! Worth a read.
  9. MichaelS36

    You and Me and The Silent

    Sometimes I wonder about exactly what you are seeing. Beautiful, both of them, but it's the Silent I wonder about the most.
  10. MichaelS36

    Bird Styles and Morning

    The birds are perfect. you have brought their characters to life. Morning. you need that time on your own. I can see why. And I know.
  11. MichaelS36

    Life Redux

    And so, where are you now boy?
  12. MichaelS36

    The World is Not For Me

    I am looking for reasons ... who?
  13. MichaelS36

    Once Upon a Dragon

    buggered by Denny McCloud, no. ....oh this made me laugh!
  14. Truly a wonderful piece, AC. Thank you.
  15. MichaelS36

    A submissive's journey ... Perception

    Mac you're correct, as always with all you say. tim did some reflective thinking after the sigh. But tim has changed a lot, much less reactive, moods are very stable, it's much easier for him to hear us now. There's more thinking before speaking. It's a beautiful thing.

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