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  1. swscratch

    Chapter 48: After The Break

    I have begrudgingly enjoyed the last few chapters. I say begrudgingly because, it would be so awesome if the story had a happy ending for Peter and Jason. Unfortunately, we all know that life doesn't work like that and sometimes we have to deal with disappointment. You have a great skill in storytelling...Thanks again for your time and talent.. Steve
  2. swscratch

    Chapter 37: A New Day

    okay, so maybe Detective Belle isn't so bad and my character intuition was on the fritz... thanks for writing!
  3. swscratch

    Chapter 36: Clearing The Air

    Some raw nerves and emotions in that chapter. I wonder if Jason will ever really get past the guilt he so obviously feels for Pete's beating. The arrival of the Detective made me snarl; That character rubs me the wrong way or maybe he reminds me of someone I know. Anxiously awaiting the next installment!
  4. swscratch

    Second Shot

    Great chapter... Looking forward to what's ahead...
  5. swscratch

    Chapter 26: The Friends You Keep

    We are going to have to start calling you the Master of the Cliffhanger. Great chapter that just keeps adding depth to your characters. The friendly banter right here is amusing as well. As always, looking forward to the next and maybe some closure.... thats right, three more chapters in this day
  6. Happy New Year...Sorry that you have to work. Believe me, I can relate!

  7. swscratch

    Chapter 25: Cause and Affect

    Arggggg!!!!!!I felt like I was standing in a hospital room. The characters have seemingly taken on their persona and played out like they were real... just my humble opinion. Cant wait for the next one...
  8. swscratch

    Chapter 23: New Classes

    This plot twist left me feeling very uneasy and I can say that I haven't read a story recently that has me so invested. Looking forward to see what kind of twist and turns are on the horizon. Keep up the great work!
  9. swscratch

    [Skylights] Loving Sam Lynch

    I've enjoyed the story so far particularly the way that the characters don't develop in a way that is unrealistic. I don't think Sam has any idea about what Max is thinking and vice versa. I look forward to seeing how the story continues to unfold...

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