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  1. “Pick up, damn you!” Sam yelled into the phone. He’d been calling Alexi and Evan for the past 30 minutes, ever since his wife found him weeping on the floor of their living room. He hadn’t noticed them leaving, but he knew all too well where they had gone. “Sam…calm down.” Dana said. “We don’t know that they…” “That what? They went after Hunter? Of course they did. Alexi’s already gone running after Hunter once and Evan’s shown he’ll follow.” “But they couldn’t possi
  2. The writhing mass of entangled limbs came crashing down to the floor with an almighty thud. ”Fuck, this bed really IS small!” Evan complained, rubbing his aching back. ”No duh!” Alexi replied, rolling his eyes. “I did warn you about it on Saturday. Twice. Then again yesterday. Thrice...” “Keeping count, are you?” “You betcha!” Alexi replied, with a huge grin plastered on his face. “Now let’s go for lucky number 6.” And with that, he got to his feet, his lust-drive
  3. Alexi hobbled into the church, Evan at his back. He stopped as soon as he passed the threshold and took a deep, steadying breath, closing his eyes, allowing the old familiar smells to flow into him. ‘Ah, incense…’ A small smile curved his lips even as a shudder ran through him, bringing back old memories. “You okay?” Evan whispered, putting his hand on the small of Alexi’s back. “Yeah…Not here, okay?” he answered, as he stepped away from Evan’s comforting touch. Alex
  4. The house was just as Evan remembered it, though he had only been there just the one time, five years previous. Large. Ostantatious. Ominous somehow, despite the perfect landscaping, including neatly trimmed hedges, manicured trees and rows upon rows of flowers or the ivy spreading on the walls of the manor. It was one of the oldest houses in town, unlike the Samuels residence, in that relatively new housing development. No wonder his father felt superior. He was raised to be that way. Never min
  5. Alexi tried to go to sleep, he really did. But his mind was in overdrive. Strangely, it wasn’t the night’s events that kept him awake. Well, not the BAD things, that is. Sure, the whole thing was fucked up, but he somehow managed to lock it up, at least temporarily. ‘Jesus, when a poor psychiatrist gets a peek inside my head one day, they’ll be in line for therapy right next to me.’ He would revisit those thoughts when the time came, he was sure. But he didn’t want to deal with them righ
  6. He was running along the shore of a lake, his short legs barely keeping him above grass level. He ran and ran and laughed until he was left breathless. His smile was infectious. He ran into his mother’s open arms and she couldn’t help but laugh as she started planting playful, wet kisses all over his body. They both dissolved into a mess of limbs and noisy mirth. When they finally settled down a bit, the woman pulled him close to her, his head resting on her bosom, his eyes starting to slowly cl
  7. “Are you a bad man?” “What?” Sam looked up, confused. The last few minutes had been a blur. He took in his surroundings. He was on the floor of the living room. Yes, he fell when Hunter hit him. It wasn’t really the force of the blow, but the emotional impact that drove him into the ground. He remembered the boy kneeling over him, his fist pulled back once again, ready to deliver…what? Justice? Vengeance? A simple release of grief? But his arm fell limp and Hunter ran upstairs. Dana slow
  8. There was silence. Was he dead already? God, it was so quiet. ‘Wait…what about the sound of the shot?’ Alexi kept his eyes closed and held his breath. Then noise came flowing down on him. It was a scuffle at first. Quick footsteps. Like an animal charging. Then it exploded. A bang. Was it the gun going off? Was he hit? He still kept his eyes shut. There was no new pain, though his head was killing him. He wanted to look, he wanted to see why death was so slow to come. But he was too afraid. Audi
  9. Morning came all too soon. For the first time in a long while, Alexi had slept well. He felt rested and…even happy. He smiled as he looked at the ceiling of his room, laying flat on his bed, remembering the previous night. ‘Well, it didn’t take as much time as I thought, after all.’ Then he realized there was an unfamiliar noise in his room. It was…snoring? He turned his face to the left and almost burst out laughing at the site of Hunter sleeping on his side, facing Alexi, mouth wide open, a sm
  10. Alexi would never quite recall how that first day went. Shadows moved past him and he drifted through the halls. He attended classes and heard a buzzing sound in his head. It might have been his teachers. Or maybe it was just another sign of him going crazy. He certainly recognized the fact that he was feeling…loopy. That feeling didn’t abandon him through the day…or the rest of his life. Dizzy, light-headed and ecstatic. He didn’t want to admit it to himself, but he knew the reason. And that re
  11. The door burst open and Sam rushed in, glancing wildly about, trying to take everything in. “What’s going on here?” He almost tripped over Alexi’s writhing form. “Alexi?” Then his eyes fell upon Hunter and the baseball bat hanging limply now by the side of his body. Before Hunter’s lips could form a response, Sam was on him, grasping him harshly by the shoulders, shaking him. “What have you done, you fool?” Hunter just gaped dumbly at him. Sam raised a hand as if to strike his son, but thought b
  12. As Mr. Samuels rolled Alexi’s chair out the hospital’s front doors, the young man groaned and squinted, the sun blasting him full in the face. The pavement and the parking lot were wet. Puddles lay scattered about, but the sun was now out in full force. “Summer rains…” said Mr. Samuels. “And the sunshine afterwards….They make life worth living, don’t you think?” Alexi mumbled in agreement and Mr. Samuels just chuckled softly. “Sir?” A man was suddenly by Mr. Samuels’ side
  13. He used to love to run. He would eat up the miles. His mother had often told him jokingly that he ran before he walked. It relaxed him. It soothed him. In the hours he spent on the road or on a gravel trail or on the school’s track he reflected upon his life. Those were HIS moments. The moments he was at peace. As Alexi lay on the bed, tears in his eyes, he wondered whether he could ever run again. Through the small window in his hospital room’s door he saw two men talking. He recognized one
  14. When 15-year-old Alexi wakes up in the hospital, he finds his life has changed forever. Taken in by a foster family, he finds things won't be so easy, when his new brother seems set against him. Desperate for love and acceptance, Alexi soon realizes that things are even more complicated than they first appeared, as mistery and danger await.
  15. Chapter I Chase Mitchell sat on the rough stone as his feet dangled carelessly over the edge of the cliff. True, it was only 20 feet or so down to the small stream, but he often times liked to think that, millions of years into the future, that very spot where he spent almost every evening, watching the sunset, would be the site of the next Grand Canyon, the small river carving spectacular architecture through the stone walls over time. He looked up at the sky and stared in awe at the lights
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