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  1. Whooooo Hooooo.... got my stitches out today! Need to celebrate with the shiny!
  2. I love kitties!! I miss my cat so much!😪
  3. In what world are socks the archenemy? Hip replacement world! 

    I never though there would be a day when my kid would have to put my socks on for me! LOL

    Recovery is going really well...except those darn pesky socks! 😋

    1. Reader1810


      And here I thought socks pulling a disappearing act in the dryer was their most devilish trick. Who knew? 

      Good to hear your sense of humour is intact, K.C. 


    2. Slytherin


      I wish you a speedy recovery, KC :hug: 

      wizard socks GIF by gavinreed

  4. Thanks so much long1jo for reading! I'm glad you liked my story. I love Rocket's revenge. She is an amazing character. 😁
  5. Hip replacement surgery went well.  Had some post-op complications, but I am home now.

    Hospital sent me home with a shit-ton of drugs and a shiny new walker to terrorize our dog.  LOL🤣

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Slytherin
    3. chris191070


      Glad your surgery went well :hug:

    4. K.C.


      Thanks so much guys!! Recovery has been difficult, but each day gets better! 😍

  6. Tomorrow is the big day.  This time tomorrow, I'll have a shiny new hip. 

    Wish me luck!

    <<Insert break a leg jokes here>> 🤣

    1. Slytherin


      Everyone Hugs GIF
      *hugs muppet* 

  7. Neersville, VA (((FYI- Almost every time I drive by the Neersville Fire Dept, their hotties are doing their workout outside..... )))
  8. K.C.


    I can't wait to see it finished! Love me some tattoos!!
  9. While little blue sleeps........ Mine!
  10. Got 2nd COVID Vaccine today.  Praying I don't get the same bad side effects as last time! 😥

    1. Slytherin


      I felt no side effects after my second shot. I hope you’re gonna be fine :) 

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