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  1. miketx8

    From Hell’s Heart

    The best part was the last chapter when Bridget got it. I am exhausted after reading chapter 156. It was a great ride and a great story. Look forward to more in the future
  2. miketx8

    The ending

    When I we getting another chapter or the ending? This is so wrong
  3. At least I know Bridget is dead. I thought this was the final chapter but it wasn't. Please lets get the final chapter and epilog quicker than this chapter was.
  4. miketx8

    Circumnavigation (99+55) Doomsday

  5. miketx8

    Certifying Doomsday cliffhanger-free

    When are we getting the final chapter? It has been almost a month.
  6. miketx8

    Circumnavigation (99+55) Doomsday

    when are we getting the final chapter?
  7. miketx8

    Circumnavigation (99+55) Doomsday

    Damn what a cliffhanger. I am exhausted from reading this chapter. Bridget needs to die
  8. miketx8

    Circumnavigation (99+51) The End is Nigh

    we weave a deeper web. I would love to be the one to destroy Bridget.
  9. This is getting better than any murder mystery. I am looking to the end of this saga of a roller coaster
  10. miketx8


    I hate it that Julie got her head smashed. You know my Hatred of Bridget is getting very strong. Keep up the great writing.
  11. miketx8

    Circumnavigation (99+45) Betrayal

    Julie was a surprise but it throws a new wrinkle to the story. I hope we have a big bondire when Lady Bridget gets it.
  12. miketx8


    The suspense getting bigger and this story continues to amaze me. Bridget needs to die.
  13. miketx8

    Circumnavigation (99+42) Commands From Afar

    The saga continues to weave a web. Did I ever say Bridget is evil? I look forward to her to go to the bowels of Hell.
  14. miketx8

    Circumnavigation (99+41) Full Circle

    It gets better and better. Bridget thinks she is so smart! She has been outsmarted this time.
  15. miketx8

    the latest chapter

    the latest chapter was very colorful and full of history. I am still waiting for the chapter where Bridget meets her maker. Keep up the great writing.

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