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  1. I have been around long enough to recognize I can only be accountable for so much. If peoples priorities are not prioritized, perhaps they have a false view of what they value. I respect them too much to allow them to continue delude themselves. "Normal" ha! Peoples bind their thoughts with the premise that normalcy exists. Normal is a myth, a statistical anomaly, an average of extremes where no "in between" exist. Quirky, I suppose that is me, but of course if normal is a myth can I really be odd...
  2. My thinking is tangential, my obsessive analysis led me to this conclusion. I say this because I do not let people walk away until I release them. So when "people start leaving" I need to try harder. I like to play "conversational entrapment" (I make up terms, it's my quotability factor), I find it interesting how long you can keep someone in conversation after they say their goodbyes. It is to the point now, that the other person says "OK I am leaving" and I am like "cool, I have to leave too, I am going to..." Hah!! and I have trapped you again. The real trick is to bait them with their conversational trigger, then sit back, listen, and smirk. Once they notice the trap (people i talk to notice, but i still get them every time, lol), "aargh, STOP it" "stop what?" "u know, u r doing that on purpose" "am I?" "I am leaving for real this time" "where r u going?" "I told you, you know I have to ..." *smirk* It's a skill, the ability to talk about basically nothing for long periods of time. Most conversations are about nothing, the purpose more so communion rather than communication.
  3. Brown paper packages tied up with strings. These are a few of my favorite things!!! I'm a nerd.
  4. ok what do the checks next to every bodies post mean? I pressed one and it turned into an X. Yes, I pressed the button even though I did not know it's function. pressing it again turned it back to a check. ok what do the checks next to every bodies post mean? I pressed one and it turned into an X. Yes, I pressed the button even though I did not know it's function. pressing it again turned it back to a check.
  5. knowledge is relative, sometimes what I think is basic information is foreign to others. however, I am far from genius, my friends call me google, but they have also said I am the dumbest smart person they know. I think it's because I take people at face value or believe what they say. I do not see this too much as a fault though, because if I listen to your story about that time you got arrested in Mexico, what difference does it make if it happened or not?
  6. Thanks for the welcome, I usually frequent another site, but you all seem much nicer. Oddly
  7. Hi, I am Rain and I like oysters and power tools.
  8. Why the title, b/c that about sums up me. I tend to be contradictory in most of my opinions, in that the vast majority of anything worth contemplating lacks any definitive answer, therefore more than one answer must be "true". Anyways I was told I needed to post so I could chat, let's see how it works out. I am consumer of information surrounding my personal areas of interest. My friends call me google, cause when your wireless is disconnected, I know a little about what you are trying to find out. Ok, I am randomly typing, I tend to come off like a real a@$hole. I know this, and I learned to accept it, so when you read this and you hate me, u are not the first one. I am definitely an aquired taste.
  9. Gosh, I am trying to get in contact with you surrounding this same issue. I found a knock-off of one of your stories. The "author" claims to have your permission. I already PM'd you. Normally, I would be more patient waiting for a response, but with my 300++ followers and growing daily, on this other site, I like to have a faster response turn around. Please respond to my PM, I cannot stand plagiarism either.
  10. Hello and welcome to GA! :)

    1. uniquelyduplicated


      Hi, I am having some serious difficulty trying to chat, I just want to ask dkstories a question. Anyway thanks for welcoming me, oh so many months ago...

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